That wonderful, glorious Guardian Angel..


I want to meet him/her.  She saved my nephews life.  (I’ll just go with She… 😉 )

As most of you know, my nephew Steven was involved in a very serious car accident last week, and the news shook us to the core.  The call you never want to get.  You can read my initial blog posting here about what transpired.

He should have died.  Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.  He was on life support.

I spent 4 days in Calgary, staying by my nephews side, as anyone would, playing nurse, and making sure things were organized for my sister and her husband.  I’m not sure where one gathers the strength from, but we all stood for four days straight fitting in the odd lunch/dinner when we could.   I was doing my small part in keeping him clean and tidy, untucking and refolding blankets, as he tossed and turned in agony.

The Dr.’s all marveled at how quickly Steven was progressing.  We were told to take everything 12 hours at a time.  We watched over him with each passing hour, waiting patiently for the next step.

Below is a small excerpt from my sisters Facebook post.  She initially wasn’t going to use Social Media to tell her story, but felt the need to reach out, and thank those all around the world that have been praying for his recovery.

…Most importantly, god listened and granted us a miracle.  On Friday his breathing tube was removed, and Steven’s road to recovery had begun.  He has had  facial surgery to reconstruct his jaw (now with elastics till fully healed)  and left side of his face.  His spleen has been emobilized.  We have long days ahead of us, as he goes through both physical and emotional therapy, but our family with fight through this.   Steven is walking, talking and has been moved out of ICU.  Again, so very grateful.  We have cried, but more importantly we can now laugh.  Steven can be a funny guy, and thankfully strong willed ~ he wants to fight, he wants to live.  I can’t wait to get him home with us…

I did not want to leave. I cried when he couldn’t see me, and made every attempt to make him laugh when we were together.  I have some great video of both of us chatting, that I will share with him when he’s fully recovered.  I’m sure he will get a kick out of it.  I feel I created an even stronger bond with my nephew, one that will never be broken.  He is strong, and I know with all my heart, he will once again be back on his feet, living a full and happy life.

I do believe in the power of prayer ~ now more than ever. You have to believe in a greater power when it comes to something like this. Steven was saved. His Grandma would most likely appreciate a shout out for this.  At last glance, she was leading the polls with most prayers sent…. ❤

Now it’s my turn.  My turn to thank each and every one of you that reached out to me, sending your love and prayers.  It was the best feeling in the world to sit down and read text after text from family and friends, showing support for my nephew.  We will have lots to share with him.  This will turn into a wonderful life journey for Steven, I can feel it.

And to that wonderful glorious Guardian Angel, thank you. Thank you for holding Steven in your loving arms, making sure he was safe and making it possible for him to stay a little longer on this beautiful planet earth.  Steven is meant for greater things.  We have to believe this.

All my love and adoration to you all, and a special thank you to my sister and her husband Trevor for their strength and patience with Aunty during this, the most horrible time of their lives.

Now, to lighten the mood, I do have to share that my sister and I almost came to blows when cleaning out Stevens room, prepping for his arrival home.  I felt like we could have been on an episode of Hoarders.  She keeps stuff, and I purge. “Really Lisa, do you need to keep 15 (yes I counted) little Christmas hand towels, and why the hell are they in his room anyway.”   “How many pairs of nylons do you need, there are 28 here in two drawers, and again, why are they in HIS room..” (Yes I counted those too).    It wasn’t pretty.  I love her to bits, but only I will know how much was thrown out, that she will never, ever in a million years, ever miss!  Steven’s room is now ready and EMPTY!  Come on home!


12 thoughts on “That wonderful, glorious Guardian Angel..

  1. Dolores

    Leslie, I just read your blog and wanted to send you and your family warm wishes, and your nephew a speedy recovery! and yes prayer is powerful, miracles do happen and guardian angels do watch over us! xo


  2. Diane

    Such a wonderful story. The power of prayer is so strong. So glad to hear about his road to recovery. I’m sure soon enough, he’ll be driving his mom crazy!! Hugs and Kisses to all.


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