“Pop guns! And bicycles! Roller skates! Drums! Checkerboards! Tricycles! Popcorn! And plums!

December Blog

Hello my Friends,

It’s been a while. No excuses. What can I say?!  I’ve just been busy dealing with all the Kerfuffle before the festive season is upon us.  I feel Kerfuffle really summarizes my life these days.

Of course, the Hallmark Christmas movie extravaganza is off and running, so I always manage to find the time to tune in.  Sappy as they are, they still get me in the Christmas spirit, fake snow and all.  And I mean, how can one resist this blockbuster .. “An injured figure skater travels to a rehabilitation center and meets an ice fisherman who shows her that there is more to life than competing…”  Bahahaha!  I mean, you can’t write this shit. Or wait, I guess you can!

I also managed to make my December deadline for the Neighbours Magazine, so figured I’d share with you here.  It’s always nice when a friend messages you to tell you she is busy reading my article, when I haven’t even hit my own mailbox yet.  (Shout out to funny lady Tanya over @ Pencils and Popcans 

I’m off to do some cross border shopping tomorrow, so be on the look out for me!  I’ll be the one wearing orthotics and a cross body purse. Comfort is key at my age! 🙂

Wishing all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving, and may the dollar be kind to me this weekend.  Happy reading…

xo LA

December Magic – The Earlier the Better

I can’t believe that Christmas is almost upon us. How is your decorating and holiday planning coming along?

Confession:  I decorate early. Like the day after Halloween early! October 31st is just not the same anymore as my three boys are fully grown. The idea of standing around in my hallway, handing out bite-size Baby Ruth’s, all the while wrestling the dog with my free leg before she tackles some unsuspecting toddler, isn’t fun.

Early November I break out the bins and start my traditional Christmas decorating. My house is exploding with villages, moose mugs and cinnamon scented pinecones. I’ll DIY anything that crosses my path. I like to keep my glue gun always at the ready as one never knows if my homemade rosemary place cards could use some tweaking before the turkey feast.

Although I love decorating, I find the older I get, *wince* I tend to put out less and less sparkle. I continuously purge every year and hope to one day be down to 2 little bins tucked neatly beneath my bed. It’s that or I may need to build on an addition to help with my Christmas décor addiction issues.

Last year, my boys wanted to decorate the tree with their girlfriends.  I relinquished this task for the first time ever. I stood back, threw out a few eye rolls, then let them go at it. Aside from the fact that within 10 minutes of decorating, the whole bannister lighting blew up and the tree fell over, #truestory, we managed to have a jolly good time. We would address that issue later, as we had some gingerbread homes to bedazzle!  

Ok, so I’m painting a picture like Martha Stewart, but don’t let the apron fool you. Speaking of Martha, didn’t she just recently confess that she decorates 40+ trees in her home every year? Seriously Martha? What’s wrong with you. I mean, isn’t she still in the clink doing time? When did she post bail, and where on earth does she store all her bins?

Well, I still have some Keto, Low Carb, Grain Free Xmas cookies to make, and of course, more decking the halls with boughs of holly.

I’ll catch you all in 2020, and hoping your family decorating game is as strong as ever.


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