NYE Celebrations…CoLoR Me ChRiStMaS !

white feather wreath

Hello my friends, it’s been a while…

So how goes the planning, decorating and drinking plans for NYE!   Once again, November flew right by me, and now, here we are ready to ring in 2019 in t-8 hours.

I decorated early again this year, but sadly, first time ever, we literally found ourselves under a fallen tree.  My 3 boys decorated the tree with their girlfriends.  I thought it would be fun for them all.  I stood back, barked a few orders, and then let them go at it.  Aside from the fact that within 10 minutes of decorating, we blew a fuse, and the whole bannister lighting blew up, it was fun.  We all did however notice that the tree stood slightly askew, but chose to ignore it as they had Gingerbread houses to decorate. I’m painting a picture like Martha Stewart, but don’t let the apron fool ya!

Poor Baby!

And speaking of Martha, didn’t she just recently confess to Ellen that she decorated 40+ trees in her home every year?   Seriously Martha?  What’s wrong with you.  I mean, #1 – I thought she was still in the clink, no?  When did she get released, and #2 –  that’s batshit crazy! Where on earth does she store all her bins… 😉

Every year I find myself putting out less and less, and hopefully within the next few years, I’ll be down to 2 little bins, tucked neatly beneath my bed.

At my #girlgang’s annual Christmas party, she had the most beautiful décor, a pretty white feather wreath adorned her front door, and when compared to mine, full of greens and reds and ribbons and bows, it was quit lovely.  There was no comparison to my  gnome & moose mug infested home!  She for sure wins the Home Décor 2018 award in my eyes.

So, on this the eve of the new year, I can call it a wrap for 2018.  I had a good year with nothing too much to complain about really.  Life is good; a few curveball’s to dodge, but all in, I’m blessed.  I want to wish you all a Happy & Healthy 2019 and may your dreams become reality, and all your wishes come true.

In closing, here’s a peek at my latest article in this December’s Neighbors of Olde Oakville Magazine.

The Gift of Giving – Color Me Christmas!

Sitting at my parent’s kitchen table last weekend, I decided to get ahead of the shopping game and discuss what they wanted for Christmas. My dad is 89 and mom 83.

My Dad replied, “Hell, I just hope I make it to Christmas,” and my mom, “get me a big bottle of Rye, not the expensive Crown Royal kind, just Alberta Rye Whisky will do.”

I love my parents. They make me smile. All I can say is thank-you for making my Christmas shopping a breeze. I clearly know my way around the liquor store, so I can knock off the Whisky on my next visit. My Dad on the other hand is just being silly, as he ends every sentence with a wink these days. I need to put on my thinking cap and come up with something fun for him, unlike last year…

I got him a coloring book, and yes, that went over like the proverbial lead balloon. Me: “But Dad, they are supposed to help reduce stress and anxiety.” Dad: “You want me to color (pause), color? Like color in a coloring book, like a toddler? I’m 88 and don’t have any stress my dear!” He was right, and sadly I lost the Daughter of the Year award for 2017. Then I made a mental note that just because someone is aging, they still have feelings and thankfully for me, a sense of humor.

I do love shopping for Christmas. The more crowds at the mall the better as I enjoy life at a frenetic pace. Window shopping, tree decorating, and craft fairs. I mean come on, one can never have enough Essential Oils strong enough to scare away wildlife, and candles that wreak like a New Jersey Gas plant!

Since October, I’ve been working my keyboard visiting Amazon Prime like a mad woman. I need to get better at this game. I’ve done the fun socks, matching pj’s and personalized ornaments. I need to figure out that special gift for all my family members, while secretly hoping that perhaps a wee bottle of Whisky in each stocking will suffice. I think my mom could be onto something.

Here’s hoping obligatory gift giving will shine favorably in your direction this year!

Cheers to 2019 my friends.

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xo leslieann2

10 thoughts on “NYE Celebrations…CoLoR Me ChRiStMaS !

  1. Mary Boynton

    Another knee slapper Les .. my fav line: Where on earth does she store all her bins… 😉
    As always, great perspective + belly laugh. Keeping it real … one blog at a time.
    Mb xo


  2. Jamie Bechtold

    Happiest of the New Year!!!
    My 2019 wish is that You write More!!!
    You seriously , could be Canada’s Rachel Hollis !!! Just a whole lot more Real and Funny!!! Win Win


    1. You are too kind. That is however my plan for the new year… write more, laugh more and live more. Already have some early 2019 plans laid out. Who knows. May end up on your doorstep sooner than later. Always think of you all during the Christmas Season. The childhood memories I have on Parkwood Road are the best, especially at Christmas. . Love you. LA XO 💕


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