What A Difference A Year Makes… #angelsonassignment


It was exactly a year ago today that I received some horrible news.  My sister’s son Steven, my nephew, was in a horrible car accident.  I immediately flew to her side, and wrote a blog about it, cuz sorry, that’s what I do.  You can find it here!  I also did an update to his recovery, and thanked each and every one of you for your love and support.  Steven was overwhelmed by all those that reached out and prayed for him.  This was my thank-you.

So here we are a year later, and I feel the need to again, reach out and thank you all, from Oakville to Calgary, but more importantly, let you know how Steven is doing.  My sister posted a beautiful note on her Facebook page, and I just want to share a few of her thoughts with you here…

On March 1 last year, I woke up and posted “Let’s get this party started”. I had no idea what kind of party was ahead…That night we got a call that made time stand still, likely our hearts skipped a few of those beats, and we had no idea what in the world God had in store for us. I know this: Pslam 91 was released and angels in the form of 1st responders, nurses, doctors, and random strangers held our hands and our hearts . We have been told by the firemen, nurses, EMT’s that they didn’t think he would survive. When we first met the firemen 6 weeks later, they had tears in their eyes when they heard they were a part of our lovely little miracle.   Our family, friends of Trevor and I, and a set of 3 young men gathered around us, and carried us through this very eventful year.

I am not sure why we deserved such a miracle, but we will take it. I am very sure that this happened for a reason, I am not so sure what the reason is, or if I will ever know what the reason was, but I will take it.

This year we celebrated lots of milestones… I got two tattoos, celebrated the marriage of Steven’s best friend, made some new friends, and realized that life as we know it is short. I try not to worry about the little things.

I am taking this time to THANK everyone….but know that every gesture and phone call, email, and smile did not go unnoticed.

To my sister, who got on a plane, and made sure I didn’t collapse, and got me focused, you took care of me while Trevor focused on the first few days of the hospital. You also took care of our parents, and handled what was probably the hardest task when our Mom had to hear about the news.

Thank you to my husband in all that is good – you are the only one who truly understands me, and this crazy walk in life we have taken. I will never forget March 3, 2017, when they told us Steven would live. My heart was broken, but started to heal when I saw the look on your face when you knew deep down, your boy would be with us.  I knew then you would start to heal. As Nurse Tayna said….”this will be a marathon, not a sprint”.

We are still working on things, and likely will for the rest of our lives….but how wonderful is that….working things out, is what life is. Cheers to Angles and all things good in life. Here’s to #ANGELSONASSIGNMENT#EVERYBREATHYOUTAKE From the bottom of our still ever growing hearts and minds, Trevor and I thank you, and we love you.

Steven is doing great.   A year later, I can say he is a changed man.  He has no anger in his heart for what happened.  He is grateful, thankful, kind, respectful, and loving.   He came to visit with us in November and words can’t describe how great he looked, and of course, how hard his Grandma and Papa hugged him.

L to R – Steven, Papa & my youngest, Owen

The power of prayer…



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