Happy Mama Day!

Grandma and her Boyz…



The sun is shining on this beautiful Mothers Day 2018.  Wishing all my peeps a wonderful Mothers day.   I adore and respect you all.

Sharing my latest article from Neighbors of Old Oakville magazine.

A Mom’s Life Is the Best Life…

So, you’ll like this. As I sit staring at my computer putting the finishing touches on this article, I’m getting inundated with emails from my Mom. She is funny. She has the best sense of humor about her everyday life and should seriously consider taking her show on the road. She just purchased herself a new laptop (with her best friends at the Geek Squad) and has since discovered how to use emoji’s when sending messages. Now, most of her emails are 30% words, 70% “little faces.”  Prime example… “Hi, it’s your Mom again, (insert side wink emoji) so while vacuuming today, (sad face emoji) I found my long silver chain that I thought I had lost. I’m so happy!” (Insert smiley face, and two thumbs up emoji’s). A simple note that probably took her 10 minutes to type with two fingers, but hilarious non-the less. I’d tell you her age, but I won’t… she could possibly disown me! (Insert big smile emoji)!

So yes, I’m incredibly lucky. My Mom is a funny lady that has taught me a lot about life, love and laughter. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so will be sharing a nice brunch, perhaps a manicure or a trip to the local mall for some retail therapy.  

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the love we have for our Mothers, whether they are still with us or not. It’s a special day earmarked for everyone to take the time to thank them for all they have done and to remember them in some unique way.

My mom is never too busy for her family. She is always at the ready to host a family function, and lucky for me, always ready to pick up anything that I may need at one of her daily Costco/Winners runs. Bless her heart! She is a life saver.

Moms are always there to listen and will drop everything if called upon. They will listen to our rants about anything and everything and always at the ready to provide some wisdom.

I hope I’m following in my mom’s footsteps, because like her, there isn’t anything I love more than being a mom. I have 3 sons. They are good to me; my greatest gifts in life. Seeing them carve their own way in the world always makes me smile. I do however long for those days when my true mommy skills were put to the test and making a blanket fort in front of the television earned me the biggest hugs ever.  

So, whatever you have planned for Mother’s Day, be sure to take the time to express your love and appreciation for your own Mommy, and of course, take some time for you, because YOU deserve it.


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