Sicker than a dog…

sick dog

Sorry peeps… I haven’t been blogging lately, and I don’t want my followers *wink* to think I’ve given up.  I’m here, but trying to deal with this horrid lingering cough.

It started out as a few sniffles, but over the weeks, (not kidding) turned into a raging smokers hack (I don’t smoke), to where my co-workers were trying their best to send me packing without sounding rude!  I knew once they started rearranging the seating, my presence was not welcome.  I can take a hint!

I finally decided a walk in clinic was in order.  I typically like to fight these things by simply sucking on a Fishermen’s Friend…but.. well… 😉  The quack prescribed Ventolin!  No thanks.  My eldest son has had asthma all his life, and I knew this was more than just inadequate lung function.  Jeesh!   I knew he misdiagnosed me.  I waited till Monday and saw my own Dr.  He immediately said he could hear wheezing, etc. and prescribed me some hard drugs.  I was actually happy to hear I had bronchitis so I could up the sympathy quotient on the home front.

I had my poor husband trudging up and down the stairs so much that he started tracking his steps via Fitbit!  “Bring me gingerale, I want my lunch, bring me water… ”  So not how I typically roll (she says), but the texting from 2nd floor to 1st floor was getting frowned upon!  I felt like Lady Mary Crawley, but it was getting old, fast! If only I had a rope on the wall to beckon my family.  It would have been much simpler for all.


Then, to make matters worse, I had a colonoscopy scheduled smack dab in the middle of my days.   Great, just what I needed!  NOT!  Rescheduling was not an option.   Sorry, but am I over sharing?  Well, I’ll stop.  I was encouraged to share my whole shi**y experience with you from my #girlgang, but in all honestly, I think I really only crack them up! (har har har).  I won’t subject you to the misfortune I experienced post surgery, when the magic elixir I drank, was still ‘working” when I really didn’t need it to be.  Or, how about this.  When, I arrived home, I found 3 giant circular electrodes still attached to me like some post op tracking device!  Why! Why! Why!

Anyway, with all that now behind me… (more har har har)… it’s now Monday, the sun is shining, and I just celebrated MOTHERS DAY with the most important people in my life.  How I love them so!  Nothing better than being a mom!    mothers day

I’m still enjoying my writing class, and tonight, it’s Show and Tell for yours truly!  Boy, do I have some showing and telling to do!  Hope they appreciate my humor,  or this piece could possibly get me kicked out of class…

Until next time…

Keep laughing and try not to take yourself too seriously!

xo LA toilet

8 thoughts on “Sicker than a dog…

    1. Haaaa Yes, that one for sure, is a great story! Sadly, they both have that one ‘thing’ in common! I may save it for when I take my ‘show on the road…” so to speak! Hard to translate that into a novel. Shitty story line… wink wink! xo


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