Thank you Oakville ~ Some Bunny Wuvs you…


We’ve had some very sad times as of late, right here in our little town, which has hit not only the community, but my son’s former elementary school directly.  When you hear the news, gut-wrenching is not a strong enough term. It brings you to your knees.

It is during these sad times when we reflect, as we know many of our close friends are now suffering, and have a long life journey ahead of them.

I do marvel at our community, and often reminded how amazing the people of Oakville can be when we all rally together, to help others in need.  The “Call to Action” is immediate and without hesitation, we kick into high gear.  No, not because we want recognition, or because we just think it’s the thing to do ~ we do it because that is what we are, who we are, and I’m so proud to call all these people, my friends.  Sure, there are some of you that I don’t know, but I see it happening, everyone is doing their part.

We feel the need to fix things, and make those suffering, smile again.  We want them to know how much they are loved.  We can, and will do this.  Thank you Oakville for being the greatest Town of all!  This is, of course, just from my perspective, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my thinking.  Oakville, as we all know, can sometimes get a bad rap, so to those people, I say, stop the talking, and until you know the real works of the people around you, get your head out of your ass. (sorry mom) 😉

Below is a small piece I wrote for Neighbors Magazine  ~ April edition. (And, was also  lucky enough to share the month with my friend, Andrea Nairn), a talented artist, illustrator, and textile designer,  and one who can put me to shame when it comes to drawing stick men!  Check out her wonderful works here!

I was at first hesitant to post this April Blog, but figured I can do my small part, in making those around me, whom I care so deeply about and presently dealing with an overwhelming amount of sadness, bring a wee smile to their face.  You all know who you are.   Dig in Oakville…let’s continue to do what we all do so well. ❤


APRIL Showers bring May Flowers… excellent news, but wait, wasn’t it just Valentine’s Day and I was up to my elbows in candy goodness, licking every last bit of chocolate off my keyboard??

Now April, and more chocolate in the form of adorable bunnies and chicks. No wonder my poor scale is struggling to “figure” me out!

Well, I do love chocolate, and I also love me a good egg hunt!  Our Oakville neighborhood has been doing these for years. We hide the goods early in our local soccer park, and if the sun is shining, the whole field is aglow with foil covered eggs.  Once the little ones start the hunt, within moments, there is not an egg left to boil!  All of them have been scooped up, complete with a few sprigs of grass, twigs, and god forbid, doggy doo.

Then of course, April Fools. I’m a mom of 3 boys, so the pranks were endless, and of course, mostly played on yours truly. I have been squirted with water from a tap covered in tape and left the house to start my car, only to find it moved to the end of our street! Boys!

April is also a time when we start evaluating our physique and the summer clothing in our closet.  My Costco “couture” of leggings and hoodies have to go. Curses! As much as I love them, I do have to embrace the bathing suit/shorts shopping trip sooner than later.

The darn changing room lighting is horrid (who’s with me), and as much as I think I resemble a Solid Gold Dancer, my back is slick with a river of sweat just trying to get that darn swim suit over my head.  It’s so not a good visual!

I think I’ll give April a free pass, and enjoy all it has to offer ~ the chocolate ~ Good Friday ~ Egg hunts ~ April Fool’s Day and of course, those adorable Peeps!

Happy Hunting to all.


And remember, be kind people, and keep those in need, in your prayers.

with love,




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