Angel Wings and funny things….Reality!


The countdown is on and I’m starting to panic.  The reality is setting in that there are only 18 more shopping days, and typically by this time, I’m done, wrapped and enjoying a stogie by the fire.

As I try to compile my lists, I’m getting slightly distracted by the Victoria Secret Angels on my tele. They are all so beautiful/puffy lipped, strutting their bits on the runway, wrapped up in angel wings, leather and feathers, and I’m all here in my Costco hoodie just trying to keep it together.

As an aside, do you think they remove the wings before going to bed and do they need help yanking them boots off? wings

I’ve asked my crew what they need/want, and they admit they can’t think of anything!   Perfect I say.  I’ll stop in at the Dollar store and stock up on mini soaps, shampoos, breath mints, and a keychain to put in your stockings.  Perhaps some grocery store coupons for the college student!

It was so much easier when a few packages of Pokémon cards, a Lego set and something that fly’s would suffice. Now they are bigger boys and bigger boys = more expensive toys!

I on the other hand can provide a plethora of gift ideas, which all my men truly appreciate at 2:00pm on Christmas Eve when they “start” to Christmas shop (*insert eye roll)

Here are some things mommy would like to see under the tree, and don’t worry, I’m not doing 12.

one Silky bathrobe/lounging thing, 3/4 length, preferably in soft pink.  I want to look like Sophia Loren in the morning.  I’ll most likely spill coffee on it, or dangle the arms in the dogs water bowl, so the image won’t last long. I give this 3 Shining Stars ***

…bring me my coffee Dahling!

2Gift card to Sephora (let’s face it…they are NOT going to go poking around in there).  A girlfriend of mine jumped in my car and smelled so delish, I had to ask what she was wearing.  It’s a keeper. Be careful when you spray it.  I’ve missed the targeted open neck, and gave my eye a good squirt.   Good for the makeup pouch inside purse. (Thierry Mugler – Alien)  I give it 5 star light star bright…*****alien

 3Speaking of pouches –  I can always make use of a good pouch!  I have a purse, but inside said purse are about 5 other pouches… ladies you are all smiling, it’s true right! Pouch for extra credit cards , pouch for small change, pouch for makeup; pouch for earbuds, pouch for “lady” thangs, and pouch for pens…Pouch Purchase gets you 5 Stars to the moon and back….*****


fourAnd now, speaking of pens,  I have a love of pens, (because Journals) but it has to be the right kind of pen.  Don’t buy me a bic pen, but also don’t blow the bank!  It should be easy to hold, but not too small, write smoothly, but not jel. Is that too much to ask?? I own this Seltzer 7 year pen, and hoping I can live long enough to prove it right!.  Highly recommend.  5+ starry starry nights ******



And lastly, (I’ll stop at 5) Candles ~  I am always lighting candles after a hard days work on the farm.  I enjoy almond, or vanilla scents with perhaps a hint of lavender.  Please don’t buy me one that will make my house smell like a a men’s Turkish bath house, I just won’t appreciate it.  I love a pretty candle in a pretty jar – great to get the glow bouncing off the walls,  while watching a bit of reality, and perhaps scarfing down a bag of Doritos. Candles get you 5 StarWARS – Rogue One *****  (In theatres Dec. 15th 🙂 )


So, that’s a wrap.   I honestly don’t need a thing either and that is the real reality.  What I do need is to focus on the people in my life that mean the most to me, my family and friends.

We all make that extra effort over the holidays which is kind of nice, no?  I even went the extra mile to make an appetizer for a little get together ; I just found it so adorable. It wasn’t the most difficult recipe, but given that I find making pancakes a challenge, this was a goodie.  Here is what it looked like in the magazine.


AND, here is what it looked like moments after a slight catastrophe, and before I was about to get in the car and show off my masterpiece.  So, lessons here..

1. DO NOT put your food on a chair at eye level of a bullmastiff.

2. DO NOT assume dog will not touch it if  you say, DON’T TOUCH!

3. DO NOT assume dog’s have common sense and appreciate that you took two days to make a snowman.

Sorry, I didn’t take a pic of said snowman upon completion and only have this, complete with slobber, and slightly molded back together for the picture, to share…  Lucy and I are only just now on speaking terms! ❤ (Snowman actually had a scarf, a button nose and two eyes made out of coal 🙂 )



Enjoy the festive season, make it count where it matters most and NEVER lose your sense of humor.

Joyeux Noël mes amis





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