Sharing the Love – – Do Crazy Things!

susikosupermomI love sharing info about businesses that I like, and do good things! That being said,  I’m ready to share my story/give a shout out to this fabulous company!

I’m a tennis lover, can’t play the game worth stink, but love to watch all the games.  I own pink balls, #snicker, and a 80’s racket, but that’s where it ends.  I tape all 4 TSN Channels and will pivot back and forth to be sure I don’t miss anything when I tune in after work.

This is how the story rolled out.   One day while watching the French Open, they panned through the audience, and I happened to notice a lady taking a picture with the most adorable cell phone case.  See above ~ ADORBS right? It caught my eye!

So, if you know me, I switch up my cases almost monthly.  I’m like a teenager when it comes to pretty ‘pink’ things!  This case had to be mine.  I’m a 54 year old in a 22 year old body!

I immediately rewound the shot, froze the screen, and between my hubby, my son and I,  we managed to make out the words sus/ko.  I binged *goggled* the name; nope, not the one. So we tried again….. Susiko!  BAM! Jackpot!  Now I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have one in my possession.

So, as it goes, this company resides in Spain, and the whole website is of course, in Spanish.  I’m not Spanish, although do adore a certain Rafael Nadal, and could have used him for the translation piece.

I immediately sent an email to the company, who, much to my surprise, got right back to me.  They were over the moon excited about my story, couldn’t believe what I did to find them (screen shot etc.), and within moments, were sending me a new case for free.  I know, right?  I was flabbergasted.  Didn’t expect this at all.

We started exchanging emails as we discussed the designs, and before you knew it, my own cell case was mailed within weeks.  It took me a bit of time trying to navigate the site given my Rosetta Stone Spanish software was still downloading.. 😉

I love to blog and have a somewhat cool random following, so I told her I would write a little story, which in turn, they are also going to do for their advertising.  I’m hoping the people that read my blog may reach out… You scratch my back, I scratch yours, sort of thing!

Let’s Go peeps…. Order your case! 🙂

Nice story right?  My phone arrived last week, along with a writing pad and a lovely note!  I’m tickled pink!  They loved my design, and didn’t change a thing!

So, if you are looking to get a new case, please reach out to this company who knows that customer satisfaction is número uno!

You can find them here Susiko Website or on Pinterest here Susiko Pinterest Site

This is my case, and the best thing of all, their guest room is ready and waiting for me.  I’ve made some new lifelong friends!  Ahh, the Mediterranean Sea is calling my name.

True likeness, no?

crazy guestroom


¡ Gracias mis amigos y el éxito continuo con su compañía!  leslie-ann2

16 thoughts on “Sharing the Love – – Do Crazy Things!

  1. jimin

    ok I’m going to manoeuvre thru the Español and get one too!!! what do you think Leslie , go business suit or fun and casual??💕


    1. Awesome! I think either one would be adorable. I love working Jimin and casual Jimin. Kinda like Barbie! You can also make one horizontal and add the kiddies! The possibilities are endless. Buena suerte mi amigo! ❤


    1. Awww Thanks Jamie! Well, given you practically lived at our house or vice versa during the “Regina Parents drinking days”, that means we are related right? Or how about this. I kissed Kurt’s finger in the back of the station wagon when I was 7. Does that mean anything! Ahh.. I miss Regina.. Parkwood Road rocked! Glad you liked by the way! . I have more in the waiting lanes. Missing writing for a while. Busy times May/June. Hope you are doing well. We need a reunion with Lisa too! xo LA


  2. Carolyn

    I need a new SUV…can you email Alfa Romeo for me? I’d like the 2018 Stelvio.
    🚘 in red. They can ship it direct to my driveway!


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