Cookin’ with George and DiS aNd DaT!

Damn, I love cooking, said Leslie Never!

Happy Day after #familyday my friends. Sadly for me, I spent it in bed.. but I won’t complain!  I’m better today and the sun is out and….ok sorry, it’s not out,  but I’m an optimist!  Two of my three boys were not home anyway due to college and work, so the roast was put on the backburner,  and whoa, I didn’t even get to put up a lovely #familyday pic on Insta ~ earth shattering moment.  How will I go on…

In my last blog, I updated everyone on my #newme plan, and happy to say it resonated with quite a few people.  I’m still losing pounds (has slowed down a bit), but more importantly, I’m losing inches which is key, and feels SO DAMN GOOD!  I received a few off line messages from friends I haven’t talked to in ages (but still adore); they wanted to meet for a coffee, hear all about what I am doing, and kick start their own #newme plan.  I also had a few fellow bloggers asking for more info, and how they felt so inspired.  I’m glad, as this also inspires me to keep on keepin’ on!  Then, out on a walk, saw another buddy and we discussed at great lengths, my greatest tip – the GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!  Please don’t eye roll me, because I cannot say enough about this dude and his grill.  Stay with me.

If you saw my latest insta post, I also shared that I was baking up a storm this weekend. (I know, say it ain’t so…I also wore an Apron, for the first time ever, so take that)! 🙂   I made 2 doz. of these little fat free oat bran banana muffins (I say little cuz they kinda “fell a little”).  I also made some blueberry muffins, and they too, shrunk a little.   I admit it, I’m still learning how to navigate my kitchen…just finding my sifter was a major reconstruction of three cabinets.   Happy to say, I have all pink utensils which are now being used daily, and more than just a ‘prop’ in my kitchen!

“Cooking with Pink”

So back to George Foreman and his grill.  I was given this to me from my mommy and I can’t thank her enough.  Let’s be clear on one thing!   I love me a good BBQ and always said nothing tastes as good as when it is cooked outdoors, (with a beer), but let me tell you, this thing works!  I have cooked everything from chicken breasts, to steak and veggies.  Everything is so moist and tender.  You don’t open the lid (that is the secret), but honestly, not having to traipse in and out your back door (during the coldest of winters), to check and re-check your bird, has been a lifesaver.  I don’t even think I would have been able to eat the way we are without having this.  It saves time, and within 9 minutes, dinner is on the table.   There, have I convinced you enough yet.  Get yourself one.  One of my friends instantly found it on Amazon, and placed her order.  I also have the griddle for Sunday Pancakes.  So much easier than a frying pan! (NOTE:  I am not receiving any monetary bonus from Mr. Foreman for this post)…  😉


First, I want to share some things that I do to help me, and a little recipe that I add to almost all my dinners.  I like simplicity so here it is…and I’m only sharing cuz you asked, right? Here we go…

Simple Sam ~  Chop up in strips, some red peppers, yellow peppers, and one yellow onion and sauté with some olive oil on low heat.  Add to this, about 2 tablespoons of non-fat sour cream, yes, you read it right.  Add a dash of salt and pepper and voila. Put on top of cooked chicken breasts or steaks, or even half a sweet potato for taste.  If you dislike sour cream, then this recipe sucks!

Cook time: 20 minutes – be patient; Prep time: 5 minutes unless you suck at slicing, then it may take you all day…

Mind Games  ~  So, I’m not a wine drinker at all (but give me a rose anything or a little bubbly prosecco, I’m all in).  During dinner, which is really my only meal, I find myself eating very slowly, (which is a well known tip through the ages), but find myself wanting a little something to drink other than milk.  I’ve been off coffee since December, and tea doesn’t go well with steak, so I have started putting a little Perrier in a wine glass.  It’s fizzy, and if you can get beyond the fact that it’s just bubbly water, you are winning!  One of my friends did this, and said it worked.  Just having a wine glass to hold is half the battle, right?  Anyway, If you don’t like this idea either, then we may have a problem.

Beloved Muffin Top ~ Below are two of the recipes that I discovered when looking for no sugar, fat free muffins.  I just cruised the internet on sites like Yummly, and allrecipes… there are a ton out there, but I loved these ones.

Oat Bran Banana Muffins –  100 cal., Cook time 20 min. ~ heat oven to 450  oat bran banana muffins

 Leslie’s Don’t be Blueberry Muffins – 100 Calories (Or less, I used Almond Flour) ~ heat oven to 450 and cook till toothpick comes out clean – I recommend baking cups instead of cooking spray Leslie's Blueberry Muffin Delight

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.  Feel free to message me with any other questions.   I’ll share more tips and tricks that work for me next time.  I’m also starting a workout regime that includes a bicycle, and some long training rides.  This could be the start of something wonderful…or not!

Yours in willpower #2


CHEAT ALERT:  Please note, I have also had a couple of cheat days, which I also feel are key for keeping you on track.  I have had the “Temple Burger” I mentioned in previous blogs, and may or may not have shared a few cold ones, when Friday’s roll around!  Keeping it real…one blog at a time, my friends ❤

12 thoughts on “Cookin’ with George and DiS aNd DaT!

  1. Linda

    Great update, as usual, Leslie! Love the tips and inspiration – you’re like a personal cheerleader for all of us on this journey of self-improvement! And thanks for keeping it real – cheat days are going to happen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank-you Linda. You too are doing great. We all can stick together and keep motivating and sharing ideas/tips & tricks! Heavy on the tricks! 🙂 Cheat days keep me focused, and boy do I eat slow on those days…but, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels..” xoxoxo #yougotthisgurl


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