To Be Or Not To Be….Irish

Oldie but a goodie….


Top O’ the mornin’ to ya,

Well, we are halfway through March and you know what that means… Yes, March 17th has arrived.   You have to know, I’m all about the green beer, (ok sure, whatever, I’m all about beer anytime), but definitely, St. Patty’s day is a great reason to indulge.  If my Ancestry dot com results ever come back, I’m sure they will have discovered that I have a little Gaelic in me somewhere.

That being said, I thought I would share my latest article from the Neighbours of Olde Oakville magazine.

Ah yes, the month of March, where we get a little spring break and celebrate with a whole lot of green.
Yes, that’s right. St. Patrick’s Day created for the Irish to observe the death of St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. But wait, there’s more…much more.
We all know the Irish will remember St. Patrick, but for the every day bloak, it’s a day where we break out our best greenery, and party like wannabe Dubliners.
The true Irish, (like the man I married) find this somewhat amusing, and often refer to this as “amateur’s day.” Apparently, it’s a known fact; there are people that are Irish, and those that want to be Irish. Let’s face it, they always seem to have an enjoyable time.
The true Irish let them have their fun, using this day as a booze-infested celebration complete with many a green beer, where at any moment you may find someone breaking out their best impression of Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance.
If I’m being honest, I do enjoy this day myself and already have a pub date lined up. Of course, I do. Unfortunately, fashion wise, green isn’t the greatest color on me, nor anybody for that matter. Let’s face it, even Kermit the Frog claim’s, “It’s not easy being green.”
So, yes, I will celebrate, and if all goes according to plan, may even attempt a jig or two, knowing all too well I may end up splayed out on the floor with my legs tangled like a Bavarian pretzel. How DO THEY dance so fast, clogging up and down the stage, in perfect unison? It’s something to behold.
I’m going to work on my slang via Gaelic for Dummies, just to give me some street cred for the day as well. I’ll throw out a lot of “ear wiggin  and Jackeen’s!” If you are not sure of those terms, perhaps get yourself and your best mate to a pub on March 17th, where the décor is all shamrocks and leprechauns, and the odd “Green Alligators, and Long Neck Geese,” can be heard from miles around.

I’m off to make some bangers and mash, get the tripe boiling, and peel some taters for my Irish Stew!  Yum Yum Yum!

Cheers for beers my friends, and may the road rise to meet you… ❤

Leslie O’Williams (see what I did there)?


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