Fruitcakes and Snowflakes…and late breaking news!


Well, well, well now, hasn’t it been a busy week.  AND, it’s only Wednesday.

First off, I was busying myself with a little Cyber Monday shopping, (which I detest), but in the end, only opted for something crazy ridiculously expensive, which may end up being returned if my PPD (post purchase dissonance) kicks in!

But, let’s get serious.  We all know the real news that took our attention away from Cyber day ~ the Royal Wedding announcement.   Seriously, it’s about time.  All their flitting about town, holding hands and exchanging glances.  I’m just feeling a little anxious.  I’m totally booked up most of May, and for sure the long weekend.  I just hope and pray I get the “save the date” sooner than later.  I do hope they have a vegan option on the menu, and that wedding hats are optional.   I’m so not good in a pill box style, and really want to get a hair coloring in before my roots start showing.  And then there’s my dress…I need time to get my dress designed, and of course the fittings….  ok ok. I’ll stop. You get my point….

Then there’s Matt Lauer… buddy, Seriously!?  For heaven’s sake….

AAAAaaanyway,  just wanted to share my latest article from December’s Neighbours Magazine.   #25moresleeps


Fruitcakes and Snowflakes ~ The Real Christmas Truths

I’m giddy like a school girl. Once again, Christmas has crept up on me just like the cat I don’t own! But that’s ok because I absolutely adore this time of year. I’ve been prepping for the festive season since I tossed my moldy pumpkin curbside. The minute I slammed the door on Halloween, I immediately began turning my home into a slightly modified version of Santa’s workshop.

I have had Bing Crosby singing carols in my home since early-November. Bing and I have a special bond, as he has been serenading me with White Christmas since I was a toddler. Christmas most definitely takes me back to my childhood, and everything wonderful ~ Barbie’s, pretty velvet party dresses, and shiny shoes. Or better yet, how about that highly coveted Easy Bake oven. I mean, come on, what’s better than a wee little cake baked under a 60-watt bulb on Christmas morning? Nothing, I say.

What does surprise me is how much shopping for Christmas gifts has changed. Gone are the days of leisurely cruising the malls, finding that special someone the perfect gift. It’s bad enough that people are fighting for parking spots like it’s the apocalypse, but now more than ever, we are all on-line shopping and having things delivered via a Drone no less. What fun is THAT! Unless this Drone can prepare my Christmas feast, and bring it to my table, I’m not biting.

Personally, I still love heading out to the mall rubbing elbows with the rest of the gypsy’s and tinkers and not above taking out anybody at the knees should they come between me and my Elf on the Shelf. That dude is creepy, but always a fan favorite.

I must confess that I stopped writing Christmas Cards. I never did the long letter inserts babbling on about how wonderful my family is, while making yours feel slightly less than adequate, but always liked to insert a pic of my kiddies on faux Santa’s lap! Alas, now my social media takes care of that for me. People are so busy Pinteresting and Instagramming their life away, that there seems no need to waste any small amount of spittle on a postage stamp.

So, let’s be clear my friends, I decorate my tree alone. I don’t need help. They do it wrong. I don’t eat fruitcake. It’s gross. And, I truly still believe in Santa. Of course, I do.

If you need to find me anytime between now and Christmas, I’ll be on my sofa, feeling accomplished, most likely tuning into The Sound of Music or Charlie Brown’s Christmas, beer in hand, because well, even Mommy’s have their traditions!  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.




September One and A Bug’s Life Fun…


Hi ya Gang,

September 1 – I really can’t get my head around that! I just opened the pool for gods sake! 😉  I know you are all busy trying to fit in that last bit of fun via the CNE, so I’ll try to keep this short!

NEWS FLASH – I bought a bug; a VW Bug Convertible, black and shiny.  I named her #Veronica. I hashtag her to make it more official.  Apparently dudes don’t name their cars, because the minute she arrived, I was mocked by all the men folk in my home.  All I can say is, I hope nobody ever wants to borrow #Veronica once they figure out how fun she can be.

I can’t put into words the pure joy I am having driving her around town, and as much as this all sounds a little cra cra, there is something so freeing about having the wind in your face, singing at the top of your lungs, and your hair blowing in the wind.   I do feel I want to wear a silk scarf like in the movies, “screen goddess, Grace Kelly..” but I think I’m more of a Bridget Jones kinda gal!  See for yourself….

That’s pretty much how I look when I arrive at work, but again, #messyhairdon’tcare.

I’ve been busy helping my middle boy pack up all his worldly belongings for his 4th and final year at college.  You think it gets easier, but we still have the same discussions over what to bring and what not to.  I feel at his age, popping Flintstone vitamins isn’t really appropriate and I’m most sure they are past the ‘best before” date.  Regardless, as much as I can’t wait to clean up things around his “living space”, I know I’ll still shed a wee tear for the boy.

We paid a visit to Staples last night, and did have a bit of a chuckle listening to all the parents screaming at their kids.  We were trying to get in and get out as quickly as possible, purchasing only a binder,  but I couldn’t help but laugh at the newbies there, list in hand, purchasing anything and everything to just get the hell out.   Then the fighting..” no, put that back, who uses tennis balls anymore…”;   “no, put that back, it’s too expensive, you don’t need 800 crayons..”, and my fav,  “Jesus Christ, just pick one, and let’s get going!”  You kiss your kids with that mouth?  It’s really a wonderful bonding time.. that “most wonderful time of the year.”

So speaking of back to school…here is my latest article from this months Sept. Issue of Neighbours Magazine ~ all about just that. Heading off to school, fall and time for scheduling.

cover september


I do hope Mother Nature decides to play nice so we can perhaps enjoy this last long weekend with some sunshine.  Good luck to all those heading off to school, young and old.  I’m outta here… my sweet ride awaits!



Next week ~ Ride updates, and Poppin’ tags 🙂

I’m Doing This! What was I thinking…


Hi Friends and Happy Hump Day…

So, some news to share, and call me crazy, but I have decided to bite the bullet and take on the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer in June, 2018 Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the best fundraising events the Big Smoke puts on, riding over 220km in two days (gulp) benefiting Cancer research, but I’m not going to lie when I say I really much prefer the above riding attire, bicycle, and basket full of my fav’s.

My husband has done this ride for 5 years having received the coveted “golden helmet” last year.  He loves it, but I finally had to put my foot down – no more helmets at bed time! 🙂

I’m working on another blog about the whole biking experience, and most importantly the biking attire ~ I have lots to buy apparently, lots of training ahead of me, and of course, lots to say!   I’m also still trying to get my head around this pending LCBO Strike ~ I’m going to need a lot of post ride booze (at times) to get me through this journey, so I think I may need to make a trip down to the cellar to take a little inventory…

Stay tuned as this could get ugly, way before it gets much prettier

Yours in padded gussets…

Me xoxo


If anybody wants to join the ride, let me know… I would love the company, as I don’t like to bike OR drink alone… ❤


BLOGIVERSARY and Bloggy Tidbits…


Oh Joy.  I can finally celebrate something.  I’m also over this horrible lingering 6 week nagging flu/cough/cold.  Happy to report, I’m all better! I spent way too many days propped up with pillows and spent too much time reading and writing…and eating.  My family can also now remove the sneeze guard from the kitchen counter.  That thing was most annoying! 😉

It’s not that I don’t like doing any of the above, but when you spend most of it coughing up a lung, it’s not fun.  I almost needed my poor hubby to perform the Heimlich on me last weekend.  We were out for a lovely breakfast when some undercooked bacon lodged in the back of my throat.  I started to turn strawberry red, and because of my cough, couldn’t get any air.  I felt my last breath on earth was going to be taken over my Grand Slam feast!

I’m almost certain I need a new rib cage as mine had taken a beating.  Belly laughing was not an option.  It’s also been raining kittens and puppies, which just kept me in a state of resting bitch face.  On the upside, our lawn has never looked better and was contemplating shipping in some Billy Goats to help with the upkeep.

So yes, it’s my Blogiversary.  Don’t worry.  I don’t need flowers or candy. That’s not how I roll.  I do however think we should celebrate with a cocktail or two ~ yes, that’s how I roll.  Let’s leave it at that.  Anything worth celebrating should always be accompanied with alcohol.  And speaking of booze….

…in total darkness, she maneuvered herself up the antiquated staircase, knowing full well, that in her current state, the dodging of the creaking floorboards would be more than she could manage.  She allowed herself one little giggle, enjoying this game, before the flash of the bright bulb overhead, sent her catapulting down the staircase… (sneak peak)…

So yes, I’m writing… and who knew I would still be at this 5 years later.  My earlier blogging days consisted more of me writing the odd blog, and then stopping for life things that got in the way and then restarting when the mood struck.

My writing, (“hmmmph!  Listen to her, like she is some kind of writer…”)  was started well before Blogging websites or Social Media.   I started writing when my 3 boys were small but sadly, I had lost the floppy disc on that creation, so had to start over.. (dating myself  is hysterically funny sometimes).   I do know however, it had a great working title, and believe me, I have goggled the bejesus out of it, and still mine for the taking if I want it.

I have been enjoying my writing class, and getting a lot of ideas and helpful hints on how to progress.  Plot, Theme, Character’s.  Last class we went on a field trip to the church basement.  I know, hold yourself down,  but it is amazing how one gets a different perspective of looking at something when you know you have to write about it.  I had Jesus eye balling me at every turn, so I wanted to make this a good one.  I think we can all agree he is probably the best editor in the business.   Can I get an AMEN!

I’ve also been trying to get my blog website updated, so you will see it under construction from time to time. I have been following a blogger that I adore. She is so great at what she does.  She has a huge following, but is always happy to help out us rookies.  She is helping me up my game on the social media front and shares many helpful hints on how to change things up.  She has a HUGE following and actually talks to lil’ ol’ me!

Another blogger told me she likes my blog just the way it is, and not to mess it up with too much drivel – less is more she says. I totally agree.  I think I have a #girlcrush!

I’m also still having a ton of fun writing articles for Neighbors of Olde Oakville/Joshua Creek, but must admit, what I love even more, is when my #girlgang snaps a pic of the article for me, before I’ve even got a copy!  I adore them.  We’ve been throwing  around some ideas about a podcast or perhaps mounting a go-pro in my car.  Not sure about that idea.  Fuzzy slippers and writing here (where you can’t see me), has it’s benefits.

I have more stories to tell, and a few updates coming your way.  In the mean time, I’m still on the look out for the brain cells I lost while in the infirmary.  I’ll follow the breadcrumbs to try and figure out where I left them, but most importantly, ponder what happens to that girl that flew down the staircase.   If you want, tell me, and I’ll use it! (interaction with your readers is also a fun thing to do, so I’m told).

Until next time – I’m off to pop a cork and have some fun!

Yours in writing & Laughing & Smiling….



Sicker than a dog…

sick dog

Sorry peeps… I haven’t been blogging lately, and I don’t want my followers *wink* to think I’ve given up.  I’m here, but trying to deal with this horrid lingering cough.

It started out as a few sniffles, but over the weeks, (not kidding) turned into a raging smokers hack (I don’t smoke), to where my co-workers were trying their best to send me packing without sounding rude!  I knew once they started rearranging the seating, my presence was not welcome.  I can take a hint!

I finally decided a walk in clinic was in order.  I typically like to fight these things by simply sucking on a Fishermen’s Friend…but.. well… 😉  The quack prescribed Ventolin!  No thanks.  My eldest son has had asthma all his life, and I knew this was more than just inadequate lung function.  Jeesh!   I knew he misdiagnosed me.  I waited till Monday and saw my own Dr.  He immediately said he could hear wheezing, etc. and prescribed me some hard drugs.  I was actually happy to hear I had bronchitis so I could up the sympathy quotient on the home front.

I had my poor husband trudging up and down the stairs so much that he started tracking his steps via Fitbit!  “Bring me gingerale, I want my lunch, bring me water… ”  So not how I typically roll (she says), but the texting from 2nd floor to 1st floor was getting frowned upon!  I felt like Lady Mary Crawley, but it was getting old, fast! If only I had a rope on the wall to beckon my family.  It would have been much simpler for all.


Then, to make matters worse, I had a colonoscopy scheduled smack dab in the middle of my days.   Great, just what I needed!  NOT!  Rescheduling was not an option.   Sorry, but am I over sharing?  Well, I’ll stop.  I was encouraged to share my whole shi**y experience with you from my #girlgang, but in all honestly, I think I really only crack them up! (har har har).  I won’t subject you to the misfortune I experienced post surgery, when the magic elixir I drank, was still ‘working” when I really didn’t need it to be.  Or, how about this.  When, I arrived home, I found 3 giant circular electrodes still attached to me like some post op tracking device!  Why! Why! Why!

Anyway, with all that now behind me… (more har har har)… it’s now Monday, the sun is shining, and I just celebrated MOTHERS DAY with the most important people in my life.  How I love them so!  Nothing better than being a mom!    mothers day

I’m still enjoying my writing class, and tonight, it’s Show and Tell for yours truly!  Boy, do I have some showing and telling to do!  Hope they appreciate my humor,  or this piece could possibly get me kicked out of class…

Until next time…

Keep laughing and try not to take yourself too seriously!

xo LA toilet

Bring on the Patio’s – Oakville Style

le deux magot

Although I do consider myself a rather happy person most days, this weather is killing me.  Unless I’m under a blanket, lying horizontal on my couch with a cracking fire, I’m not digging it!  And please, don’t even get me started on what it’s doing to my hair. (*insert princess emoji)  I don’t really bother ‘prepping’ it for work anymore, because well, wind & rain are not my friend.  I arrive resembling something like this,  so why even bother.

On the upside, this is my latest article from Neighbours of Olde Oakville/Joshua Creek.  I’m willing some nice weather to come our way ~ if you think it, it will come, or something like that.

I’m just getting tired of wearing my wellies everyday to work.  Sloshing around in my rubber boots is frowned upon in the cafeteria.

NOTE*   I chose the above patio pic, although not in Oakville, it’s one of my fav’s ~ aside from the cost of an airline ticket and a cold beer, I could sit there all….day….long!

Read on…

It’s May – and you know what THAT means – The start of patio season! Need I say more?  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m done with this gloomy weather.  It’s grinding me into dust.  I need some puffy blue clouds and “Mr. Golden Sun” to please shine down on me.

I’m tired of eating inside the restaurants, staring longingly at the stacked tables, chairs and umbrella’s all covered in tarps and bungee cord.

Being a sun worshiper, I do love the outdoor patio’s and will go to great lengths to find just the right spot.  I am also careful to be mindful that not everyone likes to live on the surface of the sun, like yours truly.  I will ask for an umbrella strategically placed close by for all my “slim shady” friends!

Oakville has so many beautiful patios, and I think this summer, just for fun, I’ll try to eat at each one of them, at least once.  I will be like the female version of Anthony Bourdain, Oakville Style.  I’m sure I can find some humorous anecdotes to write about.  Who’s with me! 

So, aside from the odd flea landing in your soup, you can be rest assured you will engage in some good conversation and will undoubtedly run into a lot of friends, who like you, have been hibernating, waiting for the patio season to kick start.

Please go ahead, you can call me a “Lady Who Lunches.” I’m ok with that handle!  I do work 9-5 (*wink*), but still manage to be a lady, who adores her lunches!  Don’t be so judgy!  A girls gotta eat, I say.   Nothing like a soup and sammie lunch, some good giggles and perhaps at least one cold beer or glass of wine interjected into your beautiful day of work meets play!

Feel free to reach out if you want on board that patio tour!   I think we could have a boat load of fun!  

Yours in sunscreen,



Writing 101 & Working Through The Fiscal…


With another Easter in the books, it’s now time to focus on my last quarter.  It seems as though I run my household like a business.  I’m now in Q4 like my work family calendar,  with April being the start.  Most of April is being kind to us, with goodness coming in the form of sunshine, patios, and hopefully for me, a few getaways.

Given I was just informed I still have 6 holiday days that I must take before the end of our “work fiscal,” I now have to think of something to do, somewhere to go… NYC is on my mind.  Not too far for a road drive, and I love everything BIG APPLE!  Any overnight excursions you could recommend would be welcome. I prefer road trips as of late, so please keep that in mind when planning my agenda!

So on another note, a couple of things have happened and wanted to share….

Well, for one, this…


Picking up my son from college for the summer, and within moments, smarty pants had me on his “snapchat” story…

Arrgh, that sinking feeling you get, when you see the lights flashing, knowing full well they are for you!  I was told I should have said I was driving with the flow of traffic, but I didn’t really feel like messing with Mr. Policeman.  Authority scares me.  I just flashed a smile, and didn’t bother engaging in any witty banter. (Oh, but I was tempted).   He seemed so nice, $63 nice. He explained that it should have been higher, yadda yadda yadda. OK, I got it… just hand me the ticket, and let me get home to my cold beer!

The second more exciting; less traumatic piece of news I have to share, is that I began my new writing class last Monday.  I have always wanted to get this ‘kickstarted’ so a lovely friend sent me a suggestion.  I jumped on it, and so glad I did.  I registered without hesitation.  Brian Henry is the teachers name, and you can read all about him and what he does here.  Brian Henry’s – Creative Writing ~ Quick Brown Fox

Before my first class, as any other 53 woman does, I went school supply shopping!  And, of course, found the perfect Journal to begin my storytelling! 🙂  How great is this… my journal collection continues.


Never a truer word spoken…


So, I was late for class… *badfirstimpression*  but he did like my journal! 🙂

I walked in to find 14 other people introducing themselves, and sharing their stories.  I made sure I was very clear that I am NOT A WRITER, but hoping that this class can turn me into the next Sandra Brown (before she got all smutty, with naughty sex scenes). We were all checking each other out, and like anybody does, you start guessing what everyone’s true story is and of course, who I will sit with at recess.

We played a game to try and remember everyone’s name ~ I was given Lucky Leslie.  Let’s hope so!  Perhaps a little foreshadowing. Lucky in the form of a book deal! Ha! She laughs.. third person, first person. much to learn!

We were then given the task to write two fortune cookies with a short inspirational point and then turn them over to to someone else, to write a short piece.   Immediately, my heart sank.  It was like a small exam to me.  Now I had to channel my inner writer, which at this point, was more concerned about whether or not we were going to have to share with the class.  I’m a rookie. Not ready for an official “reading” quite yet.  Writing here is easy.  Nobody is looking at me.  I may sit at the back of the class next time.

I cannot wait for my second class.   He shared with us some books that others have written (having been in his class), so I’m very hopeful!

He has given us all some very helpful hints, including giving ourselves permission to write a shitty 1st draft, but a few stuck out for me.

 Write with fervor; revise at leisure…

puke it out; mop the mess tomorrow

Don’t have Stage Fright

This is good news, because I do tend to write with fervor, and revise/edit to the point, where I think nobody would really read this drivel anyway.  It’s nice to know, I’m perhaps on the right track.

I will keep you all updated on my progress, but for now, I have some homework to catch up on.  Dear Diary….

Yours in writing & travel,


Friday Facebook Reflections…

shower curtain

SO I’VE TAKEN THE LEAP back into “Facebook Land.”

Don’t really know why, because I’m starting to regret it already.  I’m feeling anxious.  No word of a lie!  I feel like my whole world and personal bits are out there on display.  Silly I know.  I was a full on dedicated “Facebooker” many moons ago (well 2007 to be exact), but now, being slightly older, and more *mature*, I’m not too sure I’m digging it!

Nothing has really changed.  I thought I would sign onto a new “look”,  a different layout, but nope, same old stuff ~ advertisements on how to lose my wrinkles in 48 hours, (seriously FB??) or a recap of my year on facebook…which, btw can be super boring if you left it for 9 months!  Ha!

I think like anything, once you stop the habit, it’s easy to avoid. But, for some reason, it pulled me back in.  I have some things to say, I suppose! 😉

I did spend my first day going through a bunch of pictures making sure they were all set ‘just for me only’ and all my personal information is typed incorrectly because, well, “hackers!”

I think now that I blog, and have total control over what I see, who says what, and what I post, Facebook feels like oversharing.

This is what bugs me…

  1. People you may know ~ HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop telling me I may know these people.  I don’t, so stop giving me more friends.  It makes me feel like a loser.
  2. Stop asking me to describe “Who I Am.”  I know who I am, and my friends know who I am, that’s why we are friends here on Facebook…so why do I have to tell YOU who I am.  This feels like therapy…
  3. What’s with the “Privacy Checkup” – this seems like a lot of work. I chose to be here, so whatever I put on here is fine.  Don’t make me have to schedule yet another checkup!    I see enough of my ‘real’ Dr. as it is and my datebook is full up!
  4. Stop showing memories from Days Gone By!  Do I really want to see how far I’ve fallen. 😉 Sounds dramatic,  but that bathing suit I had on in 2011 is now just a distant memory.  This is pure evil Facebook. I want to live for the future, not dwell on the past!
  5.  Stop with all the games of “What Celebrity I look like,”  “Who are your Besties”  and “Who is your favorite child…”  Well, you get my point!  “Who are your top three friends on Facebook?”  Like they Know?  That is just being mean…   Can’t we all just get along… ❤

Anyhow, all this being said, I do think I’ll stick around for a while.   How else would I know when it’s Nation Donut Day, International Whiskey Day, or  National Seafood Day!  I also need to know when special months are approaching like Umbrella Month or Cheerleader Safety Month.  And don’t forget, TODAY, Friday, March 24th, Eureka, it’s CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISIN DAY!

How can I leave Facebook when all this information is just a click away…..

Happy Friday my FRIENDS, one and all!

Until next time,


Holy Man, I’m Bushed!


Is it just me or are we all feeling the same way?  I’m just spent!  It’s now 2017. How did that happen.  We all partied like rock stars to ring in the new year, and I think somewhere in all the festivities, I signed a recording contract. Karaoke at it’s finest!

That being said, I think I have hit rock bottom, and like the picture above, that pretty much sums me up these days.   Not sure what’s happening in the universe, but I’m bushed, bedraggled, and bewildered.  Sounds a tad like a Broadway song!

It is taking all my energy just to blink these days. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, and it’s great to be busy, but I find it a struggle just to put on mascara these days.  I liken it to having just returned from a week long boot camp but don’t have anything  to show for it.

I’m also struggling to be pleasant at work, and that SH** is exhausting.  What is going on!!!   I may have to soon apologize to a few unfortunate souls that met the ‘other’ Leslie. She can be nasty…dot dot dot!  When I’m busy spinning on my office chair and twirling my hair like a two year old, don’t ask me questions! GOT IT?!

This past Friday evening confirmed things even further for me. Because I’m attempting to be a good girl and avoiding all things pub, beer, and wings, I was grocery shopping when I saw a woman in line ahead of me. She was hurling her grocery items onto the conveyor belt like she was in a Shot Put competition.  Even the egg carton was given no mercy.  She didn’t care, can’s were flying, and apples were rolling.

Her lips were pursed and if she had to fling her bag over her should one more time, I thought she would scream.   I couldn’t hold my tongue (yet again), and commented something like “long days right?”  She presented a wee smile, and said she was just tired and done with Christmas and stuff. Hmm ~ Interesting ~ another fellow “bushed” lady friend.  I’m not alone afterall!

We continued to chat and I told her I was heading home to  watch anything Netflix or Pay Per View was offering.  At that point, I think she softened a bit, and relaxed the shoulders.  Either that,  or as I continued to mumble on incessantly, her eyes started to glaze over, and I took that as a sign she was now in her happy place.  I stopped nattering.

Then Saturday,  more doing nothing I told myself.  I’m not going shopping (Boxing day sales are pretty much caput), not organizing one more drawer, cupboard, closet, or storage facility.  Well I exaggerate, but you get my point. Well, it didn’t happen.  It was my Mom’s birthday so we met at the mall for a nice lunch, but after she departed,  I poked around thinking, I really should just be home, doing nothing!

Then again, at some point between the Sephora  and Roots,  I received a group text from my wonderful girl gang.  They were all conversing about issues in their lives. They were all feeling so exhausted, tired, and ready to take time off from life, so to speak.  I found the timing so perfect ~ there I was wandering aimlessly thinking Poutine would solve all my problems, when again, reality strikes.  I so needed that chat. (FYI – Poutine was bypassed – too many points she said)!

They also reminded me that I wasn’t supposed to be shopping on my lazy day.  They were right!  I made a speedy exit to my car, looking forward to yet another quiet night of nothin’ with my family, which, to be clear, is pretty darn nice!

Just curious… are you all feeling the same?  Is this normal, is it my age, what happened this season that was so different from any other year?  Sure, I ate too much; I’m not getting any younger;  I spent too much;  I worried too much;  and of course,  I tidied/clean/organized WAYYY too much, and oh, I may have partied just a bit too much.

For 2017, I have made no resolutions, (as I mentioned in my Neighbors of SE Oakville piece….*shamelessplug*).  I want this year to be full of opportunities and growth.  I don’t need a resolution to make that happen. I have to make it happen, but need to first, stop yawning, and realize that my kitchen doesn’t always have to resemble a Mediterranean Fusion Restaurant.  I’m working on that…I really am! 🙂

Until next time,





Champers and Laughing Through the January BLAHS!


Well, it’s time to do a little “cele.”  You can grab a glass if you like!   I’ve been talking about it for a while and seeing as Neighbours Jan. 2017 edition is out, I’m allowed to share the news.  So many rules I must adhere to  ~ don’t want to get me fired the first month.

With a bit of a backstory, I was approached by Neighbours magazine asking me if I would be interested in writing a monthly column. My first shot at the big leagues. *Grin*   For some, this may seem like peanuts, but for me, this was huge. I always wanted to be a published writer. Wink!  That is what my family and friends now lovingly call me.  We have had some great giggles with this.  The teasing is relentless, but I can handle that.  (Tap on shoulder) “hey… are you not that famous blogger, Leslie-Ann Williams.”  ~ “Didn’t I just see you on Oprah the other day…”

Yesterday, I had one girlfriend ask me to sign her copy!  Come on now, how cute is she!  (moving forward, she can now go through my agent). 😉

For the first article, I was asked to introduce myself, so people could “get to know me.” That seemed easy enough, but funny,  I found this rather difficult.  Don’t know why, but perhaps try it yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have some endearing qualities, but it was tough.  Do I give too much, not enough, just the top line ~ married, 3 boys, 1 dog, likes beer, done?  I am most sure some people have no problem spewing their accomplishments, but for me, I struggled.

I sent my “piece”  for approval/editing, and with a few slight adjustments (which I’m still trying to get my head around), it was good to go!  How dare they take out that part….that line cracked me up!!  So much to learn!

As long as I don’t get any hate mail, I think I’m going to enjoy this whole process.

I’m breaking out my favorite pen, journal, and channeling my inner goofy girl ~ Oakville style!  Booyah!

The first article is below ~ I’m thinking of having it blown up to poster size, framed, and hung in my family room – just a gentle reminder to my boys that if they step out of line, they may find themselves on the end of a poison pen! *anothergrin*

Cheers to you all – may you have a happy and healthy 2017.

with love,



Let me introduce myself, just so you know what you are getting into…

My name is Leslie-Ann Williams, and I’ve lived in Oakville for 19 years. I have been married for 29 years to my husband Paul, and have three boys, ages 24, 21 and 15.

We transferred here from Calgary with goldfish in hand and we’ve never looked back!

I spend my days working for an IT company and I love to write, so I was over the moon excited when Neighbours asked if I would be interested in writing a column. I didn’t bat an eyelash, didn’t call my lawyer, and without hesitation, answered “Yes, of course! I’m all in!”  I’m a tad compulsive, but I’m working on that.

I blog about the funny things in life, share real truths that everyone can relate to, all from my perspective. Which means you can read this and then visit me for more.

So, where to begin? Well, it’s January, so let’s go with #januaryblues for all you hashtagers. Am I right? January can be so blah, lackluster, but don’t worry, a bunch of us feel this way. Writing this makes me happy because I now have something to focus on other than where to plug in my light therapy lamp.

The truth is I am a huge Christmas fan so when we absolutely must take down the tree and all the “sparkly” around the house, it’s like losing a best friend. January in my house seems so dark, dreary and empty. Coming down in the morning for coffee just isn’t the same. I walk to my mantle only to remember all the lights and glittery things are tucked away in their bins for another year.

I am that person who decorates early and leaves it all up to the point where the water in the tree base has a bit of a funk! I try to extend the festive season as long as I can. My urns end up looking like they have mange, and the tree–well it must go.  Anytime someone sneezes or passes wind, we lose about 50 needles.

I don’t do resolutions–because, well, I’m lazy or mostly, I know thy self! The whole “I’m going to lose weight, run a marathon and climb a mountain” never happens. I’m a realist. I love food, beer, and socializing! Those three things don’t equal commitment. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll lock down a party date anytime and prep a menu plan for you. Now THAT, my friends, is true commitment!

Let’s get through these January blues together and focus on the fun things that lie ahead. I’ll try to keep it real, because at the end of the day, we all just love to laugh.