MOJO Reality Check…Finding the good in everyday

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Ha!   Thankfully, I have never done one of these, but rest assured I am much happier and more successful than any of you will ever be!!  Do people really think we believe this drivel?  Well,  I don’t and quite frankly, it’s just one less thing I have to worry about doing.

I’m having a bit of a struggle with all the hustle and bustle this festive season, and it’s messing with my mojo!  It’s so not like me.  I’m Mrs. Clause most days!  I equate it to a little bit of aging, and a lot of memory loss.  Why can’t the milk jug go in the cereal cabinet overnight.  And why, why, why do we run up the stairs numerous times a day only to forget why we are there!  I’m thinking of installing an escalator to make the trip more fun.

AND, to make matters worse, with all my stressing, I’ve now caught the flu bug and sicker than a dog.  I just can’t seem to shake it.  I’m presently sucking on a Fisherman’s Friend (snicker) and downing Neo Citron like it’s happy hour!

I am head down in busy mode making preparations for Christmas while working full time.  I was busy updating my “gifts purchased” spreadsheet and creating my own Christmas vision board, (totally kidding on the board) when it hit me. It’s time to chill, slow my roll!

I know many people  can get all worked up about everything Christmas, and will forget to stop and smell the roses, (poinsettia’s in this case – which I detest, but regardless). Guilty as charged.

I’m one of those people that if the stars are not all aligned just so,  I can be a real crabby patty.  I have a timeline that if not followed to a “T”,  I feel like a whirling dervish, ready to blow. I’ll write things on my to-do list and then immediately stroke it off,  just to be sure I am on the right track. You are smiling, because you do this too.

And if it isn’t bad enough that I’m stressing every…. little….. thing,  I get a “Hey Lester, what’s with the empty urn…it’s already December” from the neighbor.  Curse them, they all know me too well.  I just laugh, give a little shoulder shrug, and reply , “Yes, I know right, what is wrong with me…”  I then turn on my heels, and with my back teeth grinding into a fine powder, poke a little pin in his voodoo doll!

But, this week,  I  got the chance to get out to a wonderful Bring and Buy fundraiser for The Lighthouse. I told my girlfriend, I couldn’t stay long, in and out, and of course, we were there till the bitter end ~ Coffee, Ladies, and shopping are a great threesome that you can’t rush!   I spent time chatting with old friends I hadn’t seen in ages, and  then met a lady that I think, if we had more time, would have exchanged dress sizes and become lifelong friends. She was such a doll!  Don’t you love when you meet someone and feel like you have known them all your life. It has happened a few times to me. So great!

This is when I told myself that it’s time to slow down, recognize the real reason for the season and to try and find the good in everyday things.  The Lighthouse has made some huge changes in peoples lives, and holds a special place in my heart for a couple of very good reasons.  They have now moved to a new home, and it’s absolutely beautiful.   Congratulations to them all, and with this sale, raised over $16K!

Then, again something great.  Last Wednesday, I spent the morning at the Food Bank with other work peeps sorting canned goods and working a tape gun like nobody’s business.  Collectively we gave 63 hours of our time and organized 5,862 meals worth of food back into our community!  What a great feeling to be giving back in this way.

And of course, closing off the loop, yesterday we picked up “thing 2” from college in  London.  My whole family unit back together.  All feels right in my world. Even though my boy is not too far away from home, I still run to him for a big hug like he has been serving overseas for 5 years.  But, by a week in, I’ll be wondering when he wants a lift back to school and if we book early, could perhaps get a discounted bus ticket!  It’s a whole process that only mama’s can relate to!  Again, I know you are smiling!

So now that my mojo is under control, I can enjoy the fact that I have a party to attend this evening.  I don’t want to stress, but the Tinkley Winkley website I ordered my dress from has missed the boat!  Curse you Amazon Prime – You promised!  Not a package in sight, so it’s going to be tights and a flowy over top! Sounds good to me – easier to get my 24K MAGIC grove on without the constricting nylons!

As I write this, I am getting a pedicure for the holidays, and we ALL know what heaven that is.  You are actually forced to sit down for an hour, and not move.  I so appreciate this time, even if I am inhaling the fumes of the toxic varnish!  Also, not to mention the chatter you can engage in with complete strangers, and then, the next thing you know, you ARE exchanging dress sizes and planning a coffee date.  If only the owners of these “boutiques” could get these places licensed….

So yes, there are just 7 more sleeps.  But that’s ok.  I’m just going to continue to focus on the good in everyday!!  It helps bring things into perspective, from my perspective, of course.  Although, if you do find yourself in need of a voodoo doll for any particular reason, you know where to find me! ❤

Merry Merry my friends,





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