Easter: A Day Full of Feasting & Traditions


Hi ya Peeps  (I figured it’s ok to call you that given Easter is just around the corner)…

Sharing my latest article from Neighbors of Olde Oakville Magazine.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and good luck on the hunting…

Can I get an Amen for this holiday! As I ‘scramble’ to get this article off to press, I was reminded of how much I love this holiday for so many reasons. I always get the “goosies” when listening to the Christian Hymn Jesus Christ is Risen Today on Easter Sunday. I must confess however, that my attendance at Church has fallen off, and I’m no longer the good egg I once was. I’m not really concerned because I have my mom, who is a regular church goer, most sure has priority parking and her own pew. She will always give me the Coles notes version of any service when she thinks I need a little reality check.

Our local street egg hunt still happens every Good Friday and has been for some 25+ years. I love this tradition. We still drudge through the local play park in our wellies with coffee, sorry, coffee with Baileys to watch the little ones hunt down the foil wrapped eggs hidden amongst the foliage. Then around noon, the hood will fire up the bbq for hamburgers and hot dogs, which of course, is breaking every Good Friday rule in the book. I’m not much of a #fishfriday person, so again, may need to consult with my mom on this to get a pass!  

I mean really, who doesn’t love the eating frenzy during Easter ~ turkey, ham, Peeps, jelly beans and ChOcOlAtE! I’m not a diehard regular chocolate eater, but admittedly will make every attempt to put myself into a Cadbury Cream Egg coma should I find some alone time. These must be the most deliciously sinful treat around, and if I’m being totally honest, better than any valentine sweet tart or a dozen roses. Aarrgh, I can feel my teeth decaying just thinking about them.

Sadly, our family indoor egg hunt has come to an end. My 3 boys are now older, so the only hunting we will do is loading up the car and heading to the “golden arches” for a delicious Egg McMuffin meal. I’m ok with this because I’m at the age where I’m a tad forgetful, so hiding eggs is easy; remembering where I put them, not so much! This hunt could go on for months.

Well, I best get crackin.’ I hope you find yourself involved with a lot of family fun events this Easter and go ahead, treat yourself to a Cadbury cream egg, (or six). Just remember, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!! Ok, ok I’m done!

Hoppy Easter,


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