Day # 440 What’s Shakin’ in your World


Good Monday Morning friends,

The sun is back out ~ we are getting spoiled.  It’s time to catch up, let’s go!

So one of my girlfriends reached out to me the other day asking what I had been up to.  With coffee in hand, I starting blabbering about my day from sunrise to sunset.  Sweet of her to connect with me (shoutout to Miss Jenn) and as such, it gave me an idea for this blog. 

Are we all not sick and tired of talking about Corvid, what needle is better, what’s the latest and greatest on Netflix, how do I get rid of the clover on my lawn, and when the heck ARE the outdoor pubs going to re-open.  You get my point. 

I thought I had all the lockdown rules clear in my head, but I guess not. I just know I can’t really go anywhere and will be told by the powers to be (insert eye roll) when I can.  Plain and simple.  Lockdown really hasn’t changed for me.  We haven’t been able to shop for what seems like forever, the golf just finally re-opened (thank heavens as my neighbors were going bonkers), we can’t dine outside (huge sore spot for me), BUT we can rub elbows with each other in Costco because we need 20 lbs. of back bacon. 

Oh, and if you are a hockey fan, did you catch any games on the weekend?  During the Montreal game, every time they panned the crowd, it clearly demonstrated we are behaving as Canadians do, with masks on, following the rules.  Then we jump over to the Boston game.  There are all the fans, happily squished together, not a mask in sight, resembling a mosh pit at a Veld Concert…. I just don’t get it. 

Anyway, I’m trying to think of things to keep me occupied.  As I mentioned, I stopped working end of November and aside from the fact that I am now looking for work after taking a much needed hiatus, I’m liking to be back at my laptop using my brain other than researching Amazon for the next best “unnecessary” purchase.  It was getting old (and expensive).

I also found myself getting slightly addicted to TikTock and started following a group called “My best Dollarama Purchases.” Oh boy.  (insert another bigger eyeroll). 

Yes indeedeo, it’s time for me to get my arse back to the working world.  TT was occupying my evenings, and while my hubs was busy watching anything on TSN, I’m snickering away at all the TikTok crazies.  I knew I had hit an all time low.  So back to Dollarama (how’s that for a transition)?  There really are some amazing things there; you just need to spend some time looking!  It’s way more than just bristol board and gift cards!!  🙂  Before they determined that Dollarama wasn’t an essential store, I purchased myself a gold pyramid thingy that held succulents.  To be honest, I never knew what a succulent was till I found this group, so look it up if you wanna be one of the cool kids. 

Another all time low was firing up my label maker. If you know me, I do like to be organized and have everything in it’s place, but seriously, I think I spent 2 hrs. of my day organizing a ‘candle’ cupboard, and labelled it as such!  Then as I labelled, one job let to another, and before you knew it, everything you opened had a label.  Come on, doesn’t everyone label their cheese drawer “dairy” in their fridge or is it just me.  

OK, so perhaps yes, it was time to reconnect with the other side of the brain. But, I am not apologizing.  We all need a little time to laugh right?  We are officially on day 440 (?) of this thang…but who’s counting!  I am FFS! 

Hopefully, we are moving towards a successful resolution to the vaccine roll-out world wide. I had my first shot back in April, I’m now waiting patiently for my second.  I got Astra.  I was fine with that.  I watched carefully for my third eye to appear but alas, nada!  I did however, feel very ill the evening of the shot and two days following.  Anyone else?  It was like a hangover from hell, and given that I hardly drink anymore (it’s true, stop), it was bad.  Pounding headache and feeling lethargic for a couple of days. My hubs on the other hand was feeling right as rain, and told me a nice walk would help me.  Seriously? I’m standing in the kitchen sipping ginger ale and you are chasing me around the kitchen offering up greasy bacon?! Curse you and your strong constitution! 

Another curbside chat with the neighbors was all about the hair.  Admit it, it’s topic number 16 on your list too.  Some are rocking the beards (men and women 😉 ), and some are letting their salad go wild.  I’ll brag and let you all know that I only started getting grey hair this year.  I’m somewhere between 50 and 60 so that’s pretty cool no?  My girlfriends all have been dying their hair for years, and I’m all, “oh poor you”!  Well now it’s sprouting, but I kinda feel tres sexy non?  I haven’t been to a hairdresser since Feb. of last year.  I could have paid a visit to my salon when they re-opened, but I’m liking the longer look, and there are so many options; updo, braiding, messy bun.  I’m now back to being a true brunette, with 50 shades of grey.  Har Har Har… As many have told me, they have completely forgotten how to style their hair.  If I land a job soon, I may need to zhuzh up my game and have a few trial runs with my curling wand.  

So there you have it, that’s what shakin’ in my world.  I did manage to escape to a friends cottage on the May Long weekend, and to me that was heaven. Change is good. Thank you for letting me sit in your fancy boat, and living the Kardashian life for a few days! 

I’ll just behave as a good Canadian and wait patiently for things to change.  Yes, I’m craving garage sales, a cold beer on a patio, and possibly a nice shopping experience to Dollarama, but it can wait.  I’ll just be over here, on my swing, twiddling my thumbs… what keeps you busy??? 


Until next time, Stay safe my friends,


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