Holy Man, I’m Bushed!


Is it just me or are we all feeling the same way?  I’m just spent!  It’s now 2017. How did that happen.  We all partied like rock stars to ring in the new year, and I think somewhere in all the festivities, I signed a recording contract. Karaoke at it’s finest!

That being said, I think I have hit rock bottom, and like the picture above, that pretty much sums me up these days.   Not sure what’s happening in the universe, but I’m bushed, bedraggled, and bewildered.  Sounds a tad like a Broadway song!

It is taking all my energy just to blink these days. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, and it’s great to be busy, but I find it a struggle just to put on mascara these days.  I liken it to having just returned from a week long boot camp but don’t have anything  to show for it.

I’m also struggling to be pleasant at work, and that SH** is exhausting.  What is going on!!!   I may have to soon apologize to a few unfortunate souls that met the ‘other’ Leslie. She can be nasty…dot dot dot!  When I’m busy spinning on my office chair and twirling my hair like a two year old, don’t ask me questions! GOT IT?!

This past Friday evening confirmed things even further for me. Because I’m attempting to be a good girl and avoiding all things pub, beer, and wings, I was grocery shopping when I saw a woman in line ahead of me. She was hurling her grocery items onto the conveyor belt like she was in a Shot Put competition.  Even the egg carton was given no mercy.  She didn’t care, can’s were flying, and apples were rolling.

Her lips were pursed and if she had to fling her bag over her should one more time, I thought she would scream.   I couldn’t hold my tongue (yet again), and commented something like “long days right?”  She presented a wee smile, and said she was just tired and done with Christmas and stuff. Hmm ~ Interesting ~ another fellow “bushed” lady friend.  I’m not alone afterall!

We continued to chat and I told her I was heading home to  watch anything Netflix or Pay Per View was offering.  At that point, I think she softened a bit, and relaxed the shoulders.  Either that,  or as I continued to mumble on incessantly, her eyes started to glaze over, and I took that as a sign she was now in her happy place.  I stopped nattering.

Then Saturday,  more doing nothing I told myself.  I’m not going shopping (Boxing day sales are pretty much caput), not organizing one more drawer, cupboard, closet, or storage facility.  Well I exaggerate, but you get my point. Well, it didn’t happen.  It was my Mom’s birthday so we met at the mall for a nice lunch, but after she departed,  I poked around thinking, I really should just be home, doing nothing!

Then again, at some point between the Sephora  and Roots,  I received a group text from my wonderful girl gang.  They were all conversing about issues in their lives. They were all feeling so exhausted, tired, and ready to take time off from life, so to speak.  I found the timing so perfect ~ there I was wandering aimlessly thinking Poutine would solve all my problems, when again, reality strikes.  I so needed that chat. (FYI – Poutine was bypassed – too many points she said)!

They also reminded me that I wasn’t supposed to be shopping on my lazy day.  They were right!  I made a speedy exit to my car, looking forward to yet another quiet night of nothin’ with my family, which, to be clear, is pretty darn nice!

Just curious… are you all feeling the same?  Is this normal, is it my age, what happened this season that was so different from any other year?  Sure, I ate too much; I’m not getting any younger;  I spent too much;  I worried too much;  and of course,  I tidied/clean/organized WAYYY too much, and oh, I may have partied just a bit too much.

For 2017, I have made no resolutions, (as I mentioned in my Neighbors of SE Oakville piece….*shamelessplug*).  I want this year to be full of opportunities and growth.  I don’t need a resolution to make that happen. I have to make it happen, but need to first, stop yawning, and realize that my kitchen doesn’t always have to resemble a Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant.  I’m working on that…I really am! 🙂

Until next time,





3 thoughts on “Holy Man, I’m Bushed!

  1. Milly

    Well, that hit the nail on the head!!! Exactly….throw in flu from hell and basically we are samsies!! As always, you make me chuckle Sista!!


    1. Well, funny you should say that. We actually had two soldiers down with the flu as well. I didn’t want to complain too much! I was like a indentured slave running up and down the stairs serving drinks and taking temperatures. The Pinesol and Javex wipes were getting a workout!


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