Finter – My Favorite Season Of All…

finter bench

“Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.”  Elizabeth Lawrence

Hi peeps.. sorry, its been a while.  No explanation ~ let’s just jump right in!

So, what is your favorite season?  All the men in my squad for sure would say summer, but I think for me, I’m all about “Finter!”  I’m a little bit of fall, with a whole lot of  Winter!  #finter 😉  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the sunshine and cold beers and patios, but I do love when I can finally open up all the windows, and let in some of that cool crisp air.

Let’s get real.  Don’t we love when we can pack away the summer wardrobe for a more comfortable ensemble of tights, boots and warm wooly sweaters?,  And of course, Finter means Christmas is just around the corner.  You all know what I think of that season…holiday decorating Nov. 15th, The Sound of Music, A Christmas Carol and of course, Christmas on Hallmark!  Break out the tinsel and balls people!

…just me, out for a “finter” stroll

Eventhough it felt like summer today @ +30, and the humid rainy days are still causing my hair to look like I just went through an exorcism,  I’m already feeling “fall like.”  As much as I dislike Halloween (sorry), I’m ready to find that perfect white pumpkin, and put up my one Halloween decoration.  I liked it when my boys were all younger, and dressing up was fun.  Now it’s just a hassle running back and forth to the door, interrupting my tv lineup and a damn good cryfest with This Is Us!

I’m quite frankly sick of dead heading all of my potted plants.  They have all started an uncharacteristically early change in leaf colors, so it’s just time.  Time to be replaced by a giant potted Mum, courtesy of Costco! Should I go yellow or golden orange this year!  I’m lazy when it comes to my fall urns.  BTW, Costco already has their Christmas lineup of goodies on the shelves, so it’s worth the trip for me.

This Finter will also seem different for us, as for the last four years, it’s been all about sending my middle back to College.   He just graduated this past April, so no more trudging back and forth down the highway of life for us all.  He is now embarking on a ‘big boy’ job, saving cash with plans of buying a car, (anybody have a gently used automobile they want to ditch?), and then step two, getting his own place.  Before I know it, I’ll be down to one little monkey, jumping on the bed…

Finter also means it’s time to kickstart the ‘new me’ plan once again.  I dropped approx. 23.2385 😉 some odd lbs. from Jan – June, being good with shakes and a whole lot of mental commitment, but come summer, it was difficult to behave.  I was totally naughty and indulged in one too many libations, and ate wayyy too much!  I wish cheese was a healthy food group all it’s own!  Who doesn’t love a charcuterie board chalk full of goodness.  Those mozarella balls and fig jam…I can’t even!

I also like to start thinking of all social activities that pop up over the festive season.  I used to think fancy wardrobe, but gone are the days of the “little black dress” for this girl.  I feel that the older we get, the more we tend to lean towards a more comfortable lineup of clothing.   Who doesn’t love to plop down on someone’s couch, with feet neatly tucked under a fluffy blanket, a warm crackling fire and of course good conversation and plenty of laughter!  I was in Atlanta visiting my Georgia peach this summer, and finally found myself the wonderful funky pair of jeans that I have been sourcing for some time ~ wish we had a Dillards here in Canada.

Fun No?

I’m also hoping that during Finter,  I can complete working on the project I have mentioned in previous blogs.  I’m happy to say I ran it by a few people and they loved the idea.  Some may even be regular contributors.  It’s taking me a bit more time than I thought, but hope to have things rolled out prior to Christmas.

I do hope you all have a great “Finter” season, and I’ll be back sooner than pumpkin latte(r) with some more updates.  🙂

Cheers my friends,


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