Fruitcakes and Snowflakes…and late breaking news!


Well, well, well now, hasn’t it been a busy week.  AND, it’s only Wednesday.

First off, I was busying myself with a little Cyber Monday shopping, (which I detest), but in the end, only opted for something crazy ridiculously expensive, which may end up being returned if my PPD (post purchase dissonance) kicks in!

But, let’s get serious.  We all know the real news that took our attention away from Cyber day ~ the Royal Wedding announcement.   Seriously, it’s about time.  All their flitting about town, holding hands and exchanging glances.  I’m just feeling a little anxious.  I’m totally booked up most of May, and for sure the long weekend.  I just hope and pray I get the “save the date” sooner than later.  I do hope they have a vegan option on the menu, and that wedding hats are optional.   I’m so not good in a pill box style, and really want to get a hair coloring in before my roots start showing.  And then there’s my dress…I need time to get my dress designed, and of course the fittings….  ok ok. I’ll stop. You get my point….

Then there’s Matt Lauer… buddy, Seriously!?  For heaven’s sake….

AAAAaaanyway,  just wanted to share my latest article from December’s Neighbours Magazine.   #25moresleeps


Fruitcakes and Snowflakes ~ The Real Christmas Truths

I’m giddy like a school girl. Once again, Christmas has crept up on me just like the cat I don’t own! But that’s ok because I absolutely adore this time of year. I’ve been prepping for the festive season since I tossed my moldy pumpkin curbside. The minute I slammed the door on Halloween, I immediately began turning my home into a slightly modified version of Santa’s workshop.

I have had Bing Crosby singing carols in my home since early-November. Bing and I have a special bond, as he has been serenading me with White Christmas since I was a toddler. Christmas most definitely takes me back to my childhood, and everything wonderful ~ Barbie’s, pretty velvet party dresses, and shiny shoes. Or better yet, how about that highly coveted Easy Bake oven. I mean, come on, what’s better than a wee little cake baked under a 60-watt bulb on Christmas morning? Nothing, I say.

What does surprise me is how much shopping for Christmas gifts has changed. Gone are the days of leisurely cruising the malls, finding that special someone the perfect gift. It’s bad enough that people are fighting for parking spots like it’s the apocalypse, but now more than ever, we are all on-line shopping and having things delivered via a Drone no less. What fun is THAT! Unless this Drone can prepare my Christmas feast, and bring it to my table, I’m not biting.

Personally, I still love heading out to the mall rubbing elbows with the rest of the gypsy’s and tinkers and not above taking out anybody at the knees should they come between me and my Elf on the Shelf. That dude is creepy, but always a fan favorite.

I must confess that I stopped writing Christmas Cards. I never did the long letter inserts babbling on about how wonderful my family is, while making yours feel slightly less than adequate, but always liked to insert a pic of my kiddies on faux Santa’s lap! Alas, now my social media takes care of that for me. People are so busy Pinteresting and Instagramming their life away, that there seems no need to waste any small amount of spittle on a postage stamp.

So, let’s be clear my friends, I decorate my tree alone. I don’t need help. They do it wrong. I don’t eat fruitcake. It’s gross. And, I truly still believe in Santa. Of course, I do.

If you need to find me anytime between now and Christmas, I’ll be on my sofa, feeling accomplished, most likely tuning into The Sound of Music or Charlie Brown’s Christmas, beer in hand, because well, even Mommy’s have their traditions!  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.




2 thoughts on “Fruitcakes and Snowflakes…and late breaking news!

  1. Amanda McLeish

    Love it Lester!! Always love reading your stuff. Gives me a chuckle. After Christmas we can burn the Elf in the new neighbourhood fire place. 😊


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