Weddings, and Grad and Riding, oh my!


be the ride

Hey folks, I’m here.  Sorry, so much has been going on that I’ve totally ignored my blogging life.  Hmm.. Where to begin… May seemed to come and go and I mean that!   Father time is moving too fast for me.


First, I had two weddings last month.   One I wasn’t really invited to, but did have a splendid time hosting my own ‘shindig’ to watch Megs and Harry hook up!  The breakfast of champions consisted of grandmas tea cups, croissants,  strawberries/cream, and booze! wedding

I dragged all my besties out of their beds to join me at 4am; some wanted to come (well really only one), and others just came because well, as they put it #fomo.    I washed all the fluffy blankies in the house, we left our jammers on, and snuggled on the couch like sisters, patiently waiting to see the brides arrival.   We resembled something out of a W-Network feel good family movie, till one or two hot flashes ensued, and said blankets were tossed! So much for the visual.

So yes, we watched,  but I think we had more fun drinking the Prosecco, getting a wee buzz on and stuffing ourselves with jam and all the fixins.    As the morning pre-wedding show dragged on, the more we drank, the more we laughed, and had our own hilarious commentary of most of the dresses.  Could Victoria Beckham crack a smile for the love of god!  Seriously, you have a face like a smacked ass.   Look what you are married to.  You should be smiling for the rest of your days on earth girl.   And Oprah, I’m sorry, I love you, but you looked so uncomfortable.  One more fitting should have been ‘squeezed’ into your schedule!

Some “fascinators” were perfectly perfect, and others, not so much…

ugly stepsisters.PNG
What’s that?  wrong Wedding,? Well, I’m sorry but  I still chuckle at this.. and what the hell is THAT anyway.  Blush dress coat nice, the antlers, not so much!

I loved Meg’s dress..yadda yadda yadda.  Let’s move on.

I also had a family wedding to attend, and as much as outside weddings are lovely, it was hotter than the hinges of hell. I wore my own hat, and felt very royal for the day.   I typically don’t wear hats or ball caps but decided to channel my inner princess – it was fun and you don’t have to worry about your hair till dinner, and by then nobody really cares… #freeweddingbooze 🙂  It’s always so nice to see young love in action.

Young love…
Old love… 30 years and counting ❤

Yesterday, another milestone.  My middle graduated from College.  So proud of him.   Two down, and one to go! Aside from a wee blip in the ceremony where approx. 100 graduates didn’t have chairs to sit on, (no joke) everything was perfect.  Now it’s reality time, when the real work begins.  Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director @ Pillar Nonprofit Network addressed the graduates with a very inspiring speech including a talk about “Finding Your Why” by Simon Sinek.  A great message, but sadly, the poor Lady grads with the 10 inch heels, still standing from the mess-up,  were just hoping she would wrap it up so they could get their diplomas and call it a day!


Brag Brag Brag – cuz I can! ❤

So in other news, this weekend I am riding over 200km in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer on team KPMG!  I have been training like a beast (not!), but so ready to do this.  I have had the support of my family, my friends, and my work family, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I will be sure to post pictures of my journey and of course, will update you all here, with the post ride stories… which, if things go according to the way my life roles, will be plenty.


There are going to be drones following the riders this year, but just my luck, one will no doubt crash and send me flying off my sled.  I have had two falls, both while clipped in, right in the middle of downtown Oakville.. where I know people.. arrgh.  My swollen knees are almost healed!   Be sure to keep your eyes on the CN Tower Saturday as they are lighting it up with the Ride colors!  Blue & Yellow… 

Oh, and one more thing!  My mom told me that she has been praying for me as she is slightly worried, and told me not to worry because Jesus is going to be steering me the whole way, and that I can talk to him if I need to.   So there’s that….

With much love,



12 thoughts on “Weddings, and Grad and Riding, oh my!

  1. Carolyn

    Good Luck on the ride Lester..I’ll be thinking of you! No wipeouts please..maybe you should take your bike with the basket in front instead of the one with the clips….

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