March Madness… NO WAY!


THE MONTH OF MARCH IS HALF OVER ~ March break is done and dusted, and so is that delightful St. Patrick’s Day, when all the quazi Irish come out to play. I’m married to Irish, so he is the real mccoy! ❤

St. Paddy’s day was fun.  We partied till the wee hours of the mornin’.  Well, not really, but it felt like that because when you arrive at a pub at 3:30 and don’t leave till 10:30 ~ it’s 7 good hours spent regardless if the sun has set or not!

The only thing hard about this day (and believe me, there’s nothing much else wrong with it, green beer and all), is the color.   I get it, The Emerald Aisle…but who’s with me.  Most human’s don’t do green.  Well, according to my survey at the Temple Bar (*plug*)  We did toasts throughout the evening,  “yah, to good friends…” clink,  “yah, Happy St. Patrick’s Day…may the road rise to meet you…” clink, and then “cheers to not having anything green in my closet!”  It’s so true, right?

Ah, sure, what a lovely lookin’ bunch of Bhean’s!

It’s too bad green gets such a bad rap.  Why don’t people have more green?  I stood forever searching in my closet only to come up with an ill fitting swirly green flowy top, and a pair of green Khakis…good enough.  A quick trip to Dollarama for a matching set up ugly green earrings, (I was told they looked teal).. and BAM, I’m ready for a day of drinking and watching the Irish dance!

Our family did however pull this ensemble together for a photo shoot! God help me if my boys ever start reading my blogs…snicker snicker 🙂

…The boys always argue when I make them dress the same!

Another wonderful thing about March (March 20th ~ TODAY), is that we celebrate the United Nations International Day of Happiness.   How great is this!  An actual day dedicated to celebrating happiness. On this day,  the UN wishes that mankind will recognize the important of happiness as a universal goal.

We can do this! How happy can you be for a day and feel you have made a change?  For me, happiness occurs in the smallest of moments.  A hot bath, getting lost inside a wonderful book, or spending time with family & true friends.  Pure Joy!

It’s that extra smile you give someone and a simple “good morning” to start off someone’s day.  To be happy, we need to appreciate what we have, and not always focus on the “what if’s.”     People that are happy will be kind to others.  Pay it forward.  Buy that stranger a coffee in the line behind you.

Lastly, sticking with the “happiness” theme,  I do have some happiness of my own to spread.  Some of you have been asking, so I wanted to tell you all that my nephew Steven is now home.  All our prayers have been answered.  His is a fighter!

He does has a long road ahead of him, as his diet will consist of only soups and shakes, given his jaw is wired shut for another 5 weeks (wired aka thick plastic).  My sister has been working her blender like a bartender at the Stampede, and making him the most wonderful shakes. Steven is lucky he is not my boy. I’m not so good around the kitchen appliances.

He still needs a lot of rest and will be relearning a few things, and is not quite ready to be on his own yet.   Not a problem!  We will take it one day at a time, and again, thank-you to all for your words of encouragement.  They helped more than you know. ❤

Happy first day of Spring, peeps.   🐥


5 thoughts on “March Madness… NO WAY!

    1. Thanks Lady. If only you knew how many times it changed…or wait, you probably do! Let’s connect again soon. Loved the chat we had! I need an update from you…. xo LA


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