What A “Bong” Show…


Because I like to keep my finger on the pulse, I will, with regret, share that today, October 17, 2018, the law in Canada has changed with respect to the use, purchase and possession of recreational cannabis!

We can now freely smoke weed, ganja, dope, Mary Jane, whatever you want to call it,  in our front and back yards, with nary a care in the world! We can’t however, smoke it here…

  • at school, on school grounds, and all public areas within 20m of these grounds
  • on children’s playgrounds and public areas within 20m of playgrounds
  • in child care centres, or where an early years program is provided
  • in places where home child care is provided – even if children are not present

… WOW O’ Canada – what have you done!

Signed a disgruntled blogger,

I did however, find this rather funny!


Cheers Dudes, I’m out!

….From my perspective, of course!




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