In The Blink Of An Eye…


I was 35,000 ft. in the air this past Friday. I didn’t want to be, but I had to be.

I’m afraid of flying, but there was no excuse good enough that warranted me staying on the ground.

My 27 year old nephew was in a terrible car accident in Calgary, so I am now here to help out my sister and her husband, a shoulder to lean on.  He is strong and in good health, which is helping him immensely.

My mind was spinning with questions, so we made the decision I should go to him. I’m an organizer, a fixer. I will sort out my sister, (with a new shiny journal in hand), and she can put me to work on whatever tasks she needs for me, to lighten her load.

Nobody knows why or how it happened. He was the passenger. All we know is the car ended up on it’s roof, and within moments, 911 was called by someone we may never meet.

After I broke the news to my parents, my mom vanished.  He is going to be fine.  We have a boatload of  prayer chains being linked up.

All too often we claim “Life is too short” and to “enjoy life, as you never know what lies ahead.”  This could never be more true.

Do I really care that my fridge wasn’t clean when I left; do I really need to stress the random shit that goes on in my life, that I sometimes struggle with and want to fix?

The answer is simple. NO! This has been a huge eye opener for yours truly.

Life can change in the blink of an eye, so for me, I’m letting go of the minutiae.  The world sometimes has a strange way of giving you what you need, and for me, it was clarity.

As of today, he is still in ICU, having had some successful surgery completed.  All things are leading in a positive direction.

Please keep my nephew in your prayers, and of course, love the ones you’re with.



23 thoughts on “In The Blink Of An Eye…

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  3. jimin

    In a blink – you said a mouthful. All the support you have given to me I am sending back in lovely pink packages. I’m joining your mama’s prayer group. All my love and adoration.



  4. Bella Duncan

    As always I enjoy reading your perspective on life events. Sending you positive energy and prayers as you deal with your nephews accident. Looking forward to reading your future blogs.


  5. Laurie

    Well said LA and thanks for the reminder. Your sister and nephew are lucky to have you. But then again, it’s no surprise because that’s the kind of gal you are!! I’m with you on letting go of the crap – especially from those who don’t matter in your life. Those who know you, know!
    Prayers are still coming your way.


  6. Mary

    As per usual as I read your blogs, I find myself nodding in agreement. If you arnt making us laugh you are making us cry with your honest and poignant perspective of “real life”. Thanks for being a voice to many.


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