Celebrating Pop’s – Happy Fathers Day!

Mr. Bill Thorne aka my Dad! ❤

~ Sharing my latest article from June, Neighbors of Olde Oakville Magazine ~


Hello friends, and welcome to June! She’s pretty, isn’t she? I can almost feel Summertime sneaking her lovely self around the corner.

In no time soon, I’ll be getting that much anticipated call from my girlies with an invite to their cottages for some weekend fun and frivolity. I just love sitting in other people’s fancy boats, drinking their booze, and eating their food. Ha! I’m a great guest! But hang on, I do come with a ‘boatload’ of gifts and plenty of extra’s. I’m always at the ready if the invite gets extended for a couple more days due to pleasant weather. “Hey Les, how would you like to stay till Tuesday?” *smirk*  

June also brings us the celebration of Father’s Day. All the Mom’s had their fun last month, so now it’s Dad’s turn. My father is 88 years young, and we always try to make this an extra special day just for him.  

This year, we have been witness to a lot of “#metoo” moments, so I feel Father’s Day is the perfect time to focus and celebrate the good men out there, because yes, there are a lot of them.

I don’t know about yours, but my dad was always chalk full of sage advice, whether I asked for it or not! I think it’s the way men are wired. My dad was, and still is a great mentor, always emphasized that hard work will get you what you want, but not everything will always come easy. His “go to” advice that he shared with me often was to always tell your story honestly and sincerely. Sounds simple enough, but absolutely true.

He couldn’t stress enough the importance of a good firm handshake and always making sure you looked someone in the eye. Once I started making my way in the world, I took all this advice to heart, and yes, I’ll challenge anyone to an arm wrestle to prove it!

Whether or not your father is still with you, you can use this opportunity to celebrate them in the best way possible, to share great memories or some funny stories. My dad had to raise two daughters, so god love him for hanging in there! He had many nails painted, his hair done, and when it came to barbies, he rocked the Ken Doll voice!

Father’s Day is a wonderful day carved out just for them, so be sure to make it a good one, and if I may, Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love ya!


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