What to do, What to Do…

I’m so with you Kermit!

Hello fellow isolationists, (Yup, it’s a word)

Just checking in on my peeps making sure all is well where you live.  Crazy times right?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using so much alcohol-based hand sanitzer, my hands had to join a 12 step program.  (yuk yuk yuk).  OK, I know the jokes have been non stop, everything from the run on toilet paper to the weight gain post isolation.  It’s no joking matter, but for me, laughter is my elixir.  I’m on day 41 if we are counting – I’m not really sure if we are straightening that curve, flattening it or giving it a weave these days!  All I can handle anymore is the 10pm news, which truly sucks the life out of me!

Having said that, chances are you’re dealing with many new challenges, both personally and professionally. We all are!  Just know you are not alone when you experience a “moment of craziness” where everything seems so surreal.  The world as we know it is resembling something out of a Sci-fi movie.  I must say however, I LOVE LOVE LOVED the Italian balcony musicians in early March serenading the masses when this Pandemic started.  Brought me to tears.  The best our hood can conjure up is a driveway chat on lawn chairs with a cold beer in hand…and of course, keeping social distancing top of mind.  Hey, whatever works to help with the insanity. One could develop a tidy little drinking problem if this continues on much longer.

In all seriousness, my ‘moment of craziness” hits me hard when I have to leave the house to get groceries.  Not going to lie, but going out for some “essential” items, makes me anxious.  It went from the clerk giving you the odd squirt of hand sanitizer at the door, to blockading us all outside like cattle, letting only so many people in at one time.

We are all wearing masks and gloves, and it’s quiet and strange.  I walk around trying to hold my breath.  That sounds ridiculous I know, but I do.  I wasn’t on the “toilet paper train” because really people, there are other ways, but now when I shop, you can clearly see how things are changing. I couldn’t’ find a 5lb. bag of taters to save my life! This weirded me out.  The shelves are sparse.  I must say however when I’m wearing my hot pink mask given to me from the church ladies and my matching hot pink gloves, I’m looking quite haute couteaur.  I feel sorry for any person that comes down my aisle not obeying the arrows.  I’m like a superhero ready to pounce.  Stand down Lady!

My middle worked at our local Sobeys till we decided collectively (and after being yelled at by a Sr. to move away, as he was stocking shelves #don’tgetmestarted), to pull the pin for him.  He is MY superhero, and it just felt right for us.

That’s (Was) my boy… Loved this!

So for me, I’m doing ok. I am a true extrovert and add in someone that hates cooking, and this is pretty much my 7th level of hell.  Seriously, I need people around me, but I’m coping well.  Working from home is easy of course.  I have many meetings to join, all from the comfort of my dining room table, and may or may not be wearing the latest in robes and fuzzy slippers!   I will however head for the hills if someone asks me to share my screen.  NOT HAPPENING!

Anyway, I thought I would also share my April Neighbors article.  At time of publication, Covid was not even a ‘thing.’  Strangely enough I did discuss purging and cleaning out, and yes, it’s all we can do right now.  I’m sure that by Mid August, this Big Wide World will be sparkling clean.

EGGactly – the new normal!

For Blog April

Hang in everyone and know I am thinking of you all, near and far.  Sorry for the long post, but writing is helpful, and hearing from you all, even better! How are you keeping busy these days?  I mean, seriously, one can only clean out their delicates drawer so many times and I think I have a Zoom call to attend and may try and crash a “House Party.”

Much love,

Leslie-Ann  (04.25.20)





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