Friday Facebook Reflections…

shower curtain

SO I’VE TAKEN THE LEAP back into “Facebook Land.”

Don’t really know why, because I’m starting to regret it already.  I’m feeling anxious.  No word of a lie!  I feel like my whole world and personal bits are out there on display.  Silly I know.  I was a full on dedicated “Facebooker” many moons ago (well 2007 to be exact), but now, being slightly older, and more *mature*, I’m not too sure I’m digging it!

Nothing has really changed.  I thought I would sign onto a new “look”,  a different layout, but nope, same old stuff ~ advertisements on how to lose my wrinkles in 48 hours, (seriously FB??) or a recap of my year on facebook…which, btw can be super boring if you left it for 9 months!  Ha!

I think like anything, once you stop the habit, it’s easy to avoid. But, for some reason, it pulled me back in.  I have some things to say, I suppose! 😉

I did spend my first day going through a bunch of pictures making sure they were all set ‘just for me only’ and all my personal information is typed incorrectly because, well, “hackers!”

I think now that I blog, and have total control over what I see, who says what, and what I post, Facebook feels like oversharing.

This is what bugs me…

  1. People you may know ~ HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop telling me I may know these people.  I don’t, so stop giving me more friends.  It makes me feel like a loser.
  2. Stop asking me to describe “Who I Am.”  I know who I am, and my friends know who I am, that’s why we are friends here on Facebook…so why do I have to tell YOU who I am.  This feels like therapy…
  3. What’s with the “Privacy Checkup” – this seems like a lot of work. I chose to be here, so whatever I put on here is fine.  Don’t make me have to schedule yet another checkup!    I see enough of my ‘real’ Dr. as it is and my datebook is full up!
  4. Stop showing memories from Days Gone By!  Do I really want to see how far I’ve fallen. 😉 Sounds dramatic,  but that bathing suit I had on in 2011 is now just a distant memory.  This is pure evil Facebook. I want to live for the future, not dwell on the past!
  5.  Stop with all the games of “What Celebrity I look like,”  “Who are your Besties”  and “Who is your favorite child…”  Well, you get my point!  “Who are your top three friends on Facebook?”  Like they Know?  That is just being mean…   Can’t we all just get along… ❤

Anyhow, all this being said, I do think I’ll stick around for a while.   How else would I know when it’s Nation Donut Day, International Whiskey Day, or  National Seafood Day!  I also need to know when special months are approaching like Umbrella Month or Cheerleader Safety Month.  And don’t forget, TODAY, Friday, March 24th, Eureka, it’s CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISIN DAY!

How can I leave Facebook when all this information is just a click away…..

Happy Friday my FRIENDS, one and all!

Until next time,


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