Thank-you, Superbowl Sunday and… #amwriting (I think)…


So we are a week in from saying goodbye to our precious dog Lucy, but things are now slowly adjusting to a ‘new normal.’   She came to me in a dream, and I can’t tell you how WONDERFUL it was.   I was able to give her a big hug, and it felt sooo real. Then she was gone.  Our family is taking it day by day and we wanted to just say thank you to all our friends & neighbors that reached out.  We felt the love and it helped!  You all ROCK!

Then last night, engaging in our ritual of chili cheese Nacho’s, wings, and a couple of cold ones while tuning into Superbowl VI.  We were flinging chicken wings like Friar Tuck and elbow deep in chili grease.  I love eating in front of the television. Feels like we are in a restaurant, but no bill!

Those American’s know how to rock a production, don’t they!  I was torn who I was cheering for.  The adorable 31 year old, Matt Ryan, quarterback from Atlanta, because well, it was his first Superbowl, and I felt this would be a cool win for him!! … or do I want Tom Brady to win, just so I could get a close up look of what his bride Giselle was wearing.

Let’s face it, this Brazilian could rock a paper bag!

Then the commercials.  I won’t go on and on about what I liked or disliked (mostly disliked this year..a lot of weirdness).  I did however, LOVE Melissa McCarthy and her 2017 Kia Niro ad.  Who doesn’t  love her. She cracks me up.  Laughter is good medicine, I say.

Then, the half time show.  Don’t hate me, I’m not a GAGA Fan, but that WAS pretty amazing.  I didn’t like that when she took her ‘leap of faith’ they panned to the drones instead of watching her flight down to the stage.  I wanted to see that. I’m thinking that was on purpose, just in case things went sideways, and not as planned…If you get my drift! 

She is brave and I give her “applause” for that! (couldn’t resist)   I get vertigo just climbing my ladder to clean out of my eaves. Aside from seeing one of her dancers blow a tire on the slippery stage, it was really quite good.  Loved the “Hi Mom & Dad”… She was the winner in my books…  *(updated info below – I’m firing my sources as we speak ~ heads are gonna roll)!

So wrapping up this Monday madness and speaking of books, I’m taking the plunge and going to attempt writing a fiction novel.  Been on my mind  ‘forever’ and figured it would be a good distraction for me.  I’m slowly losing interest in television as a whole, and don’t even have one Netflix show I can recommend.  My son however,  is pushing me to watch Game Of Thrones – I’m one season in, but need a cheat sheet just to keep all the characters and cities sorted out. One of my fav’s died in season one, so if this is the way every season is going to roll out,  I’m not biting.  I’m a happy endings kind of gal!

So that being said, I’m breaking out my self help books and starting this journey.  I cannot wait.  I was lucky enough to be given a few books as a suggestion from a friend, as she has already written one novel with (I think) another in the works.  I’ll take all the advice I can get.  I  can’t wait to dig in.  I have also ordered a couple off of Amazon.  I think I need a “writing for dummies…” – I feel like such a newbie, but so excited at the same time.

I did start a book years ago called “From Nylons to Sweatpants.” about my journey as a working mom turned stay at home mom, but life got in the way and it ended up on the backburner.

So, now with slightly more time on my hands  (aka: no toddlers),  I’ll have some fun/scary/raunchy/dirty/ fictional novel for you to read.  How’s that for a plot! Can you tell, I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head!?  AND, if you play your cards right, could perhaps fit you in somewhere. Ahhh, a blank slate.  Where should I begin…”as she feverishly taps her fingers together and flashes that evil sideways smile…”


“Once upon a time….”

*Update (cuz I have authority to do so)…- when this blog went to press *wink* yours truly was unaware of the “perfect illusion” that Miss Gaga performed.  Apparently pre-recorded atop the stadium, and no jump; .just a lift up ~ all merged together.  Still pretty impressive non the less.  

7 thoughts on “Thank-you, Superbowl Sunday and… #amwriting (I think)…

  1. Milly

    Oooooooh……yes please!! I can’t wait to read it!!! And as President of my Book Club I will of course be recommending it as soon as it comes off the press!!!


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