Confessions of a Black Friday Addict…

coffeeIn 52 days, well you know… The Fat Boy arriveth!  But first, we have to get some shopping out of the way!

Yes, that’s right.  It’s time to kick start the process for our two-day cross border Black Friday shopping extravaganza with the gals. Phew, that’s a mouthful!.

If you are one of the many that now prefers your shopping to be done in a robe, fluffy slippers and a laptop, well, “Please bring me your torch, the tribe has spoken…”    Here’s how thing’s typically will roll out…

The planning begins early, as we source a hotel room. We are not a picky bunch, and will take anything that has running water, a door that locks, and minimal bed bugs! Don’t forget your earplugs, because without a doubt, we will be close to an airport landing strip! Let’s face it, we are not here for the luxuries.

Once we have our reservation, we start mapping our destinations strategically to avoid the crowds –  excel spreadsheets are a must! Hobby Lobby, Target, and of course, THE OUTLETS!

We always get out of dodge early, 3am to be exact. I slip and slide my way into the most comfortable jeggings and walking shoes, ready for the trenches. I have my fanny pack, a passport, and 1 credit card! Less is more, right? I need to be hands free at all times. The border is always chock-a-block full of other BF Bunnies! “Isn’t this fun,” I proclaim to my sleepy heads in the back seat! I always get the odd eye roll or two.

We arrive at our destination with 2 hours to spare. The lines are long and can circle a building twice if the sales are worth it.  That’s ok because we have our Baileys infused “Bucky’s”, a warm blanket, and a couple of 60’s webbed folding chairs. We start sharing stories with complete strangers and before long, we are lifelong friends. We are an eclectic bunch!

With my shield of armor securely fastened, the doors open! I’m good to go.  The ladies all separate, as it’s every man for himself.  I can’t allow anything to slow me down.   I do the quick, I’m not in a hurry, but get out of my way shuffle, towards my desired location.  Back in the day it was all about the toys, but thankfully, those days are long gone.  I’m more into house décor, with a sprinkling of purses, wallets, and boots! 🙂

Periodically, we ladies will do a quick check in and laugh hysterically at some of our purchases.  Then it’s dinner time ~ quick and dirty ~ no time to waste. The Golden Arches are fine with us, drive thru, even better. We quickly load up on the carbs, adjust our pouches, and head out for our next buy.

After two days full of laughter and a lot of walking, we are pooped!  We bid adieu to the good ol’ USA and it’s ever fluctuating dollar!   We now have the border patrol to deal with.  We know we have all overspent on our alloted 48 hour exemption. We never lie for fear of spending the night in the clink, and want this process to be quick and painless.

We try to make small talk with the agent, being all ‘hey, look at us, just ladies having fun’ but typically they ain’t buying our shizzle.  They ask the same questions, and we just hope and pray we hear the “Welcome home ladies, off you go!” (Insert fist pump in the air) …

But, sadly, as with most visits, we are unloading, receipts in hand, ready for the additional payment about to be slapped down!  Hey, that’s ok!  I wouldn’t miss this for the world.  Christmas Shopping and girl time ~ nothing better my friends.

Until next time,


Black Friday Customs, Circa 2011



national handbag dayHi ya Peeps and Happy Friday the 13th…dun dun dun!  I’m not superstitious at all, but do love me a good scary movie.  Friday The 13th was truly one of the best, a close second behind Halloween.  Or wait, perhaps it was When a Stranger Calls.  Click here for one of my favorite scenes. Well, it was when I was 16!   Doesn’t that take you back a few years? 

So, I’ve been busy trying to keep myself from climbing the walls as of late, feeling slightly discombobulated, so please bear with me.  And speaking of, here is one more silly thing. Happy Day after International Purse Day.  I can’t even grasp that this IS a day!  But my purses thank you and no,  I didn’t take them for a walk…Now let’s get serious, shall we?  😉

I’m slightly ticked at myself because I missed my deadline for the October Neighbors Magazine article due to a hectic August (ear surgery gone bad – don’t ask) and just a couple of other random things that messed up my timelines.  Out the window went all my calendaring and organizing tips.  Oh how we “bloggers” love to give sage advice to others, but following for ourselves is a bit of a farce!  I’m feeling off kilter… 

I feel I hibernated through the summer, only to wake up finding it October.  I found myself constantly checking the Weather network hoping for 3 days in a row of some hot sun. I’m typically brown as a berry till the first snow fly’s, but I’m already dousing myself in Bio Oil to keep what little shade of color I have left.  (It works for JLo, so why not). 

The one good thing I DO love about Fall is the wardrobe.  I love to break out my oversized sweaters, long boots, and flowy scarfs, but oh, hang on… again, we “bloggers” paint the picture, but this is the true reality!   


Thanksgiving came and went.  I hardly even remember eating dinner with the family.  We work for days prepping the bird, setting the table, and when it’s time to eat, all you really want is to down a Jäger bomb.  AMIRITE?

This year we had a bit of a calamity as I was removing said bird out of the oven.  The tin foil pan collapsed (he tipped the scales at 22 lbs.), and I proceeded to spill turkey juices all over the hot oven, the floor, and my bare feet!  The smoke from the oven filled the room like some eerie Halloween thriller, and while my 88 year old father was busy flapping towels at the fire alarm to make it stop, my mama was busy swooshing her way through the kitchen collecting all the rolling potatoes and carrots.  It was quite a scene.  I HATE COOKING!  Did I mention that?  

I spent the next day binge watching This is Us, on Netflix.  I thought it would cheer me up after the great turkey escape, but nope, I only ugly cried my way through a bowl of chips and dip.  Three cheers for comfort food.  

The decision to head to Costco was also a big mistake.   I now had this internal struggle to deal with of Halloween vs. Christmas décor.  Why do they do this?   All I wanted was a pumpkin for my urn, but now I had to make a snap decision if I needed 350 more gift tags, or a giant Santa for my lawn.  Honestly, I can’t even find time to wax my brows these days, and they want me to be thinking holiday blow-ups?   I want my Mommy!    

So, I’ll end my mindless drivel here, but I could go on.  Mother Nature and her nasty ways has also decided it’s now time for me to enter the next phase of life called Perimenopause, complete with weight gain, mood swings, and hot flashes! The perfect trifecta!  Don’t even get me started.  As for today,  I’m busy sourcing disposable jammies on Amazon. 

Let’s call it a day, and save this story for another blog, shall we?   Until next time, xo



September One and A Bug’s Life Fun…


Hi ya Gang,

September 1 – I really can’t get my head around that! I just opened the pool for gods sake! 😉  I know you are all busy trying to fit in that last bit of fun via the CNE, so I’ll try to keep this short!

NEWS FLASH – I bought a bug; a VW Bug Convertible, black and shiny.  I named her #Veronica. I hashtag her to make it more official.  Apparently dudes don’t name their cars, because the minute she arrived, I was mocked by all the men folk in my home.  All I can say is, I hope nobody ever wants to borrow #Veronica once they figure out how fun she can be.

I can’t put into words the pure joy I am having driving her around town, and as much as this all sounds a little cra cra, there is something so freeing about having the wind in your face, singing at the top of your lungs, and your hair blowing in the wind.   I do feel I want to wear a silk scarf like in the movies, “screen goddess, Grace Kelly..” but I think I’m more of a Bridget Jones kinda gal!  See for yourself….

That’s pretty much how I look when I arrive at work, but again, #messyhairdon’tcare.

I’ve been busy helping my middle boy pack up all his worldly belongings for his 4th and final year at college.  You think it gets easier, but we still have the same discussions over what to bring and what not to.  I feel at his age, popping Flintstone vitamins isn’t really appropriate and I’m most sure they are past the ‘best before” date.  Regardless, as much as I can’t wait to clean up things around his “living space”, I know I’ll still shed a wee tear for the boy.

We paid a visit to Staples last night, and did have a bit of a chuckle listening to all the parents screaming at their kids.  We were trying to get in and get out as quickly as possible, purchasing only a binder,  but I couldn’t help but laugh at the newbies there, list in hand, purchasing anything and everything to just get the hell out.   Then the fighting..” no, put that back, who uses tennis balls anymore…”;   “no, put that back, it’s too expensive, you don’t need 800 crayons..”, and my fav,  “Jesus Christ, just pick one, and let’s get going!”  You kiss your kids with that mouth?  It’s really a wonderful bonding time.. that “most wonderful time of the year.”

So speaking of back to school…here is my latest article from this months Sept. Issue of Neighbours Magazine ~ all about just that. Heading off to school, fall and time for scheduling.

cover september


I do hope Mother Nature decides to play nice so we can perhaps enjoy this last long weekend with some sunshine.  Good luck to all those heading off to school, young and old.  I’m outta here… my sweet ride awaits!



Next week ~ Ride updates, and Poppin’ tags 🙂


bedYou read it here first… yes, it’s #NATIONALLAZYDAY!

So, because I’m a rule follower, I’m not going to do anything productive today… but hang on, I’m at work, and today is a busy moving day at Microsofty.   There will be no lazy allowed!  Oh how I hate when my job gets in the way… the best laid plans! Sigh…

So as much as… “today, I don’t feel like doing anything, (insert whistle),” I can’t!

I do know I won’t spend too much time blogging, so for you, a little toe tappin’ music from Bruno ~ enjoy your day peeps, be lazy, and do nuttin’