Fruitcakes and Snowflakes…and late breaking news!


Well, well, well now, hasn’t it been a busy week.  AND, it’s only Wednesday.

First off, I was busying myself with a little Cyber Monday shopping, (which I detest), but in the end, only opted for something crazy ridiculously expensive, which may end up being returned if my PPD (post purchase dissonance) kicks in!

But, let’s get serious.  We all know the real news that took our attention away from Cyber day ~ the Royal Wedding announcement.   Seriously, it’s about time.  All their flitting about town, holding hands and exchanging glances.  I’m just feeling a little anxious.  I’m totally booked up most of May, and for sure the long weekend.  I just hope and pray I get the “save the date” sooner than later.  I do hope they have a vegan option on the menu, and that wedding hats are optional.   I’m so not good in a pill box style, and really want to get a hair coloring in before my roots start showing.  And then there’s my dress…I need time to get my dress designed, and of course the fittings….  ok ok. I’ll stop. You get my point….

Then there’s Matt Lauer… buddy, Seriously!?  For heaven’s sake….

AAAAaaanyway,  just wanted to share my latest article from December’s Neighbours Magazine.   #25moresleeps


Fruitcakes and Snowflakes ~ The Real Christmas Truths

I’m giddy like a school girl. Once again, Christmas has crept up on me just like the cat I don’t own! But that’s ok because I absolutely adore this time of year. I’ve been prepping for the festive season since I tossed my moldy pumpkin curbside. The minute I slammed the door on Halloween, I immediately began turning my home into a slightly modified version of Santa’s workshop.

I have had Bing Crosby singing carols in my home since early-November. Bing and I have a special bond, as he has been serenading me with White Christmas since I was a toddler. Christmas most definitely takes me back to my childhood, and everything wonderful ~ Barbie’s, pretty velvet party dresses, and shiny shoes. Or better yet, how about that highly coveted Easy Bake oven. I mean, come on, what’s better than a wee little cake baked under a 60-watt bulb on Christmas morning? Nothing, I say.

What does surprise me is how much shopping for Christmas gifts has changed. Gone are the days of leisurely cruising the malls, finding that special someone the perfect gift. It’s bad enough that people are fighting for parking spots like it’s the apocalypse, but now more than ever, we are all on-line shopping and having things delivered via a Drone no less. What fun is THAT! Unless this Drone can prepare my Christmas feast, and bring it to my table, I’m not biting.

Personally, I still love heading out to the mall rubbing elbows with the rest of the gypsy’s and tinkers and not above taking out anybody at the knees should they come between me and my Elf on the Shelf. That dude is creepy, but always a fan favorite.

I must confess that I stopped writing Christmas Cards. I never did the long letter inserts babbling on about how wonderful my family is, while making yours feel slightly less than adequate, but always liked to insert a pic of my kiddies on faux Santa’s lap! Alas, now my social media takes care of that for me. People are so busy Pinteresting and Instagramming their life away, that there seems no need to waste any small amount of spittle on a postage stamp.

So, let’s be clear my friends, I decorate my tree alone. I don’t need help. They do it wrong. I don’t eat fruitcake. It’s gross. And, I truly still believe in Santa. Of course, I do.

If you need to find me anytime between now and Christmas, I’ll be on my sofa, feeling accomplished, most likely tuning into The Sound of Music or Charlie Brown’s Christmas, beer in hand, because well, even Mommy’s have their traditions!  

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.




Green Jello


Just because…

So, I just spent a full weekend at our new and improved Oakville hospital.  Yup, that’s right.  It most definitely wasn’t how I wanted to spend my precious Friday or Saturday night!  Let’s face it, we all love the weekends, and when things don’t fall into place exactly as planned, it can make one a tad cranky!

The whole process was a bit comical, as are most things in my life once I start spewing all the random details.  That being said, unlike the little magazine I write the odd giggly article for,  I can really say anything I want here, nice or not so nice, but…I’ll spare you the gory details.

So yes, to say this new hospital is a bit better than the old one, is an understatement.  It’s a further drive now for yours truly, but that’s ok.  I was too busy trying to deal with the fact that I had to miss my Friday “one and done” to worry about the commute.  I felt like I was at an all inclusive, so no biggie.  I just waited patiently for my bags to be taken to my room, and shown where the pool facilities are.  (I really have to get a life)….

Upon check-in, 😉  I was provided a #roomwithaview and quickly managed to figure out my television viewing for the weekend, (on the flat screen mounted on the wall, no less).   I watched HGTV My Beachfront Bargain Hunt on a loop.  As an aside, I now want to call my agent, and get him sourcing me some summer homes south of the border.

My mommy arrived at some point with 7 new magazines for me to read, (real treat as I rarely do that anymore), and of course my wonderful hubby arrived baring gifts and a change of clothing.  (He brought my toothbrush sans toothpaste, which I found rather adorable).   My girlfriends were constantly texting me, asking for updates, but my only request was not to come visit.  Just don’t, no need.   They did!  Of course they did.  I’m a lucky girl.  Flowers and a adorable stuffy!  “Try and keep us away” she said!  Awww..

After the visits subsided, it was time to rest.  I was hooked up to an IV, so maneuvering around wasn’t the easiest.  I was on a new and improved ‘moving’ bed designed for people that needed to ward off bed sores, but quit frankly, it was bothersome.  Just when I was about to nod off, the darn thing would start whirring like a blender, inflate, and bam, I’m moved into a new position.  This continued throughout the night, and because you are not allowed to turn off or unplug this expensive unit, my IV pole and I ended up curled in a ball on the green plastic guest couch!

That really didn’t help either because the with no warning, the night nurse would saunter in, and with no apologies, flick on my light, and begin to draw blood.  My beauty rest was definitely taking a beating!

Morning came and I was starving.  I called down to room service (haha) and was about to place my order when she reminded me of what I could and could not have.  Damn, the new hospital and it’s processes are working! I really wanted to order the grand slam breakfast, complete with home fries and bacon, but was delivered a tea, warm beef consommé and green jello!  Stupendous!

Sunday finally arrived, and with a nod from the Doc, I was all systems go!  Ready for check out.  Or was I?

Weird as this may sound, I was secretly hoping perhaps for one more night as I found myself using this hospital stay as a time of reflection.  I guess it takes something scary to make you stop, reevaluate and appreciate what you have.

Your mind can take you to the most scariest of places, so when things turn out much better than you first thought, it really can make for an “Aha moment.”  I’m not screaming anything from the rooftops like Oprah, but just realized that in this life, we are given choices, and chances.  This hospital stay gave me the time to ponder and provided me with that ‘flash of understanding’ in which Oprah speaks of.

I arrived home, and by day two, had more visitors – they were relentless.  I was trying to convince them I was feeling fine, but they didn’t listen.  They came with lunch, flowers, and home made soup.  Again, I’m a lucky girl!

I have so much more I want to accomplish in this life, and although it took a little scare like this to knock some sense into me, I am forever grateful for my life, my family and friendships.

To all my American friends, I do want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and once you give me the go ahead, I will decorate my tree.  Whether or not my house is already fully decorated for Christmas, is not up for discussion.   Please enjoy the bird and all the fixin’s.  You deserve this holiday, you really do!

Count your blessings, not your things, and always be thankful.  I know I am.

With much love,

Leslie-Ann  xoxo



Confessions of a Black Friday Addict…

coffeeIn 52 days, well you know… The Fat Boy arriveth!  But first, we have to get some shopping out of the way!

Yes, that’s right.  It’s time to kick start the process for our two-day cross border Black Friday shopping extravaganza with the gals. Phew, that’s a mouthful!.

If you are one of the many that now prefers your shopping to be done in a robe, fluffy slippers and a laptop, well, “Please bring me your torch, the tribe has spoken…”    Here’s how thing’s typically will roll out…

The planning begins early, as we source a hotel room. We are not a picky bunch, and will take anything that has running water, a door that locks, and minimal bed bugs! Don’t forget your earplugs, because without a doubt, we will be close to an airport landing strip! Let’s face it, we are not here for the luxuries.

Once we have our reservation, we start mapping our destinations strategically to avoid the crowds –  excel spreadsheets are a must! Hobby Lobby, Target, and of course, THE OUTLETS!

We always get out of dodge early, 3am to be exact. I slip and slide my way into the most comfortable jeggings and walking shoes, ready for the trenches. I have my fanny pack, a passport, and 1 credit card! Less is more, right? I need to be hands free at all times. The border is always chock-a-block full of other BF Bunnies! “Isn’t this fun,” I proclaim to my sleepy heads in the back seat! I always get the odd eye roll or two.

We arrive at our destination with 2 hours to spare. The lines are long and can circle a building twice if the sales are worth it.  That’s ok because we have our Baileys infused “Bucky’s”, a warm blanket, and a couple of 60’s webbed folding chairs. We start sharing stories with complete strangers and before long, we are lifelong friends. We are an eclectic bunch!

With my shield of armor securely fastened, the doors open! I’m good to go.  The ladies all separate, as it’s every man for himself.  I can’t allow anything to slow me down.   I do the quick, I’m not in a hurry, but get out of my way shuffle, towards my desired location.  Back in the day it was all about the toys, but thankfully, those days are long gone.  I’m more into house décor, with a sprinkling of purses, wallets, and boots! 🙂

Periodically, we ladies will do a quick check in and laugh hysterically at some of our purchases.  Then it’s dinner time ~ quick and dirty ~ no time to waste. The Golden Arches are fine with us, drive thru, even better. We quickly load up on the carbs, adjust our pouches, and head out for our next buy.

After two days full of laughter and a lot of walking, we are pooped!  We bid adieu to the good ol’ USA and it’s ever fluctuating dollar!   We now have the border patrol to deal with.  We know we have all overspent on our alloted 48 hour exemption. We never lie for fear of spending the night in the clink, and want this process to be quick and painless.

We try to make small talk with the agent, being all ‘hey, look at us, just ladies having fun’ but typically they ain’t buying our shizzle.  They ask the same questions, and we just hope and pray we hear the “Welcome home ladies, off you go!” (Insert fist pump in the air) …

But, sadly, as with most visits, we are unloading, receipts in hand, ready for the additional payment about to be slapped down!  Hey, that’s ok!  I wouldn’t miss this for the world.  Christmas Shopping and girl time ~ nothing better my friends.

Until next time,


Black Friday Customs, Circa 2011



national handbag dayHi ya Peeps and Happy Friday the 13th…dun dun dun!  I’m not superstitious at all, but do love me a good scary movie.  Friday The 13th was truly one of the best, a close second behind Halloween.  Or wait, perhaps it was When a Stranger Calls.  Click here for one of my favorite scenes. Well, it was when I was 16!   Doesn’t that take you back a few years? 

So, I’ve been busy trying to keep myself from climbing the walls as of late, feeling slightly discombobulated, so please bear with me.  And speaking of, here is one more silly thing. Happy Day after International Purse Day.  I can’t even grasp that this IS a day!  But my purses thank you and no,  I didn’t take them for a walk…Now let’s get serious, shall we?  😉

I’m slightly ticked at myself because I missed my deadline for the October Neighbors Magazine article due to a hectic August (ear surgery gone bad – don’t ask) and just a couple of other random things that messed up my timelines.  Out the window went all my calendaring and organizing tips.  Oh how we “bloggers” love to give sage advice to others, but following for ourselves is a bit of a farce!  I’m feeling off kilter… 

I feel I hibernated through the summer, only to wake up finding it October.  I found myself constantly checking the Weather network hoping for 3 days in a row of some hot sun. I’m typically brown as a berry till the first snow fly’s, but I’m already dousing myself in Bio Oil to keep what little shade of color I have left.  (It works for JLo, so why not). 

The one good thing I DO love about Fall is the wardrobe.  I love to break out my oversized sweaters, long boots, and flowy scarfs, but oh, hang on… again, we “bloggers” paint the picture, but this is the true reality!   


Thanksgiving came and went.  I hardly even remember eating dinner with the family.  We work for days prepping the bird, setting the table, and when it’s time to eat, all you really want is to down a Jäger bomb.  AMIRITE?

This year we had a bit of a calamity as I was removing said bird out of the oven.  The tin foil pan collapsed (he tipped the scales at 22 lbs.), and I proceeded to spill turkey juices all over the hot oven, the floor, and my bare feet!  The smoke from the oven filled the room like some eerie Halloween thriller, and while my 88 year old father was busy flapping towels at the fire alarm to make it stop, my mama was busy swooshing her way through the kitchen collecting all the rolling potatoes and carrots.  It was quite a scene.  I HATE COOKING!  Did I mention that?  

I spent the next day binge watching This is Us, on Netflix.  I thought it would cheer me up after the great turkey escape, but nope, I only ugly cried my way through a bowl of chips and dip.  Three cheers for comfort food.  

The decision to head to Costco was also a big mistake.   I now had this internal struggle to deal with of Halloween vs. Christmas décor.  Why do they do this?   All I wanted was a pumpkin for my urn, but now I had to make a snap decision if I needed 350 more gift tags, or a giant Santa for my lawn.  Honestly, I can’t even find time to wax my brows these days, and they want me to be thinking holiday blow-ups?   I want my Mommy!    

So, I’ll end my mindless drivel here, but I could go on.  Mother Nature and her nasty ways has also decided it’s now time for me to enter the next phase of life called Perimenopause, complete with weight gain, mood swings, and hot flashes! The perfect trifecta!  Don’t even get me started.  As for today,  I’m busy sourcing disposable jammies on Amazon. 

Let’s call it a day, and save this story for another blog, shall we?   Until next time, xo



September One and A Bug’s Life Fun…


Hi ya Gang,

September 1 – I really can’t get my head around that! I just opened the pool for gods sake! 😉  I know you are all busy trying to fit in that last bit of fun via the CNE, so I’ll try to keep this short!

NEWS FLASH – I bought a bug; a VW Bug Convertible, black and shiny.  I named her #Veronica. I hashtag her to make it more official.  Apparently dudes don’t name their cars, because the minute she arrived, I was mocked by all the men folk in my home.  All I can say is, I hope nobody ever wants to borrow #Veronica once they figure out how fun she can be.

I can’t put into words the pure joy I am having driving her around town, and as much as this all sounds a little cra cra, there is something so freeing about having the wind in your face, singing at the top of your lungs, and your hair blowing in the wind.   I do feel I want to wear a silk scarf like in the movies, “screen goddess, Grace Kelly..” but I think I’m more of a Bridget Jones kinda gal!  See for yourself….

That’s pretty much how I look when I arrive at work, but again, #messyhairdon’tcare.

I’ve been busy helping my middle boy pack up all his worldly belongings for his 4th and final year at college.  You think it gets easier, but we still have the same discussions over what to bring and what not to.  I feel at his age, popping Flintstone vitamins isn’t really appropriate and I’m most sure they are past the ‘best before” date.  Regardless, as much as I can’t wait to clean up things around his “living space”, I know I’ll still shed a wee tear for the boy.

We paid a visit to Staples last night, and did have a bit of a chuckle listening to all the parents screaming at their kids.  We were trying to get in and get out as quickly as possible, purchasing only a binder,  but I couldn’t help but laugh at the newbies there, list in hand, purchasing anything and everything to just get the hell out.   Then the fighting..” no, put that back, who uses tennis balls anymore…”;   “no, put that back, it’s too expensive, you don’t need 800 crayons..”, and my fav,  “Jesus Christ, just pick one, and let’s get going!”  You kiss your kids with that mouth?  It’s really a wonderful bonding time.. that “most wonderful time of the year.”

So speaking of back to school…here is my latest article from this months Sept. Issue of Neighbours Magazine ~ all about just that. Heading off to school, fall and time for scheduling.

cover september


I do hope Mother Nature decides to play nice so we can perhaps enjoy this last long weekend with some sunshine.  Good luck to all those heading off to school, young and old.  I’m outta here… my sweet ride awaits!



Next week ~ Ride updates, and Poppin’ tags 🙂


bedYou read it here first… yes, it’s #NATIONALLAZYDAY!

So, because I’m a rule follower, I’m not going to do anything productive today… but hang on, I’m at work, and today is a busy moving day at Microsofty.   There will be no lazy allowed!  Oh how I hate when my job gets in the way… the best laid plans! Sigh…

So as much as… “today, I don’t feel like doing anything, (insert whistle),” I can’t!

I do know I won’t spend too much time blogging, so for you, a little toe tappin’ music from Bruno ~ enjoy your day peeps, be lazy, and do nuttin’


July Musings…and in comes the August Long!


August already ~ can you believe…it!   I’m having trouble describing in a few words how my July was… draining or exasperating come to mind.  That being said, I do hope your summer has been treating you well.  Gauging from all the FB & IG posts, it appears all cottages/pools are open, the sunrise/sunsets are fab and the “docktails” are flowing.  Things seem to be ok in my circle, so I’m happy about that, I really am.

Although, hang on, I  must admit, the video clips of your lakes, as the tide ebb’s and flows are difficult to watch,  while I sit spinning and twirling on my office chair, trying to figure out if I want to eat my lunch alone in my 6x 6 cube, or mosey on down to the cafe and join the masses.

Do I sound like a Grumpy Cat or what!  I will share that I am now in full on decompress mode after a somewhat stressful month at said office.

Here’s the lowdown ~  I survived yet another huge re-org which I must say, can damn near put one over the edge.  I was frazzled.  It’s really all too hard to explain, but I’ve managed to go through, I believe, 4 of these re-orgs, and watching people wandering the halls, all zombie like, is not fun, my friends.  It was just best to avoid eye contact for the month of July.  It was very difficult to say goodbye to some great people you have bonded with over the years, but life does goes on, and I wish them well.   ❤

So yes, time for some new beginnings, and some new changes for your truly, which I am pleased about.   I am now working with someone that has gone from calling me by my proper name Leslie-Ann, to Leslie, to Lester, to LA…  I’m in!  I never really put a lot of thought into how someone addresses me, but it really does make a difference.   I take comfort in the simple silly things in life.   I think men tend to give people nick names more often than women.  They abbreviate or change it up with the last name and turn it into something like PWilly, or for some strange reason add the word dog (DAWG) to it.  ODAWD, GDAWG  Men are strange… 😉

AAAAANyway,  when feeling grumpy,  you try to find something to make you smile.   I’m presently reading an absolutely hilarious novel given to me by one of my good friends from Atlanta.  Her timing was bang on.  She knows the author personally, so that intrigued me even more.

It’s titled Mr. Right-Swipe, and if you are searching for that great beach read, this is your baby!  I hope to one day meet this funny lady in person, but for now will try and show her some love by sharing over social media.  Starting in Chapter 1, you will be looking up some specific acronyms.  I thought I knew most, but clearly need to up my coolness factor.  By the time you hit Chapter 7, you will be feeling the need for a cigarette and a cool drink…just sayin’.  *blush*   Please do me a solid, and grab yourself a copy here!


Well Done Ricki!

On the writing front, I have been on again, off again.  I keep changing my narrative to suit my mood.   I think that’s ok.  As I learned in my writing class, we write with fervor, and edit at leisure.  I have a lot of editing to do, but that’s ok.  I think this is how many start out.  I need a personal assistant to follow me around, keep notes for me, and then magically one day, BAM, my best seller!  Oh, I live to dream.  I also dream of one day swimming with pigs, so how’s that for a little insight into my personality!  Who knows, I may even get a publishing gig before my 80th birthday.

Aside from writing and editing, I am enjoying the wee articles I have been doing for Neighbours Magazine, where just 350 words seems so easy peezy now, AND, up’s my popularity in my neighborhood ten fold… 😉

august neighbors


Lastly, if you have been seeing any of my Instagram pics, you will know that I have signed up for The Ride to Conquer Cancer NEXT June.   Most days, I’m pumped, but at times, the fear of God sets in.  “Those hills will kill you Leslie…”  Well, quite frankly, I want to learn to ride those hills properly so I can rock an ass you can bounce a quarter off …Is that so wrong?


Half way Point/Pint  Joke Cred: HillsForsyth

I was reminded that beers are for when you have completed the training ride, but in my mind, if you stop at a road side cafe, and it’s open and serving alcohol, why the hell not! I’ve got my Fitbit permanently secured on my wrist and it’s doing a wonderful job of keeping me on track.  I was on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich once I figured out all it could do for me.

So that’s my July in a nut shell.  I won’t bore you how my car failed me on the highway, and I had to have it towed, and now in search of a new car ~  or that I almost had to come to blows with a local grocery manager,  because my parenting skills came into question!!!  Really?   Deep breath… in with the good air, out with the bad!

Good-bye Vanilla Ice!

I clearly cannot wait for my own wee summer getaway,  leaving today… Not gonna lie, will be indulging in a few docktails of my own, a few dock dance parties, and of course,  the odd libation with an umbrella in it!  (Hopefully the only Umbrella I will need… Arrgh).

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and I’ll check back in come September!  Thanks for listening…

Cheers & Happy Long Weekend,

LA 🙂

in drink
Summer 2017 – Safety First ❤




Nothing says Canadian Like A Tim’s!

Good Day Eh!  I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very special HAPPY CANADA DAY!  What a great big birthday we are celebrating!  So proud to be a Canadian ~ #truenorthstrongandfree


Today we are hosting our annual Street Party and even though my kiddies are all too old to decorate bikes and face paint, it’s still something that happens every year and we are all in!  Our neighborhood rocks – so many friendships formed over our 19 years on this street.  Hope you are all having the same fun, wherever this holiday weekend takes you.

Here is a little blurb I wrote for the July edition of Neigbours of Olde Oakville…which chats about the fun of Summer and those beloved Fireworks…


Enjoy your summer and of course, Canada Day!


I’m Doing This! What was I thinking…


Hi Friends and Happy Hump Day…

So, some news to share, and call me crazy, but I have decided to bite the bullet and take on the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer in June, 2018 Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the best fundraising events the Big Smoke puts on, riding over 220km in two days (gulp) benefiting Cancer research, but I’m not going to lie when I say I really much prefer the above riding attire, bicycle, and basket full of my fav’s.

My husband has done this ride for 5 years having received the coveted “golden helmet” last year.  He loves it, but I finally had to put my foot down – no more helmets at bed time! 🙂

I’m working on another blog about the whole biking experience, and most importantly the biking attire ~ I have lots to buy apparently, lots of training ahead of me, and of course, lots to say!   I’m also still trying to get my head around this pending LCBO Strike ~ I’m going to need a lot of post ride booze (at times) to get me through this journey, so I think I may need to make a trip down to the cellar to take a little inventory…

Stay tuned as this could get ugly, way before it gets much prettier

Yours in padded gussets…

Me xoxo


If anybody wants to join the ride, let me know… I would love the company, as I don’t like to bike OR drink alone… ❤


BLOGIVERSARY and Bloggy Tidbits…


Oh Joy.  I can finally celebrate something.  I’m also over this horrible lingering 6 week nagging flu/cough/cold.  Happy to report, I’m all better! I spent way too many days propped up with pillows and spent too much time reading and writing…and eating.  My family can also now remove the sneeze guard from the kitchen counter.  That thing was most annoying! 😉

It’s not that I don’t like doing any of the above, but when you spend most of it coughing up a lung, it’s not fun.  I almost needed my poor hubby to perform the Heimlich on me last weekend.  We were out for a lovely breakfast when some undercooked bacon lodged in the back of my throat.  I started to turn strawberry red, and because of my cough, couldn’t get any air.  I felt my last breath on earth was going to be taken over my Grand Slam feast!

I’m almost certain I need a new rib cage as mine had taken a beating.  Belly laughing was not an option.  It’s also been raining kittens and puppies, which just kept me in a state of resting bitch face.  On the upside, our lawn has never looked better and was contemplating shipping in some Billy Goats to help with the upkeep.

So yes, it’s my Blogiversary.  Don’t worry.  I don’t need flowers or candy. That’s not how I roll.  I do however think we should celebrate with a cocktail or two ~ yes, that’s how I roll.  Let’s leave it at that.  Anything worth celebrating should always be accompanied with alcohol.  And speaking of booze….

…in total darkness, she maneuvered herself up the antiquated staircase, knowing full well, that in her current state, the dodging of the creaking floorboards would be more than she could manage.  She allowed herself one little giggle, enjoying this game, before the flash of the bright bulb overhead, sent her catapulting down the staircase… (sneak peak)…

So yes, I’m writing… and who knew I would still be at this 5 years later.  My earlier blogging days consisted more of me writing the odd blog, and then stopping for life things that got in the way and then restarting when the mood struck.

My writing, (“hmmmph!  Listen to her, like she is some kind of writer…”)  was started well before Blogging websites or Social Media.   I started writing when my 3 boys were small but sadly, I had lost the floppy disc on that creation, so had to start over.. (dating myself  is hysterically funny sometimes).   I do know however, it had a great working title, and believe me, I have goggled the bejesus out of it, and still mine for the taking if I want it.

I have been enjoying my writing class, and getting a lot of ideas and helpful hints on how to progress.  Plot, Theme, Character’s.  Last class we went on a field trip to the church basement.  I know, hold yourself down,  but it is amazing how one gets a different perspective of looking at something when you know you have to write about it.  I had Jesus eye balling me at every turn, so I wanted to make this a good one.  I think we can all agree he is probably the best editor in the business.   Can I get an AMEN!

I’ve also been trying to get my blog website updated, so you will see it under construction from time to time. I have been following a blogger that I adore. She is so great at what she does.  She has a huge following, but is always happy to help out us rookies.  She is helping me up my game on the social media front and shares many helpful hints on how to change things up.  She has a HUGE following and actually talks to lil’ ol’ me!

Another blogger told me she likes my blog just the way it is, and not to mess it up with too much drivel – less is more she says. I totally agree.  I think I have a #girlcrush!

I’m also still having a ton of fun writing articles for Neighbors of Olde Oakville/Joshua Creek, but must admit, what I love even more, is when my #girlgang snaps a pic of the article for me, before I’ve even got a copy!  I adore them.  We’ve been throwing  around some ideas about a podcast or perhaps mounting a go-pro in my car.  Not sure about that idea.  Fuzzy slippers and writing here (where you can’t see me), has it’s benefits.

I have more stories to tell, and a few updates coming your way.  In the mean time, I’m still on the look out for the brain cells I lost while in the infirmary.  I’ll follow the breadcrumbs to try and figure out where I left them, but most importantly, ponder what happens to that girl that flew down the staircase.   If you want, tell me, and I’ll use it! (interaction with your readers is also a fun thing to do, so I’m told).

Until next time – I’m off to pop a cork and have some fun!

Yours in writing & Laughing & Smiling….