The Sugar Rush and Family Stuff…


Today we celebrate Valentines Day ~ The busiest day of the year for florists hands down…(although, close second is Mothers Day ~ Which I personally think should take top billing)…

As you will read below from my latest article posted in Neighbours Of Olde Oakville….my better half and I have an agreement.  Don’t fuss!!  I’m not a princess and don’t have the need to be showered with gifts… oh stop laughing, all of you!!!

But, seriously, I love you, you love me, nuff said.  I’m not a huge fan of roses anyway.   I’m more of a pale pink peonies lover, so will wait patiently till the May bloom to fill my home with those beauties.

Don’t get me wrong, when we were dating and well into our first, oh let’s say, 15 years of marriage, we showered each other with presents, big tacky cards, and chocolate O’grams.  Now, as I age, the chocolate isn’t allowed in my “new me” food plan, cards just make me weepy as of late, and I have enough jewelry/bangles to make a guest appearance on the Home Shopping Network.   Please don’t let my negativity hold you back from professing your love.  Must say, I’m a pretty lucky lady myself. ❤  Read on…..


Ah February, the month where chocolate and sugary goodness is purchased in bulk. We celebrate “le mois des amoureux” ~ because apparently, we fail at this the other 11 months of the year.

Then Family Day ~ Spending more time with loved ones. WOW – Two full days of #forcedfamilyfun?

We survived the January blahs where my Christmas leftovers transformed into everything from a casserole to something resembling “turkey jerky.” I was starting to sprout feathers and walk funny, so it was time for the bones to hit the recycling.

Valentine’s Day is clearly a Hallmark holiday in our family. We both agree… “don’t waste your $6.50 on a mushy card.”  Let’s just go out for dinner, where I can gorge myself on the family platter of pasta and assorted vinos!  A girls gotta eat, I say!

Then, Family Day! Aside from a day off work, for which I am eternally grateful, I just don’t get it. Playing board games or taking part in crafting activities are the recommended “to-do’s.” Come on now!

I have 3 boys.  Let’s get real! Getting them all grouped together just for a family photo gives me hives, and you want me to break out the glue gun!?

My eldest, also enjoying a day off, will have no problem wasting away the day under the covers, watching re-runs of “The Office” on a loop!

My 15-year-old will have his headset engaged and proceed to “game” all day. I could suggest a walk, but rest assured he will still be in his jammies at 3pm, so it won’t happen.  My middle is away at school, so unless I text him incessantly, which will most likely be ignored, we can pretty much call it a day.

As a positive, I do know that come Feb. 15th, all chocolate will be 50% 0ff, and that’s a win in my books. I can navigate a Hershey’s Pot O’ Gold map like Christopher Columbus!  Don’t you hate it when you choose that nasty fruit crème and all you really wanted was a chewy caramel?

Please enjoy Valentines/Family Day and do whatever works for you.  Come to think of it as I write this, I think my son could be onto something. A day in bed with Netflix on a loop sounds most wonderful – surrounded by my family, of course!

Rose petals optional – if on a budget, beets will suffice ❤


7 thoughts on “The Sugar Rush and Family Stuff…

  1. Silvana

    Love Love Love your blog! You have a gift of making readers laugh, cry, nod their head in agreement, burst out a bahawah, all in one train ride home! Seriously, Leslie, I hope
    your writing is bringing you much comfort and joy as those who have been lucky enough to read!

    Cheers and HVD to you and your sweethearts (like Paul and your boys 😘)


    1. Awww Thank-you Silv. So sweet of you to say. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole process, and does bring comfort when I need it most. I’m glad I made your ride home (On the C-train) a bit more enjoyable. How is Calgary these days. We still miss those beautiful Alberta blue skies, especially the ski season. Hope all is well. You are looking great BTW. Those pics of you on IG are awesome! Keep it up. Much love to you and YOUR family as well.


  2. Tracey Martino

    Not a princess…really???!!!! Agree whole heartedly about Vday, there are 364 other days to profess your love without being told to. I, personally, LOVE family day but my guys are still young.❤


    1. Back off Sister…knew you wouldn’t let that slide..(and you are not far from the throne lady)… 🙂 So yes, at one time FD was fun, but now it’s more or less a day to get things done… or wait, perhaps lunching somewhere… you in!? xoxoxo


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