The #newme and my silly ‘giffy’ blog for a #bluemonday day!


Hi Ya friends.   It’s been a while, so without any further ado, or boring you with all the details, I’m happy to say, I’m presently on a #newme plan.

Yes, of course it involves eating properly because other than that, well, I’m perfect!……Come on now. 😉

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She does go on…

It was just time, and I know I have said that lied before, but with my little weekend stint spent at the hospital in November, it was a bit of an eye-opener to say the least.  So yes, slowly, over the years, your body changes in the strangest of places, creeping up on you ever so slowly, like again, that cat I don’t own!  It was making me very grumpy to say the least.

grumpy cat
Cheer the *#$& up!

I have a beautiful assortment of clothing in my closet, nice suits, dresses and blazers, but sadly, the only action they are getting is being shifted from side to side and the odd wipe down from the dust collecting on their shoulders.  For the past few years, I’ve been all about boots and flowy over tops, but not anymore dammit!  I want to wear that pretty pink dress…

She won’t rock the ribbon like I do though!

Sharing this news with my work buddies, I was told I have to start off the year (#newme) with a word for my changes.  Huh? A word.  I don’t have a word. What is that all about. I’m not picking a word, because most likely it will be a cuss word, like clusterf**k, and then I will be frowned upon.  Also, here’s the thing, I’m 54 years young, and aside from weight gain, there is this memory thing.  I won’t remember my word in a week, so let’s get real.

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She does have a point!

Thus far, my journey is 9 days in.  Please don’t laugh.  It’s tough.  I have told you about the cafeteria in my office, right?  Every possible food group is covered off in there.  I avoid it like the plague, because well… it wasn’t pretty!

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It feels a little longer than 9 days, because two of those days were cleanse days.  I’ll be honest, at one point during day two, of having nothing more than a couple of special drinks, which damn near tasted like poison, I was prepared to gnaw off my right arm.  I had to get in the proper headspace.  I’m there now, and so excited.  I have a couple of things I want to fit into… one of them being a dress Jennifer Aniston (my hero – love her) is wearing (pinned on my vision board two years ago), as inspiration.

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Jenny, did you just say… “Bag of Fries..?”
My Girl Jenny in her Vision Board Dress -
Vision Board Goals!

I was at a party on the weekend (don’t worry, with my fizzy water in my hand), and avoided the appetizer table like a good girl should.  I did give it a passing glance, as I noticed how the brie glistened with the hot glaze of brown sugar dancing circles around the crackers, but nope, not right now In due time, but for now, it’s a no no!  Ages ago someone told me all about their Vitamix and all the pro’s and con’s, how it’s so healthy, and that it can make soup!! Hmm… I may need to consider this as I have been making kale/spinach soup for a week now, but it’s a bit of a process… I’ll get better at all of this soon.

See the source image
Sadly, pretty darn close replica to mine… 😉

So my friends, stick with me.  I’m so ready to start this journey.  I just threw up my hands and made the choice.  I have goals I need to attain, and of course, that wardrobe!  Saw this little number on the weekend, but instead of buying, I’m documenting and hopefully will still be there when I’m good to go!

That Skirt #Goals.. <3
That Skirt = #goals

I’ve also been doing a little pintresting lately.  I know, I know.  If you are wondering about the first pic, my 30th wedding anniversary is coming up, and the Amalfi coast and renewals are always on my mind! (Plus, what about those pink Converse.  I own a pair – so cute).    I have told all my girls they can come and be my bridesmaids – the more the merrier.  Hop on board.   I also have someone sourcing the area – it’s good to have friends like this! We shall see… #anothergoal  Check it out.. 30th Renewal – if only on Pinterest!

So, I’ve given myself the go ahead to make these change, but allow myself to still have fun doing so.   Some people will have all sorts of opinions on what’s right and wrong, and what’s good and bad, but pfffft I say.  I’m in for the long haul.. so, as far as the “word of the year,” how’s this work for ya!


I won’t be posting any before pics, but…



Until next time,

Yours in smoothies and to all your successes,


10 thoughts on “The #newme and my silly ‘giffy’ blog for a #bluemonday day!

  1. Jimin

    Leslie!! You are perfection in my eyes. Feel better, be the best you feel you need to be. I’m your cheerleading section , but I will be there for you when STELLA can knock down your door again.


    1. Awww, you are too kind little lady! I feel great actually, never better. Keep cheering gurl, and yes, once Stella, Bud, AND Jack come over to play, for sure you are getting the call! xo LA


    1. Hey ~ It’s ok Christine – we live for today now and move forward right? All good… it took me a few years to put on this weight so it will take some time to ‘remove’ it! #babysteps. xoxo


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