The good ol’ hockey game….

hockeyHappy Monday – I’m back from a hockey weekend and survived (almost) eating way too much grease both in and out of the hotel.  I don’t know about the rest of you hockey families, but whenever we have a hockey tournament, I look at it like a mini holiday. How sad is that!  I DO travel, but it’s clearly been a while!

We managed to nab the incredible Lamplighter in downtown London back in August, so the waterslide, giant pool and surrounding foliage did give it a bit of a Punta Cana feel.  Humidity and palm trees really do play tricks with your mind.  If I closed my eyes, the whirring of the heater outside my door almost sounded like the ocean! 🙂 Boy, that’s a stretch.

..Room with a view!

I have many friends that have their kids in rep. hockey.  Now that is some crazy scheduling. I have no clue how they manage it, but they all do.   Luckily in our family (with dreams of having a first round draft pick out the window), we have a house league  layer!   Easy to manage.

These tournaments are fun, but oh, the eating frenzy that happens.  Starts out by leaving really early to make your first game (drive thru Tim’s for a coffee/bagel), then an ‘organized’ team lunch, then another game, and then another “organized” team dinner.  It continues for two days (3 if you are lucky to make the championship game).  I know, I know, I should have better will power, but I’m all in “Holiday Mode” complete with late night hallway drinking and mini sticks.

I’m glad to have my boy in hockey.  It is a wonderful sport, that promotes team spirit, and gets the kids ‘unplugged’ for a while.

Our age group is 13 year olds, but I’m almost certain that some of the kids from other teams were shaving!  My son took a hit from a giant that splayed him out onto the ice for what seemed like an eternity.  The Coach took pity on him and presented this…

...for taking one for the team!
…for taking one for the team!

This was a fun tournament, and between games, some of us even managed to attend a wedding ~ with, of course, my sub!

I love a beautiful wedding...
I now pronounce you man and …. gosh, what’s that smell….


Oh and yes, my hubby even got to do a little “shoe shopping” man style…


To all those hockey Mom’s and Dads, I salute you.  Our wee ones are making memories that will last a lifetime.

Keep on skating,



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