Nothing says Canadian Like A Tim’s!

Good Day Eh!  I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very special HAPPY CANADA DAY!  What a great big birthday we are celebrating!  So proud to be a Canadian ~ #truenorthstrongandfree


Today we are hosting our annual Street Party and even though my kiddies are all too old to decorate bikes and face paint, it’s still something that happens every year and we are all in!  Our neighborhood rocks – so many friendships formed over our 19 years on this street.  Hope you are all having the same fun, wherever this holiday weekend takes you.

Here is a little blurb I wrote for the July edition of Neigbours of Olde Oakville…which chats about the fun of Summer and those beloved Fireworks…


Enjoy your summer and of course, Canada Day!


Thank you Oakville ~ Some Bunny Wuvs you…


We’ve had some very sad times as of late, right here in our little town, which has hit not only the community, but my son’s former elementary school directly.  When you hear the news, gut-wrenching is not a strong enough term. It brings you to your knees.

It is during these sad times when we reflect, as we know many of our close friends are now suffering, and have a long life journey ahead of them.

I do marvel at our community, and often reminded how amazing the people of Oakville can be when we all rally together, to help others in need.  The “Call to Action” is immediate and without hesitation, we kick into high gear.  No, not because we want recognition, or because we just think it’s the thing to do ~ we do it because that is what we are, who we are, and I’m so proud to call all these people, my friends.  Sure, there are some of you that I don’t know, but I see it happening, everyone is doing their part.

We feel the need to fix things, and make those suffering, smile again.  We want them to know how much they are loved.  We can, and will do this.  Thank you Oakville for being the greatest Town of all!  This is, of course, just from my perspective, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in my thinking.  Oakville, as we all know, can sometimes get a bad rap, so to those people, I say, stop the talking, and until you know the real works of the people around you, get your head out of your ass. (sorry mom) 😉

Below is a small piece I wrote for Neighbors Magazine  ~ April edition. (And, was also  lucky enough to share the month with my friend, Andrea Nairn), a talented artist, illustrator, and textile designer,  and one who can put me to shame when it comes to drawing stick men!  Check out her wonderful works here!

I was at first hesitant to post this April Blog, but figured I can do my small part, in making those around me, whom I care so deeply about and presently dealing with an overwhelming amount of sadness, bring a wee smile to their face.  You all know who you are.   Dig in Oakville…let’s continue to do what we all do so well. ❤


APRIL Showers bring May Flowers… excellent news, but wait, wasn’t it just Valentine’s Day and I was up to my elbows in candy goodness, licking every last bit of chocolate off my keyboard??

Now April, and more chocolate in the form of adorable bunnies and chicks. No wonder my poor scale is struggling to “figure” me out!

Well, I do love chocolate, and I also love me a good egg hunt!  Our Oakville neighborhood has been doing these for years. We hide the goods early in our local soccer park, and if the sun is shining, the whole field is aglow with foil covered eggs.  Once the little ones start the hunt, within moments, there is not an egg left to boil!  All of them have been scooped up, complete with a few sprigs of grass, twigs, and god forbid, doggy doo.

Then of course, April Fools. I’m a mom of 3 boys, so the pranks were endless, and of course, mostly played on yours truly. I have been squirted with water from a tap covered in tape and left the house to start my car, only to find it moved to the end of our street! Boys!

April is also a time when we start evaluating our physique and the summer clothing in our closet.  My Costco “couture” of leggings and hoodies have to go. Curses! As much as I love them, I do have to embrace the bathing suit/shorts shopping trip sooner than later.

The darn changing room lighting is horrid (who’s with me), and as much as I think I resemble a Solid Gold Dancer, my back is slick with a river of sweat just trying to get that darn swim suit over my head.  It’s so not a good visual!

I think I’ll give April a free pass, and enjoy all it has to offer ~ the chocolate ~ Good Friday ~ Egg hunts ~ April Fool’s Day and of course, those adorable Peeps!

Happy Hunting to all.


And remember, be kind people, and keep those in need, in your prayers.

with love,




March Madness… NO WAY!


THE MONTH OF MARCH IS HALF OVER ~ March break is done and dusted, and so is that delightful St. Patrick’s Day, when all the quazi Irish come out to play. I’m married to Irish, so he is the real mccoy! ❤

St. Paddy’s day was fun.  We partied till the wee hours of the mornin’.  Well, not really, but it felt like that because when you arrive at a pub at 3:30 and don’t leave till 10:30 ~ it’s 7 good hours spent regardless if the sun has set or not!

The only thing hard about this day (and believe me, there’s nothing much else wrong with it, green beer and all), is the color.   I get it, The Emerald Aisle…but who’s with me.  Most human’s don’t do green.  Well, according to my survey at the Temple Bar (*plug*)  We did toasts throughout the evening,  “yah, to good friends…” clink,  “yah, Happy St. Patrick’s Day…may the road rise to meet you…” clink, and then “cheers to not having anything green in my closet!”  It’s so true, right?


Ah, sure, what a lovely lookin’ bunch of Bhean’s!

It’s too bad green gets such a bad rap.  Why don’t people have more green?  I stood forever searching in my closet only to come up with an ill fitting swirly green flowy top, and a pair of green Khakis…good enough.  A quick trip to Dollarama for a matching set up ugly green earrings, (I was told they looked teal).. and BAM, I’m ready for a day of drinking and watching the Irish dance!

Our family did however pull this ensemble together for a photo shoot! God help me if my boys ever start reading my blogs…snicker snicker 🙂


…The boys always argue when I make them dress the same!

Another wonderful thing about March (March 20th ~ TODAY), is that we celebrate the United Nations International Day of Happiness.   How great is this!  An actual day dedicated to celebrating happiness. On this day,  the UN wishes that mankind will recognize the important of happiness as a universal goal.

We can do this! How happy can you be for a day and feel you have made a change?  For me, happiness occurs in the smallest of moments.  A hot bath, getting lost inside a wonderful book, or spending time with family & true friends.  Pure Joy!

It’s that extra smile you give someone and a simple “good morning” to start off someone’s day.  To be happy, we need to appreciate what we have, and not always focus on the “what if’s.”     People that are happy will be kind to others.  Pay it forward.  Buy that stranger a coffee in the line behind you.

Lastly, sticking with the “happiness” theme,  I do have some happiness of my own to spread.  Some of you have been asking, so I wanted to tell you all that my nephew Steven is now home.  All our prayers have been answered.  His is a fighter!

He does has a long road ahead of him, as his diet will consist of only soups and shakes, given his jaw is wired shut for another 5 weeks (wired aka thick plastic).  My sister has been working her blender like a bartender at the Stampede, and making him the most wonderful shakes. Steven is lucky he is not my boy. I’m not so good around the kitchen appliances.

He still needs a lot of rest and will be relearning a few things, and is not quite ready to be on his own yet.   Not a problem!  We will take it one day at a time, and again, thank-you to all for your words of encouragement.  They helped more than you know. ❤

Happy first day of Spring, peeps.   🐥


That wonderful, glorious Guardian Angel..


I want to meet him/her.  She saved my nephews life.  (I’ll just go with She… 😉 )

As most of you know, my nephew Steven was involved in a very serious car accident last week, and the news shook us to the core.  The call you never want to get.  You can read my initial blog posting here about what transpired.

He should have died.  Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.  He was on life support.

I spent 4 days in Calgary, staying by my nephews side, as anyone would, playing nurse, and making sure things were organized for my sister and her husband.  I’m not sure where one gathers the strength from, but we all stood for four days straight fitting in the odd lunch/dinner when we could.   I was doing my small part in keeping him clean and tidy, untucking and refolding blankets, as he tossed and turned in agony.

The Dr.’s all marveled at how quickly Steven was progressing.  We were told to take everything 12 hours at a time.  We watched over him with each passing hour, waiting patiently for the next step.

Below is a small excerpt from my sisters Facebook post.  She initially wasn’t going to use Social Media to tell her story, but felt the need to reach out, and thank those all around the world that have been praying for his recovery.

…Most importantly, god listened and granted us a miracle.  On Friday his breathing tube was removed, and Steven’s road to recovery had begun.  He has had  facial surgery to reconstruct his jaw (now with elastics till fully healed)  and left side of his face.  His spleen has been emobilized.  We have long days ahead of us, as he goes through both physical and emotional therapy, but our family with fight through this.   Steven is walking, talking and has been moved out of ICU.  Again, so very grateful.  We have cried, but more importantly we can now laugh.  Steven can be a funny guy, and thankfully strong willed ~ he wants to fight, he wants to live.  I can’t wait to get him home with us…

I did not want to leave. I cried when he couldn’t see me, and made every attempt to make him laugh when we were together.  I have some great video of both of us chatting, that I will share with him when he’s fully recovered.  I’m sure he will get a kick out of it.  I feel I created an even stronger bond with my nephew, one that will never be broken.  He is strong, and I know with all my heart, he will once again be back on his feet, living a full and happy life.

I do believe in the power of prayer ~ now more than ever. You have to believe in a greater power when it comes to something like this. Steven was saved. His Grandma would most likely appreciate a shout out for this.  At last glance, she was leading the polls with most prayers sent…. ❤

Now it’s my turn.  My turn to thank each and every one of you that reached out to me, sending your love and prayers.  It was the best feeling in the world to sit down and read text after text from family and friends, showing support for my nephew.  We will have lots to share with him.  This will turn into a wonderful life journey for Steven, I can feel it.

And to that wonderful glorious Guardian Angel, thank you. Thank you for holding Steven in your loving arms, making sure he was safe and making it possible for him to stay a little longer on this beautiful planet earth.  Steven is meant for greater things.  We have to believe this.

All my love and adoration to you all, and a special thank you to my sister and her husband Trevor for their strength and patience with Aunty during this, the most horrible time of their lives.

Now, to lighten the mood, I do have to share that my sister and I almost came to blows when cleaning out Stevens room, prepping for his arrival home.  I felt like we could have been on an episode of Hoarders.  She keeps stuff, and I purge. “Really Lisa, do you need to keep 15 (yes I counted) little Christmas hand towels, and why the hell are they in his room anyway.”   “How many pairs of nylons do you need, there are 28 here in two drawers, and again, why are they in HIS room..” (Yes I counted those too).    It wasn’t pretty.  I love her to bits, but only I will know how much was thrown out, that she will never, ever in a million years, ever miss!  Steven’s room is now ready and EMPTY!  Come on home!


In The Blink Of An Eye…


I was 35,000 ft. in the air this past Friday. I didn’t want to be, but I had to be.

I’m afraid of flying, but there was no excuse good enough that warranted me staying on the ground.

My 27 year old nephew was in a terrible car accident in Calgary, so I am now here to help out my sister and her husband, a shoulder to lean on.  He is strong and in good health, which is helping him immensely.

My mind was spinning with questions, so we made the decision I should go to him. I’m an organizer, a fixer. I will sort out my sister, (with a new shiny journal in hand), and she can put me to work on whatever tasks she needs for me, to lighten her load.

Nobody knows why or how it happened. He was the passenger. All we know is the car ended up on it’s roof, and within moments, 911 was called by someone we may never meet.

After I broke the news to my parents, my mom vanished.  He is going to be fine.  We have a boatload of  prayer chains being linked up.

All too often we claim “Life is too short” and to “enjoy life, as you never know what lies ahead.”  This could never be more true.

Do I really care that my fridge wasn’t clean when I left; do I really need to stress the random shit that goes on in my life, that I sometimes struggle with and want to fix?

The answer is simple. NO! This has been a huge eye opener for yours truly.

Life can change in the blink of an eye, so for me, I’m letting go of the minutiae.  The world sometimes has a strange way of giving you what you need, and for me, it was clarity.

As of today, he is still in ICU, having had some successful surgery completed.  All things are leading in a positive direction.

Please keep my nephew in your prayers, and of course, love the ones you’re with.



~ The Voice of Reason ~


My eldest son moved out!

My thought process was that I would be fine, because, well, he was already gone for 5 years during his University days. I got used to his absence.  Then, like most do, they come back.  Nasty beer fridge, two gecko tanks and a big sack of laundry.


The day he left…my smile was fake!

That’s the joke. When they leave for school, oh the tears, the sadness, the worry ~ but as some of my friends that have already gone through this process reminded me, “Don’t worry Les, he will be back…”  Well, sure enough he was back, and I had mixed feelings.

You get used to a smallerish family and year after year, it seemed like the new normal.  Strange as it sounds, having a family of 5 is busy and when they invite buddies over, it can get crazy.  Setting the table with so many forks, meant a lot of good conversation, but once he left, it was calm, quiet and peaceful.

Once he was done his studies, he moved back into the newly renovated basement and spent a year enjoying a pretty good lifestyle.  When he left for school, he was still sharing a room with his middle brother, in twin beds, so this was a huge upgrade for him.

I can still hear them talking to each other from the time they were small. Stories of how PlayDoh was the best invention ever, to who would have the better nerf gun battle “tomorrow.” As they grew, so did the conversation. Girl talk, silly party stories, followed by lots of laughter.

Since graduating, he landed himself a great gig, and was socking away the money with some rent money coming our way!  Teachings of Life Lesson 101.

He is an adult, so I tried to give him his space.  I would however, still prepare some of his meals, because it’s what we do as mom’s, right?  I’m sure I won’t get any arguments there.  I wanted him to know he is still part of our family unit.

I also tried not to rag at him too much about keeping his space clean, and at the same time, wanted to remind him he is not just RENTING a room on our street.  Well, he had issue with this. “But Mom, I AM paying rent.” Humph, he was right!!

My husband and I have had many discussions surrounding when we kick the boys to the curb post studies, or do we let them stay, build up some equity, and let them decide when they want to leave.

Times are tough, I say, but I was reminded that “he is no longer a child, that he has to spread his wings and figure out his own “hizzle.   “We have done all the teaching we can, and it’s now his turn to figure life out.”  Ok, Ok, you win! (Voice of reason… I hate when he’s right)!

But, then one day he broke the news ~ he was just ready to go.  We never even got the chance to have the “It’s time Son, to spread your wings” chat. This was his decision, not ours, and I get it.  He expected tears, but all I could do was smile at the man he had become and admired him for taking that leap.

When he started house hunting, I wanted to help, but was told in the nicest of ways that he was fine, and could handle on his own.

Ok, again, I get it. He was so excited, and I’m all “Hey, I made you a nice pot roast for dinner.”   I felt a slight tug on my heart strings…

I was reminded by a co-worker that I will be sad when he goes and there will be a void.  Initially I said, no way.  I told her I could hardly wait to steam clean his room, and turn it back into a beautiful guest room, with show towels, and the best linens!  But, who am I kidding.  We all know the real truth here.

Well, it was huge. He is now gone for good, and I think I am ok with this. There is no coming back. (according to the voice of reason=, again) …

During one of our dinners, he asked me how much a grocery bill can be for one month.

I just smiled and told him, it’s really all about the number of forks at the table. He returned the smile, and I think at that moment, he truly understood what we were saying about life, conversation, and moving on.

Love Mumsie xo


all your memories,


all your dreams,


all who love you


all you need

The Sugar Rush and Family Stuff…


Today we celebrate Valentines Day ~ The busiest day of the year for florists hands down…(although, close second is Mothers Day ~ Which I personally think should take top billing)…

As you will read below from my latest article posted in Neighbours Of Olde Oakville….my better half and I have an agreement.  Don’t fuss!!  I’m not a princess and don’t have the need to be showered with gifts… oh stop laughing, all of you!!!

But, seriously, I love you, you love me, nuff said.  I’m not a huge fan of roses anyway.   I’m more of a pale pink peonies lover, so will wait patiently till the May bloom to fill my home with those beauties.

Don’t get me wrong, when we were dating and well into our first, oh let’s say, 15 years of marriage, we showered each other with presents, big tacky cards, and chocolate O’grams.  Now, as I age, the chocolate isn’t allowed in my “new me” food plan, cards just make me weepy as of late, and I have enough jewelry/bangles to make a guest appearance on the Home Shopping Network.   Please don’t let my negativity hold you back from professing your love.  Must say, I’m a pretty lucky lady myself. ❤  Read on…..


Ah February, the month where chocolate and sugary goodness is purchased in bulk. We celebrate “le mois des amoureux” ~ because apparently, we fail at this the other 11 months of the year.

Then Family Day ~ Spending more time with loved ones. WOW – Two full days of #forcedfamilyfun?

We survived the January blahs where my Christmas leftovers transformed into everything from a casserole to something resembling “turkey jerky.” I was starting to sprout feathers and walk funny, so it was time for the bones to hit the recycling.

Valentine’s Day is clearly a Hallmark holiday in our family. We both agree… “don’t waste your $6.50 on a mushy card.”  Let’s just go out for dinner, where I can gorge myself on the family platter of pasta and assorted vinos!  A girls gotta eat, I say!

Then, Family Day! Aside from a day off work, for which I am eternally grateful, I just don’t get it. Playing board games or taking part in crafting activities are the recommended “to-do’s.” Come on now!

I have 3 boys.  Let’s get real! Getting them all grouped together just for a family photo gives me hives, and you want me to break out the glue gun!?

My eldest, also enjoying a day off, will have no problem wasting away the day under the covers, watching re-runs of “The Office” on a loop!

My 15-year-old will have his headset engaged and proceed to “game” all day. I could suggest a walk, but rest assured he will still be in his jammies at 3pm, so it won’t happen.  My middle is away at school, so unless I text him incessantly, which will most likely be ignored, we can pretty much call it a day.

As a positive, I do know that come Feb. 15th, all chocolate will be 50% 0ff, and that’s a win in my books. I can navigate a Hershey’s Pot O’ Gold map like Christopher Columbus!  Don’t you hate it when you choose that nasty fruit crème and all you really wanted was a chewy caramel?

Please enjoy Valentines/Family Day and do whatever works for you.  Come to think of it as I write this, I think my son could be onto something. A day in bed with Netflix on a loop sounds most wonderful – surrounded by my family, of course!


Rose petals optional – if on a budget, beets will suffice ❤


Thank-you, Superbowl Sunday and… #amwriting (I think)…


So we are a week in from saying goodbye to our precious dog Lucy, but things are now slowly adjusting to a ‘new normal.’   She came to me in a dream, and I can’t tell you how WONDERFUL it was.   I was able to give her a big hug, and it felt sooo real. Then she was gone.  Our family is taking it day by day and we wanted to just say thank you to all our friends & neighbors that reached out.  We felt the love and it helped!  You all ROCK!

Then last night, engaging in our ritual of chili cheese Nacho’s, wings, and a couple of cold ones while tuning into Superbowl VI.  We were flinging chicken wings like Friar Tuck and elbow deep in chili grease.  I love eating in front of the television. Feels like we are in a restaurant, but no bill!

Those American’s know how to rock a production, don’t they!  I was torn who I was cheering for.  The adorable 31 year old, Matt Ryan, quarterback from Atlanta, because well, it was his first Superbowl, and I felt this would be a cool win for him!! … or do I want Tom Brady to win, just so I could get a close up look of what his bride Giselle was wearing.


Let’s face it, this Brazilian could rock a paper bag!

Then the commercials.  I won’t go on and on about what I liked or disliked (mostly disliked this year..a lot of weirdness).  I did however, LOVE Melissa McCarthy and her 2017 Kia Niro ad.  Who doesn’t  love her. She cracks me up.  Laughter is good medicine, I say.

Then, the half time show.  Don’t hate me, I’m not a GAGA Fan, but that WAS pretty amazing.  I didn’t like that when she took her ‘leap of faith’ they panned to the drones instead of watching her flight down to the stage.  I wanted to see that. I’m thinking that was on purpose, just in case things went sideways, and not as planned…If you get my drift! 

She is brave and I give her “applause” for that! (couldn’t resist)   I get vertigo just climbing my ladder to clean out of my eaves. Aside from seeing one of her dancers blow a tire on the slippery stage, it was really quite good.  Loved the “Hi Mom & Dad”… She was the winner in my books…  *(updated info below – I’m firing my sources as we speak ~ heads are gonna roll)!

So wrapping up this Monday madness and speaking of books, I’m taking the plunge and going to attempt writing a fiction novel.  Been on my mind  ‘forever’ and figured it would be a good distraction for me.  I’m slowly losing interest in television as a whole, and don’t even have one Netflix show I can recommend.  My son however,  is pushing me to watch Game Of Thrones – I’m one season in, but need a cheat sheet just to keep all the characters and cities sorted out. One of my fav’s died in season one, so if this is the way every season is going to roll out,  I’m not biting.  I’m a happy endings kind of gal!

So that being said, I’m breaking out my self help books and starting this journey.  I cannot wait.  I was lucky enough to be given a few books as a suggestion from a friend, as she has already written one novel with (I think) another in the works.  I’ll take all the advice I can get.  I  can’t wait to dig in.  I have also ordered a couple off of Amazon.  I think I need a “writing for dummies…” – I feel like such a newbie, but so excited at the same time.

I did start a book years ago called “From Nylons to Sweatpants.” about my journey as a working mom turned stay at home mom, but life got in the way and it ended up on the backburner.

So, now with slightly more time on my hands  (aka: no toddlers),  I’ll have some fun/scary/raunchy/dirty/ fictional novel for you to read.  How’s that for a plot! Can you tell, I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head!?  AND, if you play your cards right, could perhaps fit you in somewhere. Ahhh, a blank slate.  Where should I begin…”as she feverishly taps her fingers together and flashes that evil sideways smile…”



“Once upon a time….”

*Update (cuz I have authority to do so)…- when this blog went to press *wink* yours truly was unaware of the “perfect illusion” that Miss Gaga performed.  Apparently pre-recorded atop the stadium, and no jump; .just a lift up ~ all merged together.  Still pretty impressive non the less.  

A Dog with A Blog…

lucybabyThere are no easy words as I type this.  Tears are flowing.  Today we laid to rest our sweet dog Lucy after a short battle with Lymphoma.  We were given two weeks, and she gave us 4 months.

Every day was a treasure, a gift, and we spoiled her to the best of our abilities.  No food was off limits.  She was my person, our person, and such a presence in our home.

We watched her huge frame of close to 140 lbs. slowly give way to this horrible disease which was, unbeknownst to us, very common in the Bullmastiff breed.  I am so very sad, routines are now not the same, and it will take time to get over the loss of our little girl.  I’m back to all men in the house, and although we will never get another dog, (with travel & moving on the horizon) I will always cherish the times with her, that big lug of a lazy ass dog, my loyal companion.

As we did with our newborns, always waiting in anticipation of their first words, to hear their voice, I often wished Lucy had a voice, and if she did…what would she say to us…from her perspective, hmmm…I wonder….

This is Lucy, and if you have ever seen the show Dog With A blog, you will understand what I’m doing.  Well, I’m now blogging.  My mom loves to blog about the funny things in life, from her perspective, and well, quite frankly, she cracks me up.

I live with the Williams Family ~ all boys, and sadly, today is my last day on earth. They are all heartbroken, even though they knew this day was coming.   I just want to say a few things to them, because well, they have been so loving and kind to me for these past 6 years, it’s the least I can do.

I know they wanted me to hang on to celebrate my 7th birthday on Valentines Day, but that’s not going to happen.  I’m ready to go. They have made some sort of plan to “sprinkle me” in a park.  I’m good with that ~  I love the park!

My family took a pledge when they adopted me.  It’s actually an “official pledge” that they signed with the breeder.  Cute.  Here are the things that they did for me, which I will always be so thankful for, and want them to know, when I look in their eyes for the very last time, that I am happy, and at peace.

 Shower me with love ~ duh, I was spoiled rotten. Something about my mom always wanting a girl to buy pink stuff for! Before I even got home, I was given a wee pink collar and leash.  I felt so pretty.  My people couldn’t stop smiling.

Take me for walks even when I didn’t want to go and provide me a warm shelter ~ I was given a walk everyday.  We Bullmastiffs tend to be a bit lazy, so around the block was more than enough. After my exhaustive workout,  I enjoyed my larger than life comfy bed and completely demolished over time, their beautiful leather club chair. If you could see it now, you will know why it’s heading to the curb this Friday.   I believe my mom is also going to donate my bed, along with a lot of other things, to the humane society.  Some “lucky dog” is getting my dolly.  Please keep care of her.  They called it Dolly.  I called it a pull toy!

Never leave me alone too long ~ are you kidding.  I sometimes just craved some “me” time, but there was always someone around patting and loving me.

Give me a treat when I do my tricks and always praise me– Not to brag or anything, but I am somewhat talented and will show you a video at the end of my blog.  Treats – no brainer again.  It was the only way I would go outside to do my business. (Some dude named Pavlov started this treat – bell – treat thing.  He was smart.

Keep water bowl full– Well there is only one word for this…”Sludge”  They changed my water many times a day.  I was slightly messy with a giant tongue, so had a splash mat the size of a world map under my bowl! Sorry about that.  You won’t have that mess to deal with anymore.  Couldn’t help it.  Have you ever seen the movie Turner and Hooch!  I’m not THAT messy, but a close second.

Greet me at the door when you arrive home ~ Well, I must say I am somewhat intuitive, because around 5:40pm everyday,  I would lay by the front door, and sure enough, in comes mom.  She always loved my licks and hugs, and greeted me before anybody else in the house. I was special to her I think. 🙂  I am rather huge, so gone are the days when I could run to the door and greet my person.  The hardwood acted like a slip and slide, so I learned early on to walk and not take out anybody at the knees.

Take care of me when I am sick ~ Everyday this happened, especially since my prognosis.  I not only had breakfast, but was given cereal on top of it… (Some guy named Captain Crunch) I loved him. My brother brought me fries and a burger from Wendy’s today, but for the first time, I didn’t want a thing to eat.  I was just letting them know it was time.  Typically fries was my ‘go to’ food request.

Pledge to love and care for me, and make sure everyone in the world knows that I am the cutest dog in the world ~ Again, this was taken care of.  My mom often took me downtown Oakville with her for some ‘girl time’ shopping, but the crowds always gathered to pat me.  Something about a big Bullmastiff dog that people liked.  I never craved attention.  I was a lucky dog.  I loved downtown Oakville.

Know that dogs always listen and learn, so be kind to them ~ I did listen and could read them all like a book.  I loved watching my ‘people’ and I feel pretty lucky to have had them choose me over all my brothers and sisters.  I was the runt of my litter, and there was something about my black snout that they adored.

Oh, and one last thing…

My grandma came to say goodbye to me today and said a little prayer. Just she and I.  Nobody else heard.  She is pretty darn good at it!  I’ve heard her car can get her to St. Judes downtown Oakville on autopilot, so I think she has some pull.  She made me feel loved and safe.  It’s time to let me go now.  She also made my people cry, but they have been doing that all day, so what’s one more tear!  Grandma then gave me the sign of the cross, so if you believe, just say a prayer, because I will always be listening, and will always be with you…

Please take care of my people, as they are all a hot mess right now…

Love Lucy

And now, as promised, my talent piece… ❤

“3 Roll overs at 110 lbs. is never easy my friends…”

RIP my girl… xo


She blogs to heal the pain…..thanks for indulging her! ❤