A Dog with A Blog…

lucybabyThere are no easy words as I type this.  Tears are flowing.  Today we laid to rest our sweet dog Lucy after a short battle with Lymphoma.  We were given two weeks, and she gave us 4 months.

Every day was a treasure, a gift, and we spoiled her to the best of our abilities.  No food was off limits.  She was my person, our person, and such a presence in our home.

We watched her huge frame of close to 140 lbs. slowly give way to this horrible disease which was, unbeknownst to us, very common in the Bullmastiff breed.  I am so very sad, routines are now not the same, and it will take time to get over the loss of our little girl.  I’m back to all men in the house, and although we will never get another dog, (with travel & moving on the horizon) I will always cherish the times with her, that big lug of a lazy ass dog, my loyal companion.

As we did with our newborns, always waiting in anticipation of their first words, to hear their voice, I often wished Lucy had a voice, and if she did…what would she say to us…from her perspective, hmmm…I wonder….

This is Lucy, and if you have ever seen the show Dog With A blog, you will understand what I’m doing.  Well, I’m now blogging.  My mom loves to blog about the funny things in life, from her perspective, and well, quite frankly, she cracks me up.

I live with the Williams Family ~ all boys, and sadly, today is my last day on earth. They are all heartbroken, even though they knew this day was coming.   I just want to say a few things to them, because well, they have been so loving and kind to me for these past 6 years, it’s the least I can do.

I know they wanted me to hang on to celebrate my 7th birthday on Valentines Day, but that’s not going to happen.  I’m ready to go. They have made some sort of plan to “sprinkle me” in a park.  I’m good with that ~  I love the park!

My family took a pledge when they adopted me.  It’s actually an “official pledge” that they signed with the breeder.  Cute.  Here are the things that they did for me, which I will always be so thankful for, and want them to know, when I look in their eyes for the very last time, that I am happy, and at peace.

 Shower me with love ~ duh, I was spoiled rotten. Something about my mom always wanting a girl to buy pink stuff for! Before I even got home, I was given a wee pink collar and leash.  I felt so pretty.  My people couldn’t stop smiling.

Take me for walks even when I didn’t want to go and provide me a warm shelter ~ I was given a walk everyday.  We Bullmastiffs tend to be a bit lazy, so around the block was more than enough. After my exhaustive workout,  I enjoyed my larger than life comfy bed and completely demolished over time, their beautiful leather club chair. If you could see it now, you will know why it’s heading to the curb this Friday.   I believe my mom is also going to donate my bed, along with a lot of other things, to the humane society.  Some “lucky dog” is getting my dolly.  Please keep care of her.  They called it Dolly.  I called it a pull toy!

Never leave me alone too long ~ are you kidding.  I sometimes just craved some “me” time, but there was always someone around patting and loving me.

Give me a treat when I do my tricks and always praise me– Not to brag or anything, but I am somewhat talented and will show you a video at the end of my blog.  Treats – no brainer again.  It was the only way I would go outside to do my business. (Some dude named Pavlov started this treat – bell – treat thing.  He was smart.

Keep water bowl full– Well there is only one word for this…”Sludge”  They changed my water many times a day.  I was slightly messy with a giant tongue, so had a splash mat the size of a world map under my bowl! Sorry about that.  You won’t have that mess to deal with anymore.  Couldn’t help it.  Have you ever seen the movie Turner and Hooch!  I’m not THAT messy, but a close second.

Greet me at the door when you arrive home ~ Well, I must say I am somewhat intuitive, because around 5:40pm everyday,  I would lay by the front door, and sure enough, in comes mom.  She always loved my licks and hugs, and greeted me before anybody else in the house. I was special to her I think. 🙂  I am rather huge, so gone are the days when I could run to the door and greet my person.  The hardwood acted like a slip and slide, so I learned early on to walk and not take out anybody at the knees.

Take care of me when I am sick ~ Everyday this happened, especially since my prognosis.  I not only had breakfast, but was given cereal on top of it… (Some guy named Captain Crunch) I loved him. My brother brought me fries and a burger from Wendy’s today, but for the first time, I didn’t want a thing to eat.  I was just letting them know it was time.  Typically fries was my ‘go to’ food request.

Pledge to love and care for me, and make sure everyone in the world knows that I am the cutest dog in the world ~ Again, this was taken care of.  My mom often took me downtown Oakville with her for some ‘girl time’ shopping, but the crowds always gathered to pat me.  Something about a big Bullmastiff dog that people liked.  I never craved attention.  I was a lucky dog.  I loved downtown Oakville.

Know that dogs always listen and learn, so be kind to them ~ I did listen and could read them all like a book.  I loved watching my ‘people’ and I feel pretty lucky to have had them choose me over all my brothers and sisters.  I was the runt of my litter, and there was something about my black snout that they adored.

Oh, and one last thing…

My grandma came to say goodbye to me today and said a little prayer. Just she and I.  Nobody else heard.  She is pretty darn good at it!  I’ve heard her car can get her to St. Judes downtown Oakville on autopilot, so I think she has some pull.  She made me feel loved and safe.  It’s time to let me go now.  She also made my people cry, but they have been doing that all day, so what’s one more tear!  Grandma then gave me the sign of the cross, so if you believe, just say a prayer, because I will always be listening, and will always be with you…

Please take care of my people, as they are all a hot mess right now…

Love Lucy

And now, as promised, my talent piece… ❤

“3 Roll overs at 110 lbs. is never easy my friends…”

RIP my girl… xo

She blogs to heal the pain…..thanks for indulging her! ❤

21 thoughts on “A Dog with A Blog…

  1. Christine Leonard

    Ok…now I’m crying. So sad for you to lose Lucy. You will miss her everyday! Our older dog is 13 yrs old so I count every day as a blessing. Our time is coming soon.


  2. Milly

    Oh Lester…I am so so sad reading this. I remember the first day she came home to the hood. She brightened up everyone’s world. What a beautiful, precious soul. I will miss her. Thank you for writing this and giving her a voice I can almost picture her actually saying it.


  3. JoAnn Owen

    Ah Les, I’m crying too. So sorry about your Lucy. There will be a big void in the house. You expect them to greet you when you come in the house, or you look in their favourite spot to see if they’re there.
    Take care. Hugs to you and the Family.


    1. Thank-you JoAnn – yes to all of the above. Yesterday I found myself looking for her under the table, I swear I could hear her snoring; then throwing a piece of chicken on the floor…I thought I would go crazy cleaning, but can’t bring myself to ‘run the mop’ yet in the kitchen. Too many foot prints! Day by day my friend! xoxo to you ❤


  4. Laurie Forsyth

    Sitting in my office a blithering idiot Les!! Thanks for giving Lucy a voice – all the cool dogs have one 😉
    That sweet girl will never be forgotten. xo


    1. Ah Laurie, I’m sorry – should have given you a heads up. Thank-you for the coffee and chat yesterday. Lucy enjoyed her snuggles with you and helped pass the time for me. I think her voice was also saying, ‘why are those two hanging over me and just bawling…suck it up ladies…” Never forgotten xoxo


  5. Carolyn

    So sorry to hear about sweet Lucy…she was one lucky dog to be part of the Williams family… Loved the blog – Lucy is one great writer! xo


  6. Lara

    OH Leslie. I’m heartbroken for you and your family. It’s such a hard thing to do; say goodbye to a pet, a daily fixture in our lives like that. I’m not sure this will be any solace but know you’re in very good company. Anyone that has loved and lost a pet can attest to these feelings. It will be rough but you’ll find your way to a new normal and be blessed with your beautiful memories of what appears was the best of friends. I can tell you I still remember our dog like it was yesterday and miss him too but my memories make me smile and laugh instead of cry (mostly!) Hang in there!


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