Post Hallo Chit Chat ~ A life of excuses…


I have excuses, and they are bloody good ones!                food

Given we just closed off on another Halloween, I figured it was time to fess up!

A few months back  I decided to bite the bullet and join in on a slightly competitive, very fun and friendly weight loss challenge at work.  I hesitated when people first approached me; do I really want to belong to the Biggest Loser Club?   I KNOW I have to ‘taper down’, but at this age, it’s next to impossible!  (Hush You)!

So, to paint you a picture, the day before the weight in, I may have demolished a whole container of Onion Chip Dip at one sitting, while watching (hold yourself down) The Bachelor….(yes, of course, I tune in… been watching this drivel since it’s inception).  I just roll my eyes at the television screen, as I twist my finger around and around , scraping the bottom of the barrel to get every….last….bite!  The things we do when nobody’s watching!

I got myself into this pickle, so it was time to fix it. But, of course, the excuses are endless for me…

#1  I’m old – well, I’m now 53 having just celebrated my birthday late October. All my life, I never struggled with my weight, but now, losing weight at ‘this’ age,  is giving me grief!  I believe it’s a proven medical fact that as we age, it gets tougher, so let’s leave it at that.

#2  I work!  Let me clarify – I work at a place where there is a cafeteria ~  It’s not your run of the mill cafe with the orange food trays and  Soup D’ Jour.  No, this is a cafeteria that has not only 1, but 5 different food stations. Pasta station, salad bar, “Special of the Day” bar, prepared sandwiches, pizza bars, and lastly, a bbq section, offering up everything from hamburgers to my beloved poutine!  Tell me, why would I make myself a lunch when this glorious food kitchen is waiting for me.  CLEARLY, it’s my work that is causing this weight gain….

#3  I love beer ~ Beer loves me back ~ Nuff Said

#4  How about this one.. – “Hey it’s Friday, let’s meet for “one, and done!”  That NEVER happens. Pishaw!  We start out with the best of intentions, but well, girls, we start solving all the problems of the world, and the next thing you know we are elbows deep in a plate of nachos, and two pounds of wings!   I blame my #girlgang!  How I love them so!

#5  Lastly, just the obvious…I love food!  No Duh!  We all do!  Food Glorious food.  Although, one caveat here, I dislike  Goat Cheese, Cilantro and anything curry based ~  All of those foods could fall off the face of the earth, and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

I know, I know.. “you don’t like curry or goat cheese?  What is wrong with you..”  I hear it all the time.  I’m not sure how I’m surviving living in the little town, and not embrace  “The Goat!”  Oh the looks I get!  I do believe I’m also allergic to Cilantro.  (wink wink)  I can taste it a mile away, and the old “you won’t know if there is goat in this salad” doesn’t work either.  My tongue goes all puffy and I swell up like a blow fish.  Well, again, lies, but whatevah!!

I also must confess I use the seasons as an excuse.  Fall is now upon us so I can finally ditch my two piece bikini (bahahah) and break out the sweaters!  Summer time is good for three things ~ blender drinks, caesars and beer!  What a great combination of sugar and spice and everything nice!

Fall also means Halloween candy. I’ll be honest!  Halloween could be cancelled for all I care. (Right up there with my food dislikes).  Not a fan!  (aside from the oh so tiny chocolate bars that fit nicely into my makeup bag ;)) The most decorating I do now is throwing a few mini white pumpkins on my mantle. Tada! It’s Halloween!   I shut down Halloween about 7:53pm, yank the pumpkins off the mantle, and crank the Christmas tunes! Only 54 more sleeps.

So yes, If you know me at all,  my bestie is  C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.  How I love her!  We all know the eating frenzy that happens during THAT festive season.  I decorate late November (leave me alone), and start planning my social engagements (like a Kardashian), and by Christmas Eve, I’ve no doubt packed on an extra 5 lbs. ready for hibernation!  Chocolate, and balls, and decking the halls… all goodness in my books!

Clearly I have excuses, but we all do.  I’m currently working on a modified version of Weight Watchers (modified aka not following at all some days), but I do have their points system down to a science.  AND,  I also know this… If  I want to save all my points, and drink myself into a drunken stupor one day, I CAN!  Hooray!  I’ll let you know when I plan to do that, because I’m almost certain we could have a boat load of fun together!  

I’ll keep using the excuses, but also continue on my path to the ‘better me!’  I’m presently reading a “self help” book that is telling me “stripping is good for releasing your inner goddess.”  and apparently good exercise!  Hmm…Sounds like a plan to me, (in the privacy of my own home, of course), and  “a heck of a lot more fun than doing squat thrusts in a sweaty gym!”   As long as I can keep from falling off the chair, I think I could be onto something!

Until next time,

Bun Apple Tea my friends,


p.s.  Results for the weight loss challenge are being withheld due to a legal matter…

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