Sicker than a dog…

sick dog

Sorry peeps… I haven’t been blogging lately, and I don’t want my followers *wink* to think I’ve given up.  I’m here, but trying to deal with this horrid lingering cough.

It started out as a few sniffles, but over the weeks, (not kidding) turned into a raging smokers hack (I don’t smoke), to where my co-workers were trying their best to send me packing without sounding rude!  I knew once they started rearranging the seating, my presence was not welcome.  I can take a hint!

I finally decided a walk in clinic was in order.  I typically like to fight these things by simply sucking on a Fishermen’s Friend…but.. well… 😉  The quack prescribed Ventolin!  No thanks.  My eldest son has had asthma all his life, and I knew this was more than just inadequate lung function.  Jeesh!   I knew he misdiagnosed me.  I waited till Monday and saw my own Dr.  He immediately said he could hear wheezing, etc. and prescribed me some hard drugs.  I was actually happy to hear I had bronchitis so I could up the sympathy quotient on the home front.

I had my poor husband trudging up and down the stairs so much that he started tracking his steps via Fitbit!  “Bring me gingerale, I want my lunch, bring me water… ”  So not how I typically roll (she says), but the texting from 2nd floor to 1st floor was getting frowned upon!  I felt like Lady Mary Crawley, but it was getting old, fast! If only I had a rope on the wall to beckon my family.  It would have been much simpler for all.


Then, to make matters worse, I had a colonoscopy scheduled smack dab in the middle of my days.   Great, just what I needed!  NOT!  Rescheduling was not an option.   Sorry, but am I over sharing?  Well, I’ll stop.  I was encouraged to share my whole shi**y experience with you from my #girlgang, but in all honestly, I think I really only crack them up! (har har har).  I won’t subject you to the misfortune I experienced post surgery, when the magic elixir I drank, was still ‘working” when I really didn’t need it to be.  Or, how about this.  When, I arrived home, I found 3 giant circular electrodes still attached to me like some post op tracking device!  Why! Why! Why!

Anyway, with all that now behind me… (more har har har)… it’s now Monday, the sun is shining, and I just celebrated MOTHERS DAY with the most important people in my life.  How I love them so!  Nothing better than being a mom!    mothers day

I’m still enjoying my writing class, and tonight, it’s Show and Tell for yours truly!  Boy, do I have some showing and telling to do!  Hope they appreciate my humor,  or this piece could possibly get me kicked out of class…

Until next time…

Keep laughing and try not to take yourself too seriously!

xo LA toilet

Bring on the Patio’s – Oakville Style

le deux magot

Although I do consider myself a rather happy person most days, this weather is killing me.  Unless I’m under a blanket, lying horizontal on my couch with a cracking fire, I’m not digging it!  And please, don’t even get me started on what it’s doing to my hair. (*insert princess emoji)  I don’t really bother ‘prepping’ it for work anymore, because well, wind & rain are not my friend.  I arrive resembling something like this,  so why even bother.

On the upside, this is my latest article from Neighbours of Olde Oakville/Joshua Creek.  I’m willing some nice weather to come our way ~ if you think it, it will come, or something like that.

I’m just getting tired of wearing my wellies everyday to work.  Sloshing around in my rubber boots is frowned upon in the cafeteria.

NOTE*   I chose the above patio pic, although not in Oakville, it’s one of my fav’s ~ aside from the cost of an airline ticket and a cold beer, I could sit there all….day….long!

Read on…

It’s May – and you know what THAT means – The start of patio season! Need I say more?  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m done with this gloomy weather.  It’s grinding me into dust.  I need some puffy blue clouds and “Mr. Golden Sun” to please shine down on me.

I’m tired of eating inside the restaurants, staring longingly at the stacked tables, chairs and umbrella’s all covered in tarps and bungee cord.

Being a sun worshiper, I do love the outdoor patio’s and will go to great lengths to find just the right spot.  I am also careful to be mindful that not everyone likes to live on the surface of the sun, like yours truly.  I will ask for an umbrella strategically placed close by for all my “slim shady” friends!

Oakville has so many beautiful patios, and I think this summer, just for fun, I’ll try to eat at each one of them, at least once.  I will be like the female version of Anthony Bourdain, Oakville Style.  I’m sure I can find some humorous anecdotes to write about.  Who’s with me! 

So, aside from the odd flea landing in your soup, you can be rest assured you will engage in some good conversation and will undoubtedly run into a lot of friends, who like you, have been hibernating, waiting for the patio season to kick start.

Please go ahead, you can call me a “Lady Who Lunches.” I’m ok with that handle!  I do work 9-5 (*wink*), but still manage to be a lady, who adores her lunches!  Don’t be so judgy!  A girls gotta eat, I say.   Nothing like a soup and sammie lunch, some good giggles and perhaps at least one cold beer or glass of wine interjected into your beautiful day of work meets play!

Feel free to reach out if you want on board that patio tour!   I think we could have a boat load of fun!  

Yours in sunscreen,



Writing 101 & Working Through The Fiscal…


With another Easter in the books, it’s now time to focus on my last quarter.  It seems as though I run my household like a business.  I’m now in Q4 like my work family calendar,  with April being the start.  Most of April is being kind to us, with goodness coming in the form of sunshine, patios, and hopefully for me, a few getaways.

Given I was just informed I still have 6 holiday days that I must take before the end of our “work fiscal,” I now have to think of something to do, somewhere to go… NYC is on my mind.  Not too far for a road drive, and I love everything BIG APPLE!  Any overnight excursions you could recommend would be welcome. I prefer road trips as of late, so please keep that in mind when planning my agenda!

So on another note, a couple of things have happened and wanted to share….

Well, for one, this…


Picking up my son from college for the summer, and within moments, smarty pants had me on his “snapchat” story…

Arrgh, that sinking feeling you get, when you see the lights flashing, knowing full well they are for you!  I was told I should have said I was driving with the flow of traffic, but I didn’t really feel like messing with Mr. Policeman.  Authority scares me.  I just flashed a smile, and didn’t bother engaging in any witty banter. (Oh, but I was tempted).   He seemed so nice, $63 nice. He explained that it should have been higher, yadda yadda yadda. OK, I got it… just hand me the ticket, and let me get home to my cold beer!

The second more exciting; less traumatic piece of news I have to share, is that I began my new writing class last Monday.  I have always wanted to get this ‘kickstarted’ so a lovely friend sent me a suggestion.  I jumped on it, and so glad I did.  I registered without hesitation.  Brian Henry is the teachers name, and you can read all about him and what he does here.  Brian Henry’s – Creative Writing ~ Quick Brown Fox

Before my first class, as any other 53 woman does, I went school supply shopping!  And, of course, found the perfect Journal to begin my storytelling! 🙂  How great is this… my journal collection continues.


Never a truer word spoken…


So, I was late for class… *badfirstimpression*  but he did like my journal! 🙂

I walked in to find 14 other people introducing themselves, and sharing their stories.  I made sure I was very clear that I am NOT A WRITER, but hoping that this class can turn me into the next Sandra Brown (before she got all smutty, with naughty sex scenes). We were all checking each other out, and like anybody does, you start guessing what everyone’s true story is and of course, who I will sit with at recess.

We played a game to try and remember everyone’s name ~ I was given Lucky Leslie.  Let’s hope so!  Perhaps a little foreshadowing. Lucky in the form of a book deal! Ha! She laughs.. third person, first person. much to learn!

We were then given the task to write two fortune cookies with a short inspirational point and then turn them over to to someone else, to write a short piece.   Immediately, my heart sank.  It was like a small exam to me.  Now I had to channel my inner writer, which at this point, was more concerned about whether or not we were going to have to share with the class.  I’m a rookie. Not ready for an official “reading” quite yet.  Writing here is easy.  Nobody is looking at me.  I may sit at the back of the class next time.

I cannot wait for my second class.   He shared with us some books that others have written (having been in his class), so I’m very hopeful!

He has given us all some very helpful hints, including giving ourselves permission to write a shitty 1st draft, but a few stuck out for me.

 Write with fervor; revise at leisure…

puke it out; mop the mess tomorrow

Don’t have Stage Fright

This is good news, because I do tend to write with fervor, and revise/edit to the point, where I think nobody would really read this drivel anyway.  It’s nice to know, I’m perhaps on the right track.

I will keep you all updated on my progress, but for now, I have some homework to catch up on.  Dear Diary….

Yours in writing & travel,


Thank you Oakville ~ Some Bunny Wuvs you…


We’ve had some very sad times as of late, right here in our little town, which has hit not only the community, but my son’s former elementary school directly.  When you hear the news, gut-wrenching is not a strong enough term. It brings you to your knees.

It is during these sad times when we reflect, as we know many of our close friends are now suffering, and have a long life journey ahead of them.

I do marvel at our community, and often reminded how amazing the people of Oakville can be when we all rally together, to help others in need.  The “Call to Action” is immediate and without hesitation, we kick into high gear.  No, not because we want recognition, or because we just think it’s the thing to do ~ we do it because that is what we are, who we are, and I’m so proud to call all these people, my friends.  Sure, there are some of you that I don’t know, but I see it happening, everyone is doing their part.

We feel the need to fix things, and make those suffering, smile again.  We want them to know how much they are loved.  We can, and will do this.  Thank you Oakville for being the greatest Town of all!  This is, of course, just from my perspective, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my thinking.  Oakville, as we all know, can sometimes get a bad rap, so to those people, I say, stop the talking, and until you know the real works of the people around you, get your head out of your ass. (sorry mom) 😉

Below is a small piece I wrote for Neighbors Magazine  ~ April edition. (And, was also  lucky enough to share the month with my friend, Andrea Nairn), a talented artist, illustrator, and textile designer,  and one who can put me to shame when it comes to drawing stick men!  Check out her wonderful works here!

I was at first hesitant to post this April Blog, but figured I can do my small part, in making those around me, whom I care so deeply about and presently dealing with an overwhelming amount of sadness, bring a wee smile to their face.  You all know who you are.   Dig in Oakville…let’s continue to do what we all do so well. ❤


APRIL Showers bring May Flowers… excellent news, but wait, wasn’t it just Valentine’s Day and I was up to my elbows in candy goodness, licking every last bit of chocolate off my keyboard??

Now April, and more chocolate in the form of adorable bunnies and chicks. No wonder my poor scale is struggling to “figure” me out!

Well, I do love chocolate, and I also love me a good egg hunt!  Our Oakville neighborhood has been doing these for years. We hide the goods early in our local soccer park, and if the sun is shining, the whole field is aglow with foil covered eggs.  Once the little ones start the hunt, within moments, there is not an egg left to boil!  All of them have been scooped up, complete with a few sprigs of grass, twigs, and god forbid, doggy doo.

Then of course, April Fools. I’m a mom of 3 boys, so the pranks were endless, and of course, mostly played on yours truly. I have been squirted with water from a tap covered in tape and left the house to start my car, only to find it moved to the end of our street! Boys!

April is also a time when we start evaluating our physique and the summer clothing in our closet.  My Costco “couture” of leggings and hoodies have to go. Curses! As much as I love them, I do have to embrace the bathing suit/shorts shopping trip sooner than later.

The darn changing room lighting is horrid (who’s with me), and as much as I think I resemble a Solid Gold Dancer, my back is slick with a river of sweat just trying to get that darn swim suit over my head.  It’s so not a good visual!

I think I’ll give April a free pass, and enjoy all it has to offer ~ the chocolate ~ Good Friday ~ Egg hunts ~ April Fool’s Day and of course, those adorable Peeps!

Happy Hunting to all.


And remember, be kind people, and keep those in need, in your prayers.

with love,




Friday Facebook Reflections…

shower curtain

SO I’VE TAKEN THE LEAP back into “Facebook Land.”

Don’t really know why, because I’m starting to regret it already.  I’m feeling anxious.  No word of a lie!  I feel like my whole world and personal bits are out there on display.  Silly I know.  I was a full on dedicated “Facebooker” many moons ago (well 2007 to be exact), but now, being slightly older, and more *mature*, I’m not too sure I’m digging it!

Nothing has really changed.  I thought I would sign onto a new “look”,  a different layout, but nope, same old stuff ~ advertisements on how to lose my wrinkles in 48 hours, (seriously FB??) or a recap of my year on facebook…which, btw can be super boring if you left it for 9 months!  Ha!

I think like anything, once you stop the habit, it’s easy to avoid. But, for some reason, it pulled me back in.  I have some things to say, I suppose! 😉

I did spend my first day going through a bunch of pictures making sure they were all set ‘just for me only’ and all my personal information is typed incorrectly because, well, “hackers!”

I think now that I blog, and have total control over what I see, who says what, and what I post, Facebook feels like oversharing.

This is what bugs me…

  1. People you may know ~ HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop telling me I may know these people.  I don’t, so stop giving me more friends.  It makes me feel like a loser.
  2. Stop asking me to describe “Who I Am.”  I know who I am, and my friends know who I am, that’s why we are friends here on Facebook…so why do I have to tell YOU who I am.  This feels like therapy…
  3. What’s with the “Privacy Checkup” – this seems like a lot of work. I chose to be here, so whatever I put on here is fine.  Don’t make me have to schedule yet another checkup!    I see enough of my ‘real’ Dr. as it is and my datebook is full up!
  4. Stop showing memories from Days Gone By!  Do I really want to see how far I’ve fallen. 😉 Sounds dramatic,  but that bathing suit I had on in 2011 is now just a distant memory.  This is pure evil Facebook. I want to live for the future, not dwell on the past!
  5.  Stop with all the games of “What Celebrity I look like,”  “Who are your Besties”  and “Who is your favorite child…”  Well, you get my point!  “Who are your top three friends on Facebook?”  Like they Know?  That is just being mean…   Can’t we all just get along… ❤

Anyhow, all this being said, I do think I’ll stick around for a while.   How else would I know when it’s Nation Donut Day, International Whiskey Day, or  National Seafood Day!  I also need to know when special months are approaching like Umbrella Month or Cheerleader Safety Month.  And don’t forget, TODAY, Friday, March 24th, Eureka, it’s CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISIN DAY!

How can I leave Facebook when all this information is just a click away…..

Happy Friday my FRIENDS, one and all!

Until next time,


March Madness… NO WAY!


THE MONTH OF MARCH IS HALF OVER ~ March break is done and dusted, and so is that delightful St. Patrick’s Day, when all the quazi Irish come out to play. I’m married to Irish, so he is the real mccoy! ❤

St. Paddy’s day was fun.  We partied till the wee hours of the mornin’.  Well, not really, but it felt like that because when you arrive at a pub at 3:30 and don’t leave till 10:30 ~ it’s 7 good hours spent regardless if the sun has set or not!

The only thing hard about this day (and believe me, there’s nothing much else wrong with it, green beer and all), is the color.   I get it, The Emerald Aisle…but who’s with me.  Most human’s don’t do green.  Well, according to my survey at the Temple Bar (*plug*)  We did toasts throughout the evening,  “yah, to good friends…” clink,  “yah, Happy St. Patrick’s Day…may the road rise to meet you…” clink, and then “cheers to not having anything green in my closet!”  It’s so true, right?


Ah, sure, what a lovely lookin’ bunch of Bhean’s!

It’s too bad green gets such a bad rap.  Why don’t people have more green?  I stood forever searching in my closet only to come up with an ill fitting swirly green flowy top, and a pair of green Khakis…good enough.  A quick trip to Dollarama for a matching set up ugly green earrings, (I was told they looked teal).. and BAM, I’m ready for a day of drinking and watching the Irish dance!

Our family did however pull this ensemble together for a photo shoot! God help me if my boys ever start reading my blogs…snicker snicker 🙂


…The boys always argue when I make them dress the same!

Another wonderful thing about March (March 20th ~ TODAY), is that we celebrate the United Nations International Day of Happiness.   How great is this!  An actual day dedicated to celebrating happiness. On this day,  the UN wishes that mankind will recognize the important of happiness as a universal goal.

We can do this! How happy can you be for a day and feel you have made a change?  For me, happiness occurs in the smallest of moments.  A hot bath, getting lost inside a wonderful book, or spending time with family & true friends.  Pure Joy!

It’s that extra smile you give someone and a simple “good morning” to start off someone’s day.  To be happy, we need to appreciate what we have, and not always focus on the “what if’s.”     People that are happy will be kind to others.  Pay it forward.  Buy that stranger a coffee in the line behind you.

Lastly, sticking with the “happiness” theme,  I do have some happiness of my own to spread.  Some of you have been asking, so I wanted to tell you all that my nephew Steven is now home.  All our prayers have been answered.  His is a fighter!

He does has a long road ahead of him, as his diet will consist of only soups and shakes, given his jaw is wired shut for another 5 weeks (wired aka thick plastic).  My sister has been working her blender like a bartender at the Stampede, and making him the most wonderful shakes. Steven is lucky he is not my boy. I’m not so good around the kitchen appliances.

He still needs a lot of rest and will be relearning a few things, and is not quite ready to be on his own yet.   Not a problem!  We will take it one day at a time, and again, thank-you to all for your words of encouragement.  They helped more than you know. ❤

Happy first day of Spring, peeps.   🐥


That wonderful, glorious Guardian Angel..


I want to meet him/her.  She saved my nephews life.  (I’ll just go with She… 😉 )

As most of you know, my nephew Steven was involved in a very serious car accident last week, and the news shook us to the core.  The call you never want to get.  You can read my initial blog posting here about what transpired.

He should have died.  Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.  He was on life support.

I spent 4 days in Calgary, staying by my nephews side, as anyone would, playing nurse, and making sure things were organized for my sister and her husband.  I’m not sure where one gathers the strength from, but we all stood for four days straight fitting in the odd lunch/dinner when we could.   I was doing my small part in keeping him clean and tidy, untucking and refolding blankets, as he tossed and turned in agony.

The Dr.’s all marveled at how quickly Steven was progressing.  We were told to take everything 12 hours at a time.  We watched over him with each passing hour, waiting patiently for the next step.

Below is a small excerpt from my sisters Facebook post.  She initially wasn’t going to use Social Media to tell her story, but felt the need to reach out, and thank those all around the world that have been praying for his recovery.

…Most importantly, god listened and granted us a miracle.  On Friday his breathing tube was removed, and Steven’s road to recovery had begun.  He has had  facial surgery to reconstruct his jaw (now with elastics till fully healed)  and left side of his face.  His spleen has been emobilized.  We have long days ahead of us, as he goes through both physical and emotional therapy, but our family with fight through this.   Steven is walking, talking and has been moved out of ICU.  Again, so very grateful.  We have cried, but more importantly we can now laugh.  Steven can be a funny guy, and thankfully strong willed ~ he wants to fight, he wants to live.  I can’t wait to get him home with us…

I did not want to leave. I cried when he couldn’t see me, and made every attempt to make him laugh when we were together.  I have some great video of both of us chatting, that I will share with him when he’s fully recovered.  I’m sure he will get a kick out of it.  I feel I created an even stronger bond with my nephew, one that will never be broken.  He is strong, and I know with all my heart, he will once again be back on his feet, living a full and happy life.

I do believe in the power of prayer ~ now more than ever. You have to believe in a greater power when it comes to something like this. Steven was saved. His Grandma would most likely appreciate a shout out for this.  At last glance, she was leading the polls with most prayers sent…. ❤

Now it’s my turn.  My turn to thank each and every one of you that reached out to me, sending your love and prayers.  It was the best feeling in the world to sit down and read text after text from family and friends, showing support for my nephew.  We will have lots to share with him.  This will turn into a wonderful life journey for Steven, I can feel it.

And to that wonderful glorious Guardian Angel, thank you. Thank you for holding Steven in your loving arms, making sure he was safe and making it possible for him to stay a little longer on this beautiful planet earth.  Steven is meant for greater things.  We have to believe this.

All my love and adoration to you all, and a special thank you to my sister and her husband Trevor for their strength and patience with Aunty during this, the most horrible time of their lives.

Now, to lighten the mood, I do have to share that my sister and I almost came to blows when cleaning out Stevens room, prepping for his arrival home.  I felt like we could have been on an episode of Hoarders.  She keeps stuff, and I purge. “Really Lisa, do you need to keep 15 (yes I counted) little Christmas hand towels, and why the hell are they in his room anyway.”   “How many pairs of nylons do you need, there are 28 here in two drawers, and again, why are they in HIS room..” (Yes I counted those too).    It wasn’t pretty.  I love her to bits, but only I will know how much was thrown out, that she will never, ever in a million years, ever miss!  Steven’s room is now ready and EMPTY!  Come on home!


In The Blink Of An Eye…


I was 35,000 ft. in the air this past Friday. I didn’t want to be, but I had to be.

I’m afraid of flying, but there was no excuse good enough that warranted me staying on the ground.

My 27 year old nephew was in a terrible car accident in Calgary, so I am now here to help out my sister and her husband, a shoulder to lean on.  He is strong and in good health, which is helping him immensely.

My mind was spinning with questions, so we made the decision I should go to him. I’m an organizer, a fixer. I will sort out my sister, (with a new shiny journal in hand), and she can put me to work on whatever tasks she needs for me, to lighten her load.

Nobody knows why or how it happened. He was the passenger. All we know is the car ended up on it’s roof, and within moments, 911 was called by someone we may never meet.

After I broke the news to my parents, my mom vanished.  He is going to be fine.  We have a boatload of  prayer chains being linked up.

All too often we claim “Life is too short” and to “enjoy life, as you never know what lies ahead.”  This could never be more true.

Do I really care that my fridge wasn’t clean when I left; do I really need to stress the random shit that goes on in my life, that I sometimes struggle with and want to fix?

The answer is simple. NO! This has been a huge eye opener for yours truly.

Life can change in the blink of an eye, so for me, I’m letting go of the minutiae.  The world sometimes has a strange way of giving you what you need, and for me, it was clarity.

As of today, he is still in ICU, having had some successful surgery completed.  All things are leading in a positive direction.

Please keep my nephew in your prayers, and of course, love the ones you’re with.



~ The Voice of Reason ~


My eldest son moved out!

My thought process was that I would be fine, because, well, he was already gone for 5 years during his University days. I got used to his absence.  Then, like most do, they come back.  Nasty beer fridge, two gecko tanks and a big sack of laundry.


The day he left…my smile was fake!

That’s the joke. When they leave for school, oh the tears, the sadness, the worry ~ but as some of my friends that have already gone through this process reminded me, “Don’t worry Les, he will be back…”  Well, sure enough he was back, and I had mixed feelings.

You get used to a smallerish family and year after year, it seemed like the new normal.  Strange as it sounds, having a family of 5 is busy and when they invite buddies over, it can get crazy.  Setting the table with so many forks, meant a lot of good conversation, but once he left, it was calm, quiet and peaceful.

Once he was done his studies, he moved back into the newly renovated basement and spent a year enjoying a pretty good lifestyle.  When he left for school, he was still sharing a room with his middle brother, in twin beds, so this was a huge upgrade for him.

I can still hear them talking to each other from the time they were small. Stories of how PlayDoh was the best invention ever, to who would have the better nerf gun battle “tomorrow.” As they grew, so did the conversation. Girl talk, silly party stories, followed by lots of laughter.

Since graduating, he landed himself a great gig, and was socking away the money with some rent money coming our way!  Teachings of Life Lesson 101.

He is an adult, so I tried to give him his space.  I would however, still prepare some of his meals, because it’s what we do as mom’s, right?  I’m sure I won’t get any arguments there.  I wanted him to know he is still part of our family unit.

I also tried not to rag at him too much about keeping his space clean, and at the same time, wanted to remind him he is not just RENTING a room on our street.  Well, he had issue with this. “But Mom, I AM paying rent.” Humph, he was right!!

My husband and I have had many discussions surrounding when we kick the boys to the curb post studies, or do we let them stay, build up some equity, and let them decide when they want to leave.

Times are tough, I say, but I was reminded that “he is no longer a child, that he has to spread his wings and figure out his own “hizzle.   “We have done all the teaching we can, and it’s now his turn to figure life out.”  Ok, Ok, you win! (Voice of reason… I hate when he’s right)!

But, then one day he broke the news ~ he was just ready to go.  We never even got the chance to have the “It’s time Son, to spread your wings” chat. This was his decision, not ours, and I get it.  He expected tears, but all I could do was smile at the man he had become and admired him for taking that leap.

When he started house hunting, I wanted to help, but was told in the nicest of ways that he was fine, and could handle on his own.

Ok, again, I get it. He was so excited, and I’m all “Hey, I made you a nice pot roast for dinner.”   I felt a slight tug on my heart strings…

I was reminded by a co-worker that I will be sad when he goes and there will be a void.  Initially I said, no way.  I told her I could hardly wait to steam clean his room, and turn it back into a beautiful guest room, with show towels, and the best linens!  But, who am I kidding.  We all know the real truth here.

Well, it was huge. He is now gone for good, and I think I am ok with this. There is no coming back. (according to the voice of reason=, again) …

During one of our dinners, he asked me how much a grocery bill can be for one month.

I just smiled and told him, it’s really all about the number of forks at the table. He returned the smile, and I think at that moment, he truly understood what we were saying about life, conversation, and moving on.

Love Mumsie xo


all your memories,


all your dreams,


all who love you


all you need