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ME!… past 4 months, give or take!

OK, so my last blog was back in December when I was rambling on and on about a fallen tree and trying to explain why crayon’s are never a good gift for a senior citizen.

Jump forward to July, and between figuring out why puppy training in the coldest of winter days with snow up to my ying yang is never a good idea, or getting confirmation you have arthritis in both knees, I’m surprised I’m still standing.

Life, as it were, can sometimes get in the way of everything.  I want time to write so badly, but as of late, can hardly find the time to clean out my sock drawer!

So, yes, we did buy another doggy.  I know I said never again after we lost Lucy, but something was just missing.  If you are a dog person, you will totally understand.  This little puppers has now stolen our hearts.  She can be a bit of a stinker, eating most of our lower level base boards, and on occasion, will snack on her own poo, but she is still cute as a button, so we try to look beyond her foibles.  Yes, it’s gross, and yes, some days I would like a refund.

I’m too cute to give back!

She came to us around mid Feb and then the training began.  It didn’t take long before she was doing all her business outdoors and performing tricks like a boss!  She absolutely kept me on my toes with night time pees, in 10 ft snow banks, so if I did find any well deserved down time, I was most likely couch surfing, trying to catch up on my latest Netflix series.  Remember Baby Brain?  Well, I had the worse case of Puppy Brain.

I do love blogging, and was missing the work I put into my posts.  I do have many drafts at the ready, but again, life just got too busy and energy level was at an all time low.

I like to follow funny blogs, and get this, someone that follows me said I reminded her of  Rachel Hollis – that Girl Wash Your Face lady. So of course, I started to follow her on insta, and even bought the book to see what she was all about.  Funny yes, but her husband.  Arrgh.  He is a tad annoying.  Regardless, given that comment, I really must up my game, cuz this feisty red head has bank!  Hell, I’ll blog three times a day if I can make her kind of coin.

Told yah!…This picture screams annoying!

ANYWAY, aside from #bloggingnotblogging, I do write the odd giggle for our local Neighbors magazine ~ I’m good with firm deadlines.  My life lives inside my outlook calendar as of late.  I learned from one of my peers at work that if you calendar everything, you are sort of held accountable.  He is right!  I calendar almost everything, and it keeps me on track.  My reminders pop up, and then I kick into action.  My husband told me that the weekly  “clean/sort do freezer inventory” wasn’t really worthy of a calendar block, but hey, it’s a good reminder, and keep us from eating freezer burned hamburger buns! Am I Right?

Here is my latest article from Neighbours, and coming soon, be on the look out for Yours Truly!  I’m on the cover!  That’s all I can say for now as my agent has sworn me to secrety…(Ha, just pretending I have an agent; pretty sure Miss Rachel has one).

June CoverJune

Page to Screen:  Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, by Leslie-Ann Williams

My new Obsession is with the obsession people are having for the new organizing sensation and Netflix Series, Tidying up with Marie Kondo based on her best selling book.  I highly recommend you tune in if you need a good giggle. 

The show is a huge hit and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s taken over top spot from the Kardashians and their shenanigans.  

Marie, along with her Japanese sidekick interpreter will teach you how to roll your delicates into bite size morsels, leaving more room in your undies drawer for JOY. Wait, What?

So, listen, I like a tidy house as much as the next person, but this lady is taking decluttering to a whole new level.

In a nut shell, she wants you to Find Joy in the little things in your home, and when she visits, will first meditate with you while everyone in the home awaits to witness this magical spell she is about to cast, transforming your home into something worthy of a Royal visit.

On occasion I will tune in and do wonder how at least one family member doesn’t burst into fits of laughter or run screaming from the home when she tells you to talk to your hangers. Again, what??

To begin, you are told to hold up every single article of clothing, give it a good gander, and if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s outta there! I’m sorry, but not really sure how my 80’s black turtleneck will spark joy in me, but it’s a staple in my closet, and not going anywhere. She then tells you to say sorry and goodbye to the article of clothing if it’s bound for the dumpster. OK seriously? I just can’t picture myself whispering sweet nothings to my so very comfortable LuLu Sweatpants. No, just no!

I really don’t ever want to learn how to turn my sweaters into perfect little origami triangles. Let’s get real, I’m rushing to get dressed for work, and if they make it back onto the shelf within the week, that’s a win for me.

I would bet the farm that once she leaves the home, most will be relieved that they can finally stop talking to their lingerie or simply trying to figure out if their Insta Pot sparks joy!  Yes, she is a tiny little firecracker, sparking joy far and wide (pun intended), but sadly for me, it’s a no!

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That’s all for now.  Let me know if you find your life gets in the way of planning and what’s your secret to keep going. I promise to be better at all of this, as I have a lot to say these days, and whole lot!

Much Love and Sunshine,


Me and my VW Bug Convertible – Nothing better!





5 thoughts on “7 Month Hiatus – LIFE GETS IN THE WAY & BLOGGING PAYS THE PRICE!

  1. Jamie Bechtold

    Ok I too went on the Rachel band wagon but quickly became annoyed especially when I realized she is making millions off of idiots like me and has NO REAL Qualifications except smart enough to market herself!!!! Perhaps she a second cousin to the Kardashian’s????
    You got it all over her! Keep writing!!!


  2. Mary Boynton

    Life does get in the way … so true. And as usual you have captured it in a delightfully hunourous way. And BTW I put EVERYTHING in my outlook calendar too. I can’t get past my coffee in the morning without referring to my calendar or as I call it my second brain. And this brain never forgets. Keep up the blogging Lester. It’s always a refreshing outlook worthy of several LOL’s.


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