A Tangled Mess ~ Good news for yours truly!


Most days I try to jot notes down in my personal journal if I hear something I want to remember.  Then there can also be lags of time where I don’t use it at all.  I think we can thank our IPhones for this.  I make good use of my “notes” app, and will use it to remind me of anything and everything ~ a quick grocery store list, best place to buy Spanx, bars I like, restaurant recommendations, and most importantly, all the Netflix movies I discuss with others.  As an aside, I think I really need about 6 months alone on a deserted island (except for power and a really good internet provider) to get caught up!  Doesn’t that sound heavenly! Throw in a lounge chair and a drink with an umbrella in it, and I may never surface again!

AAAAANYWAY, my notes then reminds me to Blog.  I do however, often think that, as much as I enjoy writing them, my following is not that large.  Who really cares.  Do you really want to hear about my day and the craziness it can be, or my random thoughts, “From My Perspective” as my blog is titled.  Well, then, as luck would have it, something happened… a direct message from twitter.

At the time, I was busy in my room trying to sort out my tangled necklaces.  I know, you’re jealous right?  How much fun can YOU have on a Thursday night.  They were all in a muddled mess and can make me late for work some days!!  I just happened to glance down at my phone and saw a message.

Long story short, this lady told me that I need to reach a wider audience than just a few of my pals on WordPress and would I be interested.  I won’t go into great detail about how she pees her pants laughing at some of my drivel, but she did want me to call her asap.  She had an opportunity for me too good to pass up.  After I replied back (without thinking or even consulting my lawyer),  we set a time to connect. I couldn’t focus anymore, and threw the clump back into my jewelry box.  I’ll soon have people to do this for me, I thought! 😉

I threw a fist pump in the air, muttered a soft “yes” under my breath, and flopped down onto my bed.  I then took a quick gander over to my window to be sure my blinds were closed. They were…Whew!   For me, this was exactly what I have always wanted.  It’s going to start out small, but I feel a motion picture isn’t too far from reality!  OK who are we kidding. I’ll stop…

So for now, it’s back to reality, and The Crown! I’m still trying to get the image of the Queen out of my head after that naughty little scene where her hubby aka King, so eloquently stated …

Two options, either I get some stilts so I can reach the heights of my new tall woman, or…(slight dramatic pause)…or, she can get on her knees! 

Hot Damn!  That was good wasn’t it!

Stay tuned my loyal followers…






26 thoughts on “A Tangled Mess ~ Good news for yours truly!

  1. Darcy

    Cool Leslie can’t wait to hear about this! I love that something you do in writing and sharing your blog ..that all of us enjoy reading so much could turn into something awesome for u👍🏻😊


  2. Mary Bea

    Another “real” perspective blog from you Les. Always brings a smile to my face …and even a LOL as I nod in agreement to the random elements of your life that we can all related to. I am looking forward to the movie version – who will play you? Good luck with the new audience …i have no doubt they will love you as much as I do.


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